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May 18, 2023

Finding Life Purpose with Tarot Cards

It’s a myth that tarot cards predict the future. The truth lies in the hands of the reader.

There is no single definitive deck of tarot cards nor one “correct” way to use or read them. Predicting the future has never been the purpose of the cards. It’s all about the tarot reader’s interpretation and what the cards show them about you.

One of the more powerful tarot readings is the life purpose tarot spread. Many people believe they are here for a reason, but many also wonder what it is. The tarot life spread can help you figure out your purpose.

To make it work, you must ask the right questions and understand that the cards do not peer into the future to tell you whether that cute bartender will ever succumb to your charms.

Finding Exactly What To Do In Life With The Help Of Tarot Cards

First, there are two types of readings. One revolves around asking a question and seeking a specific answer. This process can be fraught because many people go into their tarot readings with specific questions about love or money. But these are both complex subjects. And, as mentioned above, the cards do not predict the future.

The second reading type is open reading. This type seeks to provide general information that can help someone learn about themselves and their responses to the world around them.


If They Don’t Tell the Future, What Do They Do?

Tarot cards provide a lens through which we can view the world and our place in it. Think of a tarot spread as a Rorschach test. But instead of looking into your psychology, the tarot reading looks at how you view the world and your reactions to the reading and your life in general.

Another way to think of a tarot card reading is as a mirror. You can look into that mirror to see yourself better— in this case, maybe in a way you previously had not considered.

Tarot cards can help you define your life purpose by giving you a chance to examine how you react to the symbols.

The cards can also confirm things you already know. Have you ever had a feeling or idea you weren’t sure about? Or a gut feeling that, despite it being a gut feeling, you still question? Tarot readings can help with these things, often giving you validation about something you suspect about yourself.

Life Purpose Is the Most Popular Six-Card Tarot Spread

While a four-card spread provides a more detailed look at one’s life purpose, it can take some work and reflection to interpret the cards. This may be why the six-card spread is more popular. It’s more general in its information, but when it comes to life purpose, looking at things more broadly can be a valuable undertaking.


To create a six-card spread, follow these steps.

  1. Lay the first card vertically.
  2. Place the second card on the first, but lay it horizontally.
  3. Repeat the process for the third and fourth cards, laying them to the right of the first two.
  4. Lay the fifth card vertically next to the second stack.
  5. Finally, lay the sixth card vertically next to the fifth.

With the cards laid out, we can now examine each one to learn what we need to know.

Cards One And Three – Personal Weaknesses And Beliefs

We all have weaknesses and shortcomings, but most of us understand that before confronting and overcoming them, we must first identify and acknowledge them.

Cards one and three show us these weaknesses. They represent the obstacles that prevent you from realizing your life’s purpose. Looking at our shortcomings isn’t a fun thing to do. But if we are to face them, we have to know what they are.

Tarot leads us to discover these issues. If we can be honest with ourselves, we can admit that sometimes we are unaware of some of them. Finding and facing them is the only way we can begin to deal with them.


Cards Two And Four – Personal Strengths And Personality Traits

The set of abilities and gifts you have is unique to you. And like our weaknesses, sometimes, we’re not aware of our strengths. Or perhaps we discount them.

Either way, knowing our best qualities allows us to focus on them and use them in our lives. Just as in a job interview, when you want to put your strengths on display, the second and fourth cards show your talents. These allow you to realize your life purpose.


Card Five – Relation Between Best And Worst Characteristics

Your best and worst qualities are not isolated from each other. The saying, “Your greatest strength is also your greatest weakness” is credited to William Shakespeare. This may be apocryphal, but that doesn’t matter.

Card five shows us how our strengths and weaknesses interact. In addition to how a strength can also be a weakness, you often will discover that your weaknesses counteract your strengths, and your strengths make up for deficiencies caused by your shortcomings.


Card Six – Specific Actions To Take

With a better grasp of your strengths and weaknesses, you can use them to pursue and achieve your life’s purpose.

The sixth card shows you how to do this. It can also assist you in learning how to build on and employ your better qualities and improve or counteract your lesser ones.

This can help you share with the world the very best version of yourself.

Different Types Of Purposes You Can Find In Tarot Cards

While a personal life purpose reading is a popular one, we all have purposes relating to the world around us, too.

Personal Life Purpose

We want to know our place in the universe, and knowing our life purpose is a solid step toward learning that. Achieving a sense of purpose in our personal life provides fulfillment and satisfaction, but too many of us fail to uncover it.

A life purpose reading can give us valuable insight into why we are here, how we can best live in the world, and how our lives can have the most impact.

Remember that our life purpose isn’t set in stone and can change with time, just as we all change. A tarot reading can help you learn what is different if you believe your purpose has changed. If your current life path isn’t inspiring you as it used to, perhaps your purpose has changed. A personal life purpose reading can help you realign your life and priorities.


Purpose In Your Family And Community

Few of us live lives in total isolation, so we are all part of a community of some sort. A life-purpose reading can help you better understand your place in your community (or even your family) and can guide those feeling disconnected or otherwise out of step with the people around them.

You may not realize that you are, for example, your community’s great listener. That’s a strength others value in you, but if you’re not leaning on that strength, you are missing at least a part of your life’s purpose.

Knowing who and what you are can lead you to a sense of belonging and a feeling that you’re on the right path.

A tarot reading can help you learn your place in the world and let you determine the best way to occupy that place. If need be, you can learn the changes you need to make to find your place.


Global Life Purpose

A global life purpose tarot reading can aid in understanding one’s relationship to the world and obligations to the global community. While personal life purpose is, by definition, personal, one’s global purpose is a big-picture glimpse at our place in the universe.

The impact that your life makes on the world depends on you knowing what your global purpose is. Think of it like a map— if you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you’ve arrived? This reading can give you a look at that proverbial map.


Your Work And Career Purpose

Are you working because it’s your passion? Or do you go to work because you have to pay the bills? Our work lives can be vapid, miserable experiences, or they can be truly fulfilling. Since most of us spend so much time at work, the desire for a purpose there can be a strong one.

A purpose-based tarot reading can help you learn what career path might work best for you. Armed with this information, you can better seek out a career that offers meaning for you and the world around you.


Finding your life purpose is key to living a happy and fulfilled life. Using a six-card tarot spread for a life-purpose reading can show you some things about yourself— things you suspect, or things you have never really noticed. These will be strengths and weaknesses because knowing about both is the only way you can fully realize your place in the world.

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