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Mar 27, 2024

33 EXCITING QUESTIONS TO ASK TAROT CARDS ABOUT LOVE – Best Questions for Finding, Keeping and Getting Back the Love of Your Life!

Ursula Le Guin once said, “There are no right answers to wrong questions.” This rings especially true in the realm of love tarot readings, where the quality of your questions can significantly impact the depth and relevance of the answers you receive. Exploring the landscape of love through tarot can unveil insights and guidance that help steer your romantic journey. Whether you’re single, in a relationship, or navigating the complexities of a breakup, the questions you pose during a tarot reading hold the power to illuminate your path.

Drawing from extensive experience in love tarot readings, here’s a curated list of 33 pivotal questions. These questions are crafted to guide you through every stage of your love life, offering clarity and direction when you need it most.

The essence of a fruitful love tarot reading lies in asking the right questions. Tailored inquiries can unlock specific, actionable insights, enabling you to harness the wisdom of the tarot in your quest for love, healing, and personal growth. Below are essential questions designed to probe the depths of your romantic experiences and aspirations.

4 Questions To Ask Tarot Cards About Love When You Are Single (and 3 questions you should not ask)

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  1. “Am I ready to find my true love?”

Starting with this question helps set the direction for the reading. It determines if you’re in a place to welcome love into your life or if there are personal barriers to address first.


If the answer is YES:

  1. “What is the best thing I can do right now to find my true love?”

Receiving a positive response opens the door to advice on taking proactive steps toward meeting your soulmate, tapping into guidance that aligns with your highest good.


If the answer is NO:

This question uncovers anything mentally and emotionally prepared for this possibility is crucial. A “no” doesn’t imply unworthiness but rather a need for self-preparation or healing before embarking on a new relationship.


  1. “What is preventing me from finding true love?”

obstacles or past traumas that may be hindering your path to love, offering insights into underlying issues.

  1. “What can I do to remove the blocks that are preventing me from finding true love?”

Identifying barriers is a first step, but understanding how to overcome them is essential. This query seeks divine guidance on healing and opening your heart to love.

3 Questions To Ask Tarot Cards About Love When You Start Dating Someone

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When you start dating someone, it is one of the most exciting moments in the relationship! The butterflies in your stomach, the anticipation before a date, the thrill of getting to know someone new… Unless you’ve been in the dating scene for a long time.

When you’ve been single for several months (or years), and you want to cut the chase and take a shortcut, ask these tarot card questions.


  1. “Is the person I’m dating my true love?”

This question bravely seeks a direct answer from the tarot about the potential of your new relationship. Be prepared for a yes or no answer and trust in the guidance provided.


If the answer is YES:

Celebrate the positive affirmation from the tarot! This signals an encouraging potential for your relationship. To delve deeper into understanding this connection, consider exploring additional questions related to relationship growth and future directions.


If the answer is NO:

Facing a “no” can be tough, especially when you have feelings for the person. However, early clarity can save you from potential heartache down the line. If you’re ready to understand more, you might want to ask:


  1. “Why isn’t this person my true love?”

Searching for the reasons behind this question can provide closure or areas for personal growth, helping you move forward more informed and open-hearted.

2. “What can I do to move on from this person?”


This question is about healing and closure. It invites advice on letting go and preparing yourself for the love that’s truly meant for you.

The answers you get to this question will depend on the Tarot reading you use to get an answer. With a three-card spread, you will receive a short answer. With the Celtic cross spread, you will get a more elaborate explanation.

6 Questions To Ask Tarot Cards For Taking Your Relationship To The Next Level

Couple jumping in a field, on a sunny day, she with a bunch of balloons in her hand, with caption "Tarot questions for taking the relationship to the next level"

Relationships evolve through various stages, from casual dates to potentially lifelong commitments. Understanding how to navigate these transitions can enhance your connection. Here are six tarot questions that can shed light on moving forward:

  1. "Where is this relationship going?"
  2. "Is our relationship ready to go to the next level?"
  3. "When will our relationship go to the next level?"
  4. "What can I do to improve the relationship?"
  5. "What can I do to take the relationship where I want it to be?"
  6. "What can I do to take the relationship to the next level?"

9 Questions To Ask Tarot Cards For Helping You Solve Relationship Problems

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Like climbing a mountain, navigating a relationship comes with its challenges, requiring effort, understanding, and compromise. When faced with hurdles, these nine tarot questions can offer clarity and direction:

  1. “What is the real basis of our problem?"
  2. "How does my partner feel in this situation?"
  3. "Where is our relationship going in this situation?"
  4. "What does my partner intend to do in this situation?"
  5. "What can we both do to improve this situation?"
  6. "What can I do to improve this situation?"
  7. "What can my partner do to improve this situation?"
  8. "Is my partner willing to do what is necessary to improve the situation?"
  9. "How are we going to solve this situation?"

11 Questions To Ask Tarot Cards For Getting Back With Your Ex

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When considering whether to try and get back together with an ex, it’s crucial to approach the situation with clarity and insight. Tarot cards can offer guidance on this emotional journey. This guide simplifies the process into essential questions and divides them based on the outcome you might be seeking or facing.

Starting Point: The Most Important Question


  • “Is it in the best interest of everyone involved that my ex and I get back together?”

Begin with asking if getting back together is in everyone’s best interest. This question isn’t just about what you or your ex wants, but considers the well-being of everyone affected, including children if they’re involved.


If the answer is YES

A positive answer means the universe might support your efforts to reconcile, but remember, it’s not a guarantee.

Follow-up Tarot card questions that you may be interested in getting an answer are:

  1. “Does my ex want to get back with me?”
  2. “How does my ex feel about me?”
  3. “Is there anything I can do to get back with my ex?”
  4. “What can I do to get my ex back?”
  5. “Will my ex get back to me in the next three months? Six months? Nine months? A year?”

If the answer is NO

If the cards suggest that getting back together isn’t for the best, it’s a sign to focus on healing and moving on.

Ask the Tarot these questions:

  1. “Why isn’t getting back with my ex in the best interest of everyone involved?”
  2. “What is the best thing I can do to let my ex go?”
  3. “What can I do to cut my energy ties with my ex?”
  4. “What can I do to forget my ex?”
  5. “What can I do to move on with my life?”

Whether you’re encouraged to pursue a reunion or to focus on your own growth, the Tarot provides guidance and support. Use these questions to help navigate your path.

Which Questions to Avoid During Love Tarot Reading?

While love tarot readings can offer valuable insights, it’s essential to approach them with an open mind and a clear intention. Avoid asking overly vague or negative questions, as they may give unclear or unhelpful responses. Instead, focus on questions that empower you to take positive action and gain a deeper understanding of your romantic circumstances.

Here are 20 questions to avoid during a love tarot reading:

  1. "Will I ever find true love?"
  2. "Why do I always attract the wrong partners?"
  3. "Is my relationship doomed to fail?"
  4. "When will my ex come back to me?"
  5. "Why am I always unlucky in love?"
  6. "Will my partner cheat on me?"
  7. "Why can't I find someone who loves me for who I am?"
  8. "Is my partner hiding something from me?"
  9. "Why do I keep getting hurt in relationships?"
  10. "Will my partner leave me for someone else?"
  11. "What's wrong with me that I can't maintain a relationship?"
  12. "Am I destined to be alone forever?"
  13. "Will my partner ever change their ways?"
  14. "Why do I always feel insecure in my relationships?"
  15. "Is my partner lying to me about their feelings?"
  16. "Will I ever be happy in love?"
  17. "Why do I always end up in toxic relationships?"
  18. "Is my relationship cursed or doomed by fate?"
  19. "What's the point of trying to find love if it always ends in heartbreak?"
  20. "Will I ever get over my past heartaches and find lasting happiness in love?"

By avoiding questions that anchor you to negativity, fear, or passivity, you create space for more enlightening, uplifting, and actionable insights during your love tarot readings. Remember, the goal is to use the tarot as a tool for personal empowerment and to navigate your love life with wisdom and confidence. Focus on questions that illuminate pathways to growth, understanding, and positive change.


Love tarot readings can be valuable tools for gaining insight, clarity, and guidance in matters of the heart. By asking the right questions and working with a skilled tarot reader, you can unlock profound wisdom and understanding about your romantic life. Whether you’re seeking answers about a current relationship, hoping to attract love into your life, or navigating the complexities of a breakup, tarot cards can offer support and illumination every step of the way. Remember to approach your reading with an open heart and mind, and trust that the cards will provide the guidance you seek.

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