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Nov 24, 2022

How Does Palmistry Work?

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It’s often said that the future is like a story written in our palms. But what does this mean and how can we use it to our advantage? Palm reading is an ancient technique that uses patterns found on the palm to predict the future and tell us many things about ourselves and our destinies.

Reading palm lines reflects on past experiences, emotions, and thoughts – which makes them helpful in predicting events in the present and future. There are many different styles of palm reading, but most rely on two basic principles: relationships and cycles.

Relationship readings look at how people are connected (i.e., husband/wife, friends/acquaintances), while cycle readings focus on repeating patterns over time (e.g., births, deaths).

By learning about your relationships and repeating patterns from the past, you can better understand why certain things happen in life – and maybe even predict some of your future.

The History of Palmistry

Palmistry has been around for centuries, and its popularity is only increasing. It is the study of the hand and its relationship to personality and destiny. Several famous palmists have existed throughout history, including Nostradamus, Virgil, Shakespeare, Leonardo da Vinci, Napoleon Bonaparte, Louis Pasteur and Abraham Lincoln.

Each of these individuals had their own unique interpretation of palm reading based on their personal beliefs and experiences.

Types of Hand Shapes in Palm Readings


The Earth Hand

The earth hand is one of the most common hand shapes in palmistry. This hand shape includes a square or rectangular palm, thick or fleshy skin, and short, stubby fingers.

The earth hand represents a down-to-earth, reliable and trustworthy personality. People with this hand shape are often good at practical skills and handling money.


The Air Hand

The air hand shape is characterized by long, slender fingers and often a square palm. The air hand is the rarest of the hand shapes and is often associated with creative or intellectual types.

Those with air hands are quick thinkers with a sharp wit. They are good at communication and have a knack for understanding complex concepts. Air hands are also very adaptable and good at problem-solving.


The Water Hand

The water hand shape is one of the rarer hand shapes. People with water hands typically have long, slender fingers with smooth, rounded nails. The palms are usually soft and moist, and the skin may be thin and delicate.

Water hands are creative and intuitive, and people with this hand shape are often good at art or music. They may be emotionally sensitive and compassionate, which helps them easily empathize with others, and they may have a strong connection to the natural world.


The Fire Hand

If you have a fire hand, it means a strong desire or intention is within you. You are confident and determined. Your enthusiasm shows in everything you do.

This makes you incredibly productive and successful in personal projects – whether they’re related to business or pleasure. However, this also means that danger is always lurking around the corner – be careful not to take risks unnecessarily.

What Do Different Palm Lines Mean?


Life Line

The life line is the line that runs from the base of the palm near the thumb to the edge of the palm nearest the little finger. It can reveal information about a person’s love life, emotional health, and creative potential.

A deep and unbroken life line indicates a satisfying love life. A short or broken life line can indicate emotional problems or a lack of creativity.


Heart Line

The heart line starts at the base of the palm and extends up to the index finger. It’s believed to represent the person’s emotions and feelings and can often provide insights into their character and personality.

People with a solid and clear heart line are passionate and full of love. They are also physically and emotionally strong. Those with a weak or broken heart line can be more prone to emotional instability.


Money Line

A money line runs down the center of the hand, perpendicular to the main lines of life. It can indicate financial stability and success, or it can be an indicator of upcoming problems.

If the money line is solid and clear, it can indicate that you have a good head for business and will be successful in your financial endeavors. If the money line is faint or broken, it can mean that you may have some financial difficulties.


Head Line

The head line is one of the three major lines on the palm. It runs horizontally across the palm, starting from the base of the thumb and extending to the bottom of the pinkie finger.

It represents a person’s intellectual and thinking abilities. It is also an indicator of a person’s health and well-being. It can help to reveal whether a person is prone to health problems and how they might be able to prevent them.


Marriage Line

The marriage line, or affection line, is located just below the base of the little finger. The marriage line represents a person’s love life and relationship status.

It can reflect the number of marriages a person will have in their lifetime, the quality of a person’s marriage, or their level of happiness in their relationships. If the line is deep and clear, it can indicate a strong and stable relationship. It can show a more tumultuous love life if it is faint or broken.

How to Read Mounts of the Hand?


Mount of Jupiter

The Mount of Jupiter is located at the base of the index finger and is associated with success, power and status. This mount is well-developed in ambitious people with a strong desire to achieve their goals. People with a strong Mount of Jupiter are also confident and optimistic.


Mount of Saturn

The Mount of Saturn is the palm area below the middle finger’s base. It represents a person’s sense of responsibility, ability to persevere, and level of self-discipline.

People with a well-developed Mount of Saturn are hard workers who can see projects through to the end. They are reliable and responsible; others can always count on them to follow through on their commitments.


Mount of Apollo

The Mount of Apollo is located on the Sun line, just below the base of the ring finger. It represents creative talent, fame, and success. If the Mount of Apollo is well-developed, it indicates that you are creative and have the potential for success in your chosen field.

It may indicate that you lack confidence and are afraid of taking risks if it is underdeveloped. You may also be overly critical of yourself and others.


Mount of Mercury

The Mount of Mercury is the palm area below the little finger and above the wrist. It is associated with communication, intelligence and mental ability.

If it is well developed, it indicates that you are quick-witted and can easily learn new things. If it is underdeveloped, it may mean that you struggle with communication or have difficulty understanding new concepts.


Mount of Luna

The Mount of Luna corresponds to the solar plexus and governs emotions and intuition.

People with a strong Mount of Luna can typically easily express themselves emotionally and are usually very intuitive. They are also good at problem-solving and can be quite creative.


Mount of Venus

The Mount of Venus, located at the bottom of the palm below the pinky finger, is a significant point on the hand that signifies our relationships with others.

It corresponds to our expressive and sexual side and our susceptibility to love affairs. The Mount of Venus can also indicate how we experience life emotionally and romantically.


Mount of Mars

The Mount of Mars represents willpower, fighting spirit and determination. It is located in 3 places; Outer Mars, below the Mount of Mercury, Inner Mars is located below the Mount of Jupiter and the Plain of Mars is located in the middle of the palm.

People with a strong Mount of Mars tend to be ambitious, confident and stubborn. They are also very independent and can be irritable when they don’t get their way.

Do Palm Lines Change Over Time?

Palm lines can change over time depending on your life experiences and choices. This is based on the belief that the lines on the palm represent the person’s destiny and that changes in the lines can indicate changes in the person’s life path.

The lines in your palm can give you insight into your past, present and future. If you see a change in your palm lines, it can indicate something new is coming into your life. If you see a change in your heart line, it could mean a new relationship or a change in your current relationship. If you see a change in your head line, it could indicate a new job or a change in your current job situation.


In the end, it’s all about how you interpret each line on your palm and what the shape of your hand can tell you about yourself and your future. It’s important to remember that everything your palm tells you is not set in stone. Knowing what is written in your hands can help you on your journey through life, whether you want to change it or not. Your destiny is ultimately what you make it.

If you are interested in having your palm read by a professional, you can consult one of our palm readers at Purple Garden to see what they can read in your palm lines.

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