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Jun 16, 2023

What Does the Wheel of Fortune Card Mean in a Tarot Reading?

Step right up to the mystical carousel of life: the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card. This is not your ordinary Ferris wheel ride—it’s a symbolic, cosmic spin master that holds the key to life’s highs and lows. It’s like your spiritual life coach whispering, “Heads up, something’s shifting in the universe, and it’s all about you.”

Ever felt the universe was nudging you toward a change? Well, the Wheel of Fortune card is that nudge. It’s all about those life-changing moments where Lady Luck winks at you, fate throws a party, and the cosmos says, “Surprise!” Whether it’s an unexpected promotion, a twist in your love story, or that golden moment when everything finally falls into place—this card knows it all. But remember, interpreting the Wheel of Fortune tarot meaning is not as simple as a spin-the-bottle game. It’s a layered mystery, dependent on its context and company in the reading.

Now, hold on to your seats, because here’s the best part: the Wheel of Fortune isn’t partial. It spins for everyone, everywhere. It’s a divine heads-up that your life may be about to swivel and sway in new directions. Understanding its cosmic whispers can offer some star-studded insights and light up the runway toward your future. But the million-dollar question is, what does this enigmatic wheel really mean for you?

How Does the Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Look?

The Wheel of Fortune tarot card features a big celestial wheel. It’s a grand centerpiece surrounded by an angel, an eagle, a bull, and a lion—each engrossed in a book. You guessed it, they’re the embodiment of the four fixed signs of the Zodiac. It’s a symbolic fiesta for both life’s journey and astrology lovers alike!

Look closer, and you’ll see the letters TORA waltzing in the wheel’s heart—an intriguing anagram for the word TARO(T) and also the Hebrew word for law. This duality hints at the universal principles steering our lives.

But the symbolism doesn’t stop there. Stationed on the wheel is a sphinx, a figurehead for life’s enigmas, while a serpent—a symbol of life’s descending energy—slithers downward. Climbing upward, we spot an Anubis, the ancient Egyptian god associated with the afterlife, portraying life’s ascendant force. These symbols, intertwined with the wheel’s dynamic rotation, encapsulate the beautiful rhythm of life’s highs and lows.

Whether you’re interpreting this for spiritual guidance or personal insight, understanding the Wheel of Fortune card is like deciphering a complex cosmic code. And remember, this wheel spins for everyone, capturing the ever-changing ebb and flow of our experiences.

What if the Wheel of Fortune Card is Upright?

Drawing the Wheel of Fortune upright in a tarot reading signifies that luck is on your side. Here are some common meanings for different situations:


Meaning for Love

If you’re seeking love, the Wheel of Fortune suggests a significant relationship could be on the horizon. For those already committed, this card can hint at a deeper understanding or a critical stage in your relationship.


Meaning for Finance

Financially, an upright Wheel of Fortune is often a precursor of abundance. It could mean a promotion, a successful investment, or unexpected financial gain. It’s the universe telling you to get ready for a fruitful phase.


Meaning for Health

In terms of health, the Wheel of Fortune can indicate recovery or a positive shift in health matters. If you’ve been experiencing health issues, this card suggests that better times are ahead.


Meaning for Spirituality

Spiritually, the Wheel of Fortune implies an upcoming introspection or spiritual growth. It’s a nudge to embrace the universe’s rhythms and become more attuned to its cycles.

What if the Wheel of Fortune Card is Reversed?

If an upright card is good luck, don’t assume the reversed version is bad luck. Consider it more like a call for change in perspective. Here are some common reversed Wheel of Fortune meanings:


Meaning for Love

In love, a reversed Wheel of Fortune might suggest a phase of stagnation or unexpected challenges. It’s a call to evaluate your relationship and make necessary adjustments.


Meaning for Finance

In financial matters, a reversed Wheel of Fortune may indicate setbacks. These could be investment losses or unexpected expenses. It’s a signal to rethink your financial strategies.


Meaning for Health

Health-wise, reversing this card can imply a delay in recovery or the need for a lifestyle change. It encourages you to take proactive steps toward improving your well-being.


Meaning for Spirituality

From a spiritual perspective, a reversed Wheel of Fortune can signify a spiritual rut or a feeling of being ‘stuck.’ It invites you to break old patterns and open your mind to new spiritual insights.

Important Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Combinations

Unlocking the mysteries of the tarot is a bit like unraveling a cosmic puzzle. Sure, each card holds individual meaning, but it’s how they link and interact within a reading that truly brings the story to life. So, get ready to dig deeper into the universe’s narrative with some key Wheel of Fortune card combos. Each pairing weaves a unique tale, offering a more intricate snapshot of your current situation and hinting at the journey ahead.


Wheel of Fortune and the Devil

The Wheel of Fortune combined with the Devil card indicates a battle with temptation. It’s a warning against complacency and a reminder to stay focused on your path.


Wheel of Fortune and the Emperor

The Wheel of Fortune signifies significant professional growth or leadership opportunities when paired with the Emperor. It suggests that it’s the right time to take control and guide your destiny.


Wheel of Fortune and Temperance

The Wheel of Fortune indicates the need for balance during change when coupled with Temperance. It’s a call to maintain patience and moderation as your life evolves.


Wheel of Fortune and the Magician

Combined with the Magician, the Wheel of Fortune implies you have all the tools to capitalize on upcoming opportunities. It’s a powerful reminder of your potential.

Wheel of Fortune Card in Yes or No Tarot Reading

When it comes to yes or no tarot readings, the Wheel of Fortune knows how to make a statement. If it spins upright, consider it a cosmic thumbs-up! It’s the universe’s way of saying ‘yes’ and heralding positive change, a stroke of luck, and a surge forward on your life’s path. But if the wheel takes a flip and lands reversed, it could be a celestial ‘no.’ It’s a sign that you might be hitting a roadblock or resistance to change and it might be time to reassess your current situation.


To wrap it all up, the Wheel of Fortune tarot card spins a tale of change, cycles, and destiny. It’s a cosmic life coach encouraging you to dance with change, get ready for new life cycles, and sync with your destiny across all aspects—be it love, finances, health, or spirituality. This mystical card beautifully encapsulates life’s unpredictable ebb and flow and the charming chaos that catalyzes our growth.

Deciphering the Wheel of Fortune’s messages can help you sail through life’s cycles with wisdom and poise, whether the card appears upright or in reverse. So, when this power-packed card graces your tarot reading, remember: it’s not just about the wheel’s spin but how you roll with it, adapt, and flourish.

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