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Sep 14, 2023

Different Tarot Reading Styles and Reader’s Skills

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You might think tarot readers are all witches with magical powers. Some of them are, but you might be surprised to learn about the simplicity yet effectiveness of tarot reading.

Tarot reading essentially boils down to placing trust in the cards that the universe sends the reader’s way. Depending on the reader and the specific context of an individual’s situation, it is up to the tarot reader to decode the cards and their relatable messages. It is crucial to note that the skills possessed by tarot readers play a significant role in shaping the depth and accuracy of the readings. Let’s put our tarot reading caps on and dig into the universe of tarot readers in their quest to unlock the mysteries of the cards

The Impact of Reading Styles and Skills on Tarot Insights

Tarot readings are as unique as the individuals seeking them, and much of this uniqueness stems from the reading style employed by the reader. Reading styles dictate the interpretative approach taken during a reading, offering various lenses through which the cards’ messages are deciphered. Additionally, the skills of the tarot reader enhance the reading experience, allowing for a deeper exploration of the cards’ meanings and the querent’s situation.

Intuitive Reading: Trusting Inner Wisdom

Intuitive reading is a style that taps into the tarot reader’s innate intuition and emotional connection. Instead of relying solely on traditional card meanings, intuitive readers allow their inner guidance to lead the way. This style encourages readers to trust their gut feelings and first impressions as they interpret the cards’ symbolism. The focus here is on the spread’s overall atmosphere and emotional resonance, often transcending the limitations of individual card meanings.

Psychological Reading: Delving into Inner Realms

Psychological reading delves into the intricate realm of the human psyche, using the tarot cards as mirrors to reflect the querent’s inner thoughts, feelings, and behavioral patterns. The reader examines how the card positions correlate with the querent’s personality traits and emotional landscape. This style is handy for self-exploration and understanding the underlying psychological dynamics.

Question-Answer Reading: Precision and Directness

The question-answer reading style comes into play when seeking precise answers to specific questions. Tarot cards are carefully selected and arranged in a spread to address the querent’s inquiries directly. This method provides clear and focused responses, making it ideal for those seeking direct guidance on particular issues or concerns.

Storytelling Reading: Crafting Narratives with Cards

The storytelling reading style transforms tarot spreads into captivating narratives. Tarot readers use the cards as storytelling tools, arranging them to create a cohesive story with a beginning, middle, and end. This approach invites readers and querents to immerse themselves in the unfolding tale, fostering a deeper understanding of complex situations and potential outcomes.

Empathic Reading: Channeling Emotional Insights

Empathic reading, a unique and powerful approach not often discussed, involves the reader channeling emotional insights. In this style, the reader connects with the querent’s emotions and energy, extracting valuable emotional data from the cards’ imagery. Empathic readers provide cathartic and validating experiences by understanding the querent’s feelings and offering empathic support.

Diverse Spread Types: Expanding Interpretation Horizons

To complement these reading styles, tarot readers utilize various spread types to structure their readings. Each spread type offers a different framework for interpreting the cards’ meanings and messages. Here are a few notable spread types:


Three Card Spread: Past, Present, and Future Insights

This simple yet effective spread provides insights into the past, present, and future. It’s perfect for quick answers and general overviews.


The Celtic Cross Spread: Comprehensive Life Overview

A well-known spread, the Celtic Cross offers a comprehensive overview of the querent’s life, addressing various aspects such as the recent past, immediate future, influences, and obstacles.


The Relationship Spread: Exploring Dynamics Between Individuals

This spread sheds light on relationship dynamics by using cards to explore communication, trust, shared values, and challenges between individuals.


The Horseshoe Spread: Addressing Specific Questions or Life Aspects

Shaped like a horseshoe, this spread tackles specific questions or life areas, using cards to address the past, present, future, and influencing factors.


The Star Spread: General Outlook on Life’s Aspects

Providing a general outlook, this five-card spread covers past, present, future, hopes and fears, and the ultimate outcome.


Tailoring Spread Choice to Purpose and Questioner

The choice of reading style and spread type is essential for a successful tarot reading. Tarot readers skillfully adapt their approach to match the needs of the querent and the context of the reading. By selecting the most suitable reading style and spread type, tarot readers ensure that the insights from the cards resonate deeply with the querent’s situation, leading to a more meaningful and enriching experience.


Isn’t it  incredible how diverse the realm of tarot reading is? As we explored the myriad of reading styles and spread types can be applicable to any specific preference and purpose. Through this customization of each reading and approach, it ensures that each reading sheds light specifically for YOU!

I mean, think about it – whether you’re looking for intuitive guidance to navigate the twists and turns of life, seeking deeper psychological insights to better understand yourself,, or  embarking on a narrative exploration of your past, present, and future, the tarot has got you covered. It’s like a window into your soul’s answers, when at times we may be blocked from even seeing the natural intelligence we have within us!

The true beauty of it all is that you can tailor your tarot reading experience to precisely match your quest for clarity and self-discovery. The tarots will not reveal any information that you are not ready for, so have no fear. And if there is information that does not resinate, it is up to YOU at the end of the day to take the tarot wisdom into your hands and internalize to action. Enjoy the gift of a personalized roadmap to the mysteries of your own existence, and I can’t wait to explore it all with you!


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