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May 21, 2023

Love Tarot Spread for Finding Your Soulmate

The love tarot spread can be used to find a soulmate and get a glimpse into your love life’s future. Each card in the spread represents a different aspect of love, such as current relationships or potential partners.

By focusing on specific cards and their associated meanings, one can get a clear picture of any obstacles that may be standing in the way of finding love, such as past hurts or unacknowledged fears. It can also reveal potential soulmates on the horizon and offer advice on how best to approach and cultivate a relationship with them.

As with all things related to love and romance, it is vital to trust your intuition and follow your heart when interpreting the love tarot spread’s messages for you. Trusting in its guidance can open the doorway to finding true love and happiness.

Can a Tarot Spread Predict My Love Life?

The tarot is an ancient system of divination used to uncover hidden truths and offer guidance on various aspects of life. While many use it for career or financial advice, the cards can also provide insight into one’s romantic future.

The tarot cannot predict the exact path our love life will take, as free will is always a factor. Instead, the cards can provide clarity on feelings and potential relationship choices. When asking about love, allow the cards to guide you toward making empowered decisions that align with your higher self.

With this mindset and the assistance of a skilled reader, a love spread can offer valuable insight on your journey towards fulfilling relationships.

The Most Significant Types of Love Spreads


Future Love Spread

The Future Love spread reveals a journey of growth and transformation. The Hierophant card in the center represents lessons learned, with the potential for higher wisdom and spiritual growth. This may come through traditional relationship structures or unconventional relationships that challenge us to expand our understanding of love.


Finding Love Spread

The Finding Love spread is a powerful tool for those seeking their soulmate. By laying out nine cards in specific positions, the spread helps to reveal insights into relationships and identifies what may be blocking true love from entering our lives.

Whether used as a standalone reading or incorporated into a more extensive tarot spread, this spread can offer valuable insights for anyone on their journey to find true love.


Romance Spread

The Romance Spread is a three-card spread that can shed light on the relationships within our lives. This spread allows us to delve deep into the themes and dynamics in our love lives, whether with a romantic partner, family member, or friend.

The first card represents the current state of the relationship. The second card shows any challenges or obstacles that may arise. The third card offers guidance and advice for navigating these challenges and maintaining relationships balance.

With vulnerability and intention, we can use this spread to cultivate deeper connections and enhance our sense of love and belonging in this world.


Potential Relationship Spread

The Potential Relationship spread is a way to interpret the dynamic between two people. The cards are laid out in two separate columns, each representing one person in the relationship.

The position and surrounding cards offer insight into communication, power dynamics, and future potential. This spread can be helpful in any type of relationship – romantic, familial, professional, or otherwise as it illuminates everyone’s role and how they interact.

Whether you’re already in a committed partnership or seeking your ideal match, the Potential Relationship spread offers valuable insight into your interpersonal dynamics.

Love Relationship Spread Readiness



The Desires card represents what we truly desire in our relationship and partner. It can offer insight into what we have longed for but may not have been consciously aware of. It can also indicate outside influences that could affect our ability to access and express our true desires.


Love Lessons

The Love Lessons represent past and present lessons we have learned about love. This card can reveal patterns or themes we have experienced in relationships and provide insight into how we deal with or struggle with intimacy, communication, trust, and other aspects of partnerships.



The Shackles card represents obstacles or barriers blocking a person’s ability to fully open their heart to love. This can be anything from past traumas and fears to negative thought patterns and self-sabotaging behavior.


Readiness of Heart

The Readiness of Heart card represents our emotional openness to enter a new romantic relationship. Are we ready to let go of past hurts and open ourselves up to love again? This card can also indicate whether we are prepared to commit and give ourselves entirely to someone new.


Readiness of Mind

The Readiness of Mind card represents one’s ability to let go of past hurt and preconceived notions about relationships. It speaks to being open and willing to embrace new experiences and possibilities.

In a reading, this card can indicate that you may need to release any negative patterns or beliefs to engage with love fully. However, it can also suggest that you are ready and open to pursuing new connections on a spiritual level.

The readiness of mind card helps shed light on any obstacles or blockages that may prevent you from fully experiencing love, allowing you to move forward with intention and grace.


Readiness of Soul

The Readiness of Soul card can offer insight into your emotional and spiritual readiness for love. Are you open and ready to receive love, or are old wounds and fears blocking the way? This card can also reveal subconscious patterns or behaviors that may be holding you back from fully connecting with another person.

The Most Important Love Tarot Cards


The Lovers

The Lovers card is a symbol of deep connection and commitment. It represents the union of two individuals on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. This card can indicate the beginning of a new relationship or signify growth in an existing relationship.

In any reading, the Lovers card encourages us to open our hearts to genuine and authentic love for ourselves and others.


The Empress

The Empress card symbolizes abundance, fertility, and harmony in relationships. She represents the feminine energy of creation and nourishment and often points to pregnancy or a new project taking root.

In a reading, this card suggests that love flows freely in your life, and any relationships you have will be lush and abundant. It may also indicate an opportunity for growth and expansion in your love life.

Of course, with this abundance can come complacency and the Empress card reminds us to continually nurture our connections to sustain the growth we are experiencing.


The Emperor

The Emperor card represents stability, security, and domestic happiness in relationships. It symbolizes taking on a leadership role in the relationship and providing for one’s partner emotionally and financially.

In a reading, this card suggests establishing long-term commitment and marriage. However, it can also indicate a tendency towards control or possessiveness.


The Hierophant

The Hierophant card represents traditional values and institutions in relationships. This can mean marriage or indicate a solid commitment to each other and a desire for stability and security.

It can also symbolize seeking guidance from a higher power or outside influence, whether a religious figure, therapist or advisor. The Hierophant can also suggest a need for growth and spiritual development within the relationship, perhaps through shared experiences or journeys.


Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups is a highly auspicious card in love and relationships. It represents an overflow of emotion and spiritual connection. The essence of this card is pure, unconditional love, the kind that transcends all judgement and limitations.

In a reading, the appearance of this card suggests that a deep soul connection may be on the horizon. It can also indicate the beginning of a new romantic relationship or the deepening of an existing one. This card encourages us to open our hearts fully to love without fear or hesitation.


Four of Wands

The Four of Wands card represents a happy, stable relationship. This is a time of celebration and coming together, often symbolized by a wedding or other festive gathering. It signifies that partners are in a mature, secure relationship and can genuinely enjoy each other’s company without fear or insecurity.

This card indicates that any obstacles or struggles in the past have been resolved, and now is a time to appreciate and cherish what you have built together fully.


The tarot is a powerful spiritual tool that can help us connect with our higher selves and divine guidance. The love tarot spread can help you gain insight into your romantic future. If you are interested in using the tarot to find your soulmate or to get insights into your current love relationship, several spreads can be used for this purpose.

The love relationship spread is one such spread that can give you a snapshot of where you are at in your relationship and what steps you may need to take next. By understanding the most significant cards in this spread, you can begin to develop an action plan for creating the love life you desire.

Trust your intuition when receiving guidance from the cards, and let the wisdom of the tarot steer you on your journey to finding true love.

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