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May 21, 2023

Performing a Spiritual Cleansing

Spiritual cleansing is a practice within spiritual circles that clears spiritual and mental toxicity built over time. It may involve rituals such as burning spiritual herbs, space clearing, or positive visualization techniques.

It can also take the form of deliberately saying goodbye to negative aspects of your life, mentally forgiving someone, or doing an internal meditation and self-reflection process; all geared towards removing any toxic energy from your life. This spiritual and energetic detox can be a slow and gradual process, but it’s essential for spiritual well-being for anyone wanting to rid their life of negativity.

Doing spiritual cleansing regularly can ensure that the bad energies from your past are no longer tethered to you. Doing so will prevent them from causing harm by interfering with positive affairs, which could have been taken negatively due to the earlier spiritual buildup of toxic energy.

Spiritual cleansing is thus a key component of spiritual wellness as it allows any spiritual being to be connected with more dynamic energy systems existing in the universe, ultimately allowing them to live a life full of growth and success. Through this practice, one can overcome life’s challenges with clarity, insightfulness, peace, and strength.

Why Do You Need to Perform a Spiritual Cleansing?

In our modern and hectic world, it can often feel like spiritual cleansing is a luxury that we do not have time for. However, the health of our spiritual selves has a powerful impact on our mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Spiritual cleansing is an important practice that helps us to cultivate balance in our lives and to align ourselves with our true purpose. By cleansing ourselves, we purify our deepest arousal levels to access our inner power source more clearly.

This allows us to reach greater resonance with our higher selves and connect with the divine source energy that surrounds us all. Performing a spiritual cleansing is genuinely essential for aspiring personal transformation and growth. ​​​​​​

Is Spiritual Cleansing Good for Overcoming Negativity?

Negative energy can act like a virus, sapping away our physical and emotional health until we are exhausted and despairing. Even worse, it can make us attract other bad vibes from the environment, trapping us in an endless cycle of fear and anxiety.

Fortunately, spiritual cleansing is an effective method for combating negative energy. By cultivating positive energy within us, we put up a barrier to outside negativity. Spiritual cleansing allows us to thrive off passions and desires while repelling any discordant energies that come our way.

When Should You Perform a Spiritual Cleansing?


After Illness or Injury

Illness and injury can leave us feeling depleted and unbalanced physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. A spiritual cleansing should be considered to help restore a sense of harmony in the wake of such maladies.

These treatments go beyond physical care; they cleanse the soul of negative energy that has accumulated due to pain and suffering.


After the Death of Loved Ones

When a loved one crosses over to the spirit realm, performing a spiritual cleansing can remove any lingering energy from the deceased, allowing you an opportunity for closure and a fresh start for yourself.

Releasing this energy can bring about renewal and provide mental clarity, helping us move through our grief in healthy ways. In addition, it can help form a protective boundary for your home and family, protecting them from residual energies of death.


During or After Toxic Relationships

Toxic relationships can take a toll on our minds, body, and spirit. Learning to trust again and reconnect with our true selves takes time and commitment. After or during a toxic relationship, it is vital to cleanse your energy and restore balance.

Spiritual cleansing can be as simple or complex as you make it. The goal is to ensure all negative energy from the traumatic experience is released from your soul so you can move forward in a healthier emotional state.


After or During Financial Breakdowns

Financial instability can be overwhelming; when our most basic needs and concerns are in peril, we struggle to trust and put our faith in the world and its potential.

To this end, a spiritual cleansing after or during financial breakdowns can serve as an invaluable tool for renewing confidence in our abilities to survive and thrive.


Before Moving to a New Location

Moving to a new home is an exciting and life-changing journey, but it can also be stressful. To ensure your move starts on the right foot, performing a spiritual cleansing before moving is highly recommended. It’s important to cleanse yourself; this means releasing any emotional baggage, worries, or thoughts that could prevent you from experiencing contentment in your new space.

Beyond merely getting rid of the old energy attached to you and your old home, spiritual cleansing can be used as an opportunity for transformation and reinforcement of positive change.


Before Starting a New Job

Starting a new job can be an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. Before embarking on this journey, doing inner work to clear away any energy acting as a barrier to success will go a long way in your new venture.

Your spiritual health has just as much a bearing on your goals and ambitions as your physical or mental health. Although it may seem small, cleaning your spirit before starting a new job can lay the foundations for creating the best possible outcome.

Main Spiritual Cleansing Rituals


Spiritual Cleansing Bath

A spiritual cleansing bath is a ritual that helps purify and strengthen the aura, the energetic field surrounding our bodies. This effective practice works to ground and protects us from any negative vibrations or energy that may have gotten through our energetic boundaries.

To prepare for this ritual, begin by finding a comfortable and inviting space, filling it with your favorite scents, such as sage or incense. As you relax into the environment, focus on each part of your body, and envision the water washing away anything no longer serving you.


Smudging Herbs

Smudging herbs have cleansing and purifying properties that can help to remove negative energy from a space. Common smudging herbs include sage, cedar, and juniper. Each herb has a unique fragrance and energetics, so choosing the most appropriate for your needs is recommended.

Sage is often used for cleansing and purifying, while cedar is said to promote healing and protection. Juniper is also used for cleansing, but it is also said to bring strength and clarity. When using smudging herbs, cleanse your space first. This will help to remove any unwanted energy that may be lingering.



Crystals have long been used to cleanse energy, purify karma, and bring balance and harmony into many different aspects of the body. On a spiritual level, crystals can be used to unblock Chakras, our bodies’ seven main energy centers, allowing for the flow of healthy spiritual energy.

Using gemstones related to various areas of life and their energetic properties, we can nurture an environment conducive to owning one’s power and feeling pure joy. In this way, each crystal relates to different healing properties that align with varying living areas, such as abundance, love, expansion & connection.


Infused Auric Sprays

Auric sprays are infused sprays that consist of a combination of essential oils, herbs, resins, or crystals that are added to pure water or oil and charged using sacred symbols, sound, or other spiritual practices. Releasing a thin, gentle mist over an individual or space clears negative energies and protects them from outside influences.


Visualization Cleanse

A visualization cleanse is a form of spiritual healing that can help individuals balance their emotions and break free of energetic blocks. This cleanse employs the power of visualization or visual images to evoke feelings and create mental landscapes conducive to emotional clarity and overall well-being.

Visualization is often used during meditation and includes envisioning yourself in calming environments, such as walking in an open meadow, climbing up a mountain, or descending into calm blue waters.


Spiritual cleansing is an essential practice that anyone can do, regardless of their spiritual beliefs. It is a way to remove negative energy and restore balance within the body, mind, and spirit. There are many ways to perform a spiritual cleansing, but all have the same goal: to rid oneself of negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Negative energy can block us from achieving our goals and living a happy life. Spiritual cleansing can help us let go of the past and move forward with positive intentions. Some common spiritual cleansing methods include using smudging herbs, visualization exercises, using crystals, or having a cleansing bath.

Whichever way you choose, be sure to focus on releasing any unwanted energy from your body and mind while inviting in fresh new vibes.

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