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Sep 8, 2023

Q&A with Psychic Sisters Jessica & Christina

You know how some twins are so in sync they practically read each other’s minds? What if those twins could also read your mind—or at least your energies—and guide you toward self-fulfillment, love, and meaningful relationships?

“I used to love asking her about a man before a first date to get all of the details on what he was like,” says Christina Manning about her twin, Jessica Dunagan.

These “Psychic Sisters” have more in common than most twins–they’re also intuitive life coaches who share some extraordinary gifts.

“We feel, sense, and can understand energy in a way normal people cannot,” says Christina. “These gifts allow us to see future events before they happen or feel the energy of how a person is thinking and feeling.”

You may know them from TLC’s Extreme Sisters, or maybe you’ve connected with Christina or Jessica on Purple Garden. Either way, you’ll discover these sisters don’t just keep this sixth sense to themselves; they offer their clients empathic insight and guidance, especially when navigating the labyrinth of love and relationships.

Do you want to manifest the life and love of your dreams? Before you reach out to Jessica or Christina, we asked them what a 1-on-1 session is like and how to prepare for the best experience possible.

What can we expect from a session with you?

Our sessions will feel like you are talking to your best friend. We are judgment-free, and we love to connect to energy and let predictions start to flow. We connect to your heart and we feel your energy, so it is a very special opportunity to be able to do a reading for someone.

In what ways are your reading styles and methods similar to each other? How do they differ?

Our readings are the same in how we both connect to our clients and feel energy. We both have the same way that we hear and see messages. Our styles do not differ much, and we do share a ton of the same clients. We think this is due to the fact that they can get a second opinion on a situation and when we both connect and feel the same things, it lets our clients feel assured that the information is accurate.

What do you think each other’s greatest strength is as a reader?

Jessica is great at feeling what someone is thinking and feeling and letting the client know what to expect. I used to love asking her about a man before a first date to get all of the details on what he was like. Christina is great at predicting accurate timelines. Timeframes can be tough, but Christina is already great at knowing when something is going to happen.

Can you describe your preparation process before a session? Are there any unique rituals or practices you follow?

We love to clear our energy before each session. This is done with sage and also just meditation practice of calling energy into your space and then using intention to cleanse it. We also always have healing hertz playing in the background of our space prior to each call.

What do you recommend we do to prepare for a reading?

Come in with an open mind and be willing to be vulnerable. Consider a reading to be similar to spiritual therapy. It really is healing and can help the client understand their situation in a different light. So we just encourage everyone to be willing to come in with an open mind.

What if I don’t like what I hear?

We always encourage our clients to take with them what resonates to their spirit. If something in the reading did not align or make sense to them, be willing to hear it, and to table it for another time. A message that we get from spirit might not make sense right now, but can at a later time.

What’s your advice for someone getting their first psychic reading?

Have fun with it. Try to come into the reading with an open mind and to look at it like a therapy session where you can understand new ways to approach your situation. I also recommend you write a list of important questions that you want your reader to look into for you.



Navigating life’s twists and turns is rarely easy.  What if you had not one but two spiritual guides to help you find your way? Enter Jessica and Christina, empathic twins and stars of TLC’s Extreme Sisters. Whether you’re seeking Jessica’s knack for sensing thoughts and emotions or you’re drawn to Christina’s skill in timing, the Psychic Sisters share a desire to help others with their intuitive abilities and coaching expertise.

They encourage everyone to approach the experience with an open mind but come prepared with a few things to ask. If you’re at the intersection of curiosity and life’s big questions, a session with Jessica and Christina might just add a layer of insight to your journey of self-discovery.

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