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Aug 17, 2023

What Does the Tower Tarot Card Mean and How Can it Reflect Your Destiny?

Does the sight of the Tower tarot card make your heart drop? The typical picture features a pretty ominous design, but does it really spell disaster?

You might be alarmed if the Tower shows up in your tarot reading, yet no card has a one-size-fits-all meaning. Behind the visual drama are layers of profound insights into your life. It often foretells growth, change, and transformation, like a cosmic nudge to do things differently.

While its striking imagery may evoke strong reactions, there’s so much more beneath the surface than meets the eye. What could this enigmatic card be pushing you towards? Read on to unravel its deeper meanings and discover what secrets it might hold for you.

Understanding Tarot Cards and Their Influence

Don’t mistake tarot cards for ordinary playing cards. These decks are no game. They offer insights into our lives, reflecting our feelings, aspirations, fears, and more. Think of the tarot as a mirror; it doesn’t predict the future but can give you a clearer understanding of the present.

The Description of The Tower Card

Picture this: a tall tower stands on a rocky mountain. Lightning strikes and flames burst out from the windows. People are jumping out, falling into the abyss. Sounds intense, right? But this imagery is loaded with symbolism. The Tower represents structures in our lives, and the lightning strike is a sudden change.

The Meanings Behind the Tower Tarot Card in Upright Position

When the Tower card appears upright in a reading, it can carry a powerful message. Let’s explore how this card can manifest in different aspects of your life:

For Love

If you’re in a relationship, the Tower might mean a shake-up coming. But don’t fret! It might be the jolt you two need to reconsider what’s essential and grow stronger together. Single? This card can hint at a dramatic entry of someone new.


For Career

In the workspace, the Tower suggests that unexpected changes might occur, like a job switch, a sudden transfer, or a project that didn’t go as planned. The message? Stay resilient and adapt. Sometimes, what seems chaotic initially brings the best opportunities.


For Health

Your health is precious. If the Tower pops up, it’s a nudge to be proactive. Maybe it’s time for that check-up you’ve been putting off, or it’s about considering a healthier lifestyle choice. Listen to your body.


For Spirituality

Spiritually, the Tower signals a breakthrough. It might be a tad overwhelming at first, but this card pushes you to question old beliefs and embrace a new spiritual path that aligns better with your true self.

What if You Get a Tower Tarot Card Reversed?

Drawing a reversed Tower card isn’t the opposite of its upright meaning but rather a different shade of its message. Here’s how this card’s energy might manifest when turned upside-down:


For Love

When reversed, the Tower card in love can mean overcoming a significant obstacle together. If you’re single, move past personal blockages to welcome a new love.


For Career

A reversed Tower in your career can signify recovery after a challenging period. Those projects which seemed off-track? They might just find their rhythm again.


For Health

For health, a reversed Tower can indicate recovery. Brighter days might be ahead if you’ve been under the weather or stressed. Keep nurturing yourself.


For Spirituality

In spirituality, a reversed Tower might mean a return to a previously abandoned spiritual path or finding peace in your current one. It’s about grounding and reconnecting.

Reflecting on Your Destiny through the Tower Card

You see, the Tower card isn’t all doom and gloom. It’s a call to pay attention, a signal for transformation. It nudges you to build stronger foundations, reevaluate what’s essential, and, sometimes, take that leap of faith.

Talk to a tarot reader if you can’t figure out what the Tower is trying to tell you. It’s not always easy to understand the intricacies of each card, so why not ask a professional who has studied the deck? Browse the Purple Garden community and choose the tarot reader you feel drawn to.

Powerful Tower Tarot Combinations for Future Insights

The Tower card, in combination with other cards, can provide unique insights. Here are five intriguing pairings:


  1. The Tower and The Star: Healing and renewal after upheaval.
  2. The Tower and The Wheel of Fortune: Recognizing life’s cycles, understanding that there’s always a rise after a downfall.
  3. The Tower and The Fool: An unpredictable, transformative journey ahead.
  4. The Tower and Death: Major endings leading to new beginnings.
  5. The Tower and The Moon: Hidden truths or emotions emerge after a shake-up.


By now, you’ve ventured through the nuances of the Tower card, understanding its messages, both in its upright and reversed forms. Just like life’s unpredictable moments that push us towards growth, the Tower card nudges us towards deeper introspection and adaptability. It’s a reminder that from chaos often comes clarity, and from challenges, we derive strength.

Whether you’re a seasoned tarot enthusiast or a curious newbie, always approach the cards with an open heart and mind. Each card, especially the Tower, brings lessons wrapped in symbolism, waiting to be unraveled.

So, the next time this card emerges in your spread, embrace its message and remember: you’ve got the power to navigate any storm that comes your way. After all, metaphorically speaking, every Tower in our life is an opportunity to build stronger foundations.

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