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May 21, 2023

Introducing Our May 23 Staff Picks

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Meet Our Psychic Staff Picks of the Month: Discover Their Unique Abilities

Whether you’re seeking guidance on love, destiny, or other areas of your life, our psychic staff picks of the month can help. With a variety of unique abilities, our advisors have the skills to guide you towards the right path. Learn more about our talented team and book a reading today.

Are you seeking answers from the spiritual realm? Our psychic staff picks of the month have a gift for tapping into higher energies and providing accurate readings. Discover the unique abilities of our talented advisors and find the perfect fit for your needs.

Are you ready to take control of your life? Our psychic staff picks of the month can help you tap into your inner strength and empower yourself. From discovering your true potential to finding the right love path, our talented advisors have the abilities to guide you towards fulfilment. Learn more about our team and take the first step towards a brighter future.

Sagest – PLEASE READ Requirements
Since 2018
Sagest is a trained life coach who specializes in fears, self-worth and abuse. Within this realm, she also bringa her intuition…so that she hears more than what words are being said. At the end of the day, her clients feel blessed and courageous again to face life with renewed hope. Sagest delivers accurate psychic and tarot readings as seen at that given moment. She does so with love, integrity and knowledge through life and the source of all knowing.
Since 2018

Honest psychic
Since 2016
Samantha has been a practicing psychic for fifteen years. Her gifts allow her to offer comfort, insight and guidance through the most difficult of times, or to help in daily life. And, as her name says, she is unfailingly honest with what her guides show her that you need to know. Wisdom comes with experience and advice. Help balance your mind, body and spirit. Talk with Samantha today.
Since 2016

Katie Lynn
Highly successful spiritual love advisor
Since 2021
With more than thirty years experience with spiritual development and life coaching, Katie Lynn can help you with some of life’s most burning questions. She provides reading in love, relationships and even careers. You will be amazed to how you can turn your situation around with her guidance!
Since 2021

Psychic empath
Since 2018
As an empath, Lori-Anne Victoria uses a heart-centred approach to her healing readings to help you become the best version of you that you can be! Lori-Anne is a dreamer, healer, psychic empath, Crystal Reiki Master, and herbalist. Her goal and life purpose: To help you heal, learn, and grow during this time of global ascension on earth.
Since 2018

Madame Supreme
MasterTarot Solution master
Since 2016
Do you feel like a changed person, yet keep making the same mistakes? Are you constantly battling the question if your love is meant to be? If you want it bad enough, go out there and fight for it…and let Madame Supreme help you to do it! Most of her life she’s helped people with guidance and love. She’s here to give you insight and messages and, possibly, a fresh perspective on life.
Since 2016
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