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May 18, 2023

What To Do and What To Avoid During New Moon Ritual?

The moon has a powerful effect on our emotions and inner worlds. A new moon–the first of the moon’s phases–is a time to let go of the past and cultivate for the future. A fantastic way to do this is with a new moon ritual.

A new moon ritual can bring greater peace and energy to your life. It can help you with many problems, including making difficult decisions. But if you’re unfamiliar with the best new moon rituals, how do you get started?

Below, learn everything you need to know about new moon rituals. We’ll explain the significance of the new moon. Then, read precisely how to do a new moon ritual, as well as things you should avoid.

That way, you can harness the power of the next new moon to your advantage.

What Is a New Moon and When Does It Occur?


From an astrological standpoint, a new moon occurs when the side that the sun illuminates turns entirely away from earth.

The sun, moon, and earth are perfectly aligned, creating this phenomenon when the moon seems to disappear. However, the truth is that the dark side of the moon just blends into the darkness of the night sky.

The new moon occurs at the opposite end of the lunar cycle as the full moon. As the moon passes through its phases, it gradually becomes increasingly visible and then less so until we can’t see it anymore. This happens approximately every 29.5 days.

Spiritual Meaning of a New Moon


The new moon has held spiritual meaning for thousands of years. Even the ancient Hebrews recognized the new moon as a time of beginning. They also used it to measure time, as did many of their ancient contemporaries.

Several other religious traditions interpreted the new moon similarly. For many laypeople and spiritual leaders alike, the new moon was a time to pause and reflect. Since the moon started over–they reasoned–so should we.

It’s incredible to reflect on the fact that human beings who did not know each other practiced similar rituals on the same days. We can still feel connected to our common humanity today, knowing the moon unites us.

Many cultures and religious traditions have continued to mark the new moon with rituals. You can use them to set an intention for the lunar month ahead. Think about what you want to accomplish or where to place your energy for the upcoming month.

It’s also an excellent time for spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional cleansing. Meditate about what you need to let go of or start over.

Rituals To Perform During a New Moon


We’ll share some of the best new moon rituals and how to do a new moon ritual below.


Light a Candle

Lighting a candle might be one of the simplest ways to start a new moon ritual. Look up the time of the new moon in your area. Light your candle at that moment (as long as it’s not the middle of the night).

You can light your candle as part of the other rituals below. Incorporate it by cautiously burning your written affirmation, or choose a calming scent to perfume your sacred space.


Begin Something New

Lots of people start something on a Monday or the first of the month, but why not use the new moon to begin something new? After all, it’s good to be in sync with the universe.

You might want to commit to working on something personal, like listening to your body and responding to its needs. It’s also a good time to start a new job, class, or hobby. It can also be something minor, like starting a new book or writing in a new journal.


Take a Refresher Bath

Taking a new moon refresher bath is one of the best ways to celebrate the new moon. First, water is associated with cleansing and purification. You can cleanse and purify your body by bathing.

Incorporate scents and essential oils that help rid your body, mind, and environment of toxins. Eucalyptus has tremendous cleansing properties.

Another thing that makes new moon refresher baths appropriate is the moon’s deep tie to the earth’s water. Water doesn’t have to be in the ocean to feel the moon’s pull. That’s one of the reasons why we use it to make moon water.

A refresher bath with a new moon in the sky helps its energy move through your body. Envision the moon’s gravity pulling the water through you, taking your negative energy from the past with it.


Create a Sacred Place

We are talking above about starting something new at this time. Creating a new sacred place can be the new thing you do!

What makes a space sacred is as unique as each person. Tap into your spirituality to create a corner of your home where you feel safe. Use it for the first time with the new moon, and come back to meditate, reflect, and more.


Write Down Your Intentions

You force yourself to articulate exactly what you want and need by writing down your intentions. That can help guide you through your next phase. Keep your intentions handy and check in on them regularly.


Go On a Date

Once again, something new can be a new love relationship, trying a new restaurant or experience, or even going on a non-traditional date, such as with an old friend.

Even if you go on a date with your long-term partner, doing something new with them during the new moon can refresh the relationship.

Things To Avoid During New Moon


Let’s now see which things, on the contrary, you should avoid while the new moon phase is present.


Declining New Opportunities

This is the best time to lean into something new. If you get a unique opportunity at this time, the universe is telling you to take it.


Thinking About the Past

You should only think about the past during the new moon in terms of letting it go.


Spending Time with Toxic People

You don’t want to spend time with toxic people during the new moon because that negative energy can taint your entire month.


Quitting Something

The new moon is a time to start, not stop. Use other times if you are looking to quit something.

How To Prepare for New Moon Ritual?


First, familiarize yourself with the lunar calendar and find out the date of your next new moon. Depending on when it is, you may need more time to do something as elaborate as creating a sacred place.

Decide what new moon ritual makes the most sense for you. If you’re new to the practice, lighting a candle (perhaps a fresh one) and setting an intention can be an excellent place to start.

Next, think about how you want to perform the ritual. You can research how others have done these things during the new moon or let your intuition and creativity guide you.

However you go about it, have a plan, and be sure to procure everything you need. Don’t forget to set aside space and time on the day of the new moon. If necessary, alert family members not to disturb you or invite them to celebrate with you.

Finally, in the month ahead, reflect on your new moon ritual. Consider how you can improve it to improve your life and eliminate negative effects.



The new moon is a sacred time, as our energies prepare for beginnings. Marking its significance with a new moon ritual is a beautiful way to embrace your own and the earth’s spirituality.

Now that you know how to do a new moon ritual, you can incorporate one or more on the next new moon.

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