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May 18, 2023

What Does The Fool Tarot Card Mean?

Don’t fear the Fool in your tarot reading. This card has a bad reputation but it’s really a sign of youthful innocence and new beginnings.

If you pull the Fool tarot card, it doesn’t mean you are one. It means you’ve got something to learn from his relaxed attitude. The tarot represents a journey. This card is the very start. The Fool sets out on his path with an open mind and a fresh slate.

Ready for your adventure? First, we’ll answer what the Fool tarot card means and how to gain insight from what your spread tells you.

Overview of the Fool Tarot Card

The Fool tarot card features a young man looking up towards the universe as they seemingly are about to step off a cliff. The character holds a small bundle on a stick and a white rose. A white dog is at the character’s feet, while mountains and the shining sun are in the distance.

The Fool tart card symbolizes the beginning of a journey or new endeavor. The Fool looks towards the sky instead of at the path ahead. This can get interpreted as someone who trusts the universe to provide and protect without understanding that human intervention is also necessary.

The small bundle on the Fool’s back suggests that on our journey toward something new, we must give up many things and only take what we can carry to our new destination. Meanwhile, the white rose represents innocence and purity.

The white dog near the Fool’s feet signifies loyalty, protection, and excitement. The mountains loom in the distance, foreshadowing the challenges the Fool must overcome to get to their new destination.

How Often Does the Fool Card Appear in Tarot Readings?

The tarot deck consists of 78 cards, resulting in a 1 in 78 chance of drawing the Fool tarot card. However, with frequent use of the tarot deck, you may observe a higher frequency of the Fool appearing in your spreads.

It is important to note that this occurrence is not uncommon and can vary depending on various factors, including the individual’s connection to the card and the specific tarot deck being used.

The Upright Fool Tarot Card

Tarot cards have different meanings depending on which direction they get pulled from the deck. The upright Fool tarot card symbolizes new beginnings, trusting the universe, innocence, and spontaneity.

Below is an in-depth analysis of the significance of the Fool tarot card when it appears upright for matters related to love, finances, health, and spirituality. This evaluation provides a holistic understanding of the card’s meaning and potential implications on various aspects of life.


Meaning for Love and Relationship

The Fool tarot card in a reading about love and relationships indicates new beginnings. If you’re not in a relationship, your love life is about to get exciting.

This card appearing is a reminder to trust the universe as you embark on a new path of love. The Fool’s small bundle of things behind his back is a sign of letting go of past mistakes and bringing as little emotional baggage as possible into the new relationship.

The Fool reminds you to embrace spontaneity while remaining mindful of fickle and foolish lovers. If you’re already in a relationship, this card might mean you seek freedom. Otherwise, it can signify the joy and wonder you feel for your partner.


Meaning for Career and Money

The Fool tarot card pulled upright is excellent for a spread about money or your career. This card symbolizes the need to break away from what you’re doing and start something new.

Whether starting a new investment or a new career path, this card in the upright position suggests that if you follow your path, you’ll find abundance.

To many, leaving a job to pursue a passion may seem foolish. However, this card showing up indicates that you’re ready to move on and trust that you have loyal companions and the universe guiding you.


Meaning for Physical and Mental Health

The meaning of the Fool card appearing upright in reading about physical or mental health can suggest two things. First, this card represents vitality and a feeling of high energy. You may be feeling blissfully ignorant and at peace.

Alternatively, the Fool tarot card could indicate that you’re being foolish with your health and need to take better care of yourself because there’s a cliff right in front of you if you don’t look down at your feet.

The Fool represents new beginnings and innocence so this card could indicate an upcoming pregnancy.


Meaning for Spirituality

The Fool appearing upright in a spread about spirituality is a sign to trust that the universe has your back. The Fool has the sun looking down on him, a dog walking beside him, and his own two eyes to guide his path, representing the various ways the universe provides guidance and direction.

The Reversed Fool Tarot Card

When the Fool tarot card is drawn in a reversed or upside-down position, you may hesitate to take risks or hold back in some areas of your life. This could lead to reckless decision-making and missed opportunities.

The reversed Fool card carries various interpretations relating to different life aspects, including relationships, careers, health, and spirituality. Let’s see some of the meanings of the reversed Fool card in these contexts.


Meaning for Love and Relationship

When considering matters of love and relationships in a tarot reading, the appearance of the reversed Fool tarot card suggests that you may not be fully embracing love. Emotional baggage may be weighing you down and preventing you from feeling free in your emotional experiences.

As a result, you might be holding back in your relationships out of fear of being foolish. This card may indicate that you are experiencing uncertainty in your relationships and struggling to navigate matters of the heart with care and intention.


Meaning for Career and Money

Pulling the Fool tarot card in the reversed position has a significant meaning in a spread about your career and money.

The Fool tarot card reversed means you are being reckless, impatient, and careless with your money. Let this card be a warning to think things through before making an investment decision, staying where you are, or switching careers.

Instead of holding a small bundle behind your back, you may be accumulating too many possessions that will ultimately hold you back from embracing joy.

Still, this card reversed also represents an abundance of energy or money that needs to get put somewhere. You may need clarification about what path you want to take, but you know that a change is coming.


Meaning for Physical and Mental Health

Pulling the Fool tarot card in a reversed position for readings about health likely means that you commonly get into accidents, break things, or suffer minor misfortunes from your foolishness or lack of presence.

See this card reversed as a warning of upcoming health problems if you remain ignorant of your overall well-being.


Meaning for Spirituality

In the context of spiritual readings, the reversal of the Fool card likely indicates a lack of trust in the universe, a tendency to neglect spiritual practices, and a propensity for getting sidetracked.

It is essential to recognize that this card represents a call to action, urging you to reevaluate your commitment to your spiritual journey and to correct any areas in which you may be out of alignment.

What Does the Fool Card Mean in the Future Position?

A future spread uses tarot cards to help give guidance on things yet to come. So, what does the Fool tarot card mean in a future spread? Well, it’s a good sign of new beginnings.

If you pull the Fool tarot card in the future position, it indicates a new venture you’ll take on with joy and bliss. It can also reveal that you must be more spontaneous or let go of emotional baggage to achieve your goals.

Alternatively, this card could indicate that if you’re not mindful, you may enter a new opportunity or romance with carelessness.

The Meaning of the Fool Card in the Yes or No Tarot

In a tarot reading, a yes or no question can be answered by pulling a card and analyzing its position. The Fool tarot card is significant in such readings. The upright position signifies new beginnings and enthusiasm towards new experiences, suggesting a positive response to a yes or no question.

On the other hand, if the Fool tarot card appears in the reversed position, it suggests a negative response, indicating that the querent may not be ready to embrace a new adventure due to some underlying obstacles.

Therefore, understanding the meaning and position of the Fool tarot card is crucial in yes or no tarot readings to gain insights into the possible outcomes of the question asked.


With a better understanding of the Fool tarot card, one need not fear its inclusion in readings. This card embodies the concepts of fresh starts, happiness, and confidence in the cosmos.

Even when the card appears upside-down, interpret it as a reminder to exhibit greater mindfulness, avoid recklessness, and gather more information regarding a venture or individual.

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