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May 18, 2023

The Fate Line In Palmistry

Have you ever heard of the fate line in palmistry and wondered what it means? It’s a vertical line on your palm that can reveal much about your career, success, and destiny.

People have used palmistry for centuries to learn more about themselves and their futures. Every shape and line has significance. For the fate line, that meaning surrounds your career path and destiny.

Let’s explore why this line is critical in palmistry and what sets it apart.

What Is the Meaning of Fate Line in Palms?

Your fate line relates to your future, prosperity, and career. It can give indicated about your:

  • Business potential
  • Career growth
  • Life
  • Luck
  • Success

The positions of fate lines can reveal intriguing insights about your fate. These lines always culminate at the Mount of Saturn, which happens to be your middle finger. Apart from fate lines, this mount also goes by the name of the Mountain of Fate.

Interestingly, fate lines are referred to by different monikers, such as:

  • Destiny line
  • Luck line
  • Money line
  • Possession line
  • Saturn line

No matter the name of your fate line, it’s essential to remember what these lines could represent. Each fate line has a specific shape and location, indicating what it means for you.

Interpretation of Different Fate Line Shapes

To gain a deeper understanding, take note of the various fate line shapes you might encounter. Let us guide you through this mystical world of palm reading.


Deep and Long

A long fate line is a good sign, especially if the line is deep. However, an important thing to remember is the length of your fate line doesn’t guarantee your amount of money.

When you have a deep and long fate line, you’re destined to possess the ability to run your own business. Furthermore, having this fate line will make you credible in your business pursuits.



If the fate line on your palm is shallow, your life will likely be full of hard work. However, this hard work is often linked to outstanding achievements.

Those with shallow fate lines can experience frequent changes throughout their life, but they are always willing to persevere through difficult times. Despite potential failures, they continue to work hard towards their goals.

Moreover, shallow fate lines can appear thin and narrow, suggesting an uncommon and unique destiny.



An intriguing discovery in palmistry is an oblique fate line, where the line is slanted at the bottom but still reaches the base of the middle finger.

This unique shape indicates an unconventional point of view that is primarily connected to your work life. People with an oblique fate line possess distinct problem-solving abilities and often have creative and innovative ideas that differ from others.

They excel at figuring out loopholes and shortcuts, which can result in their career success. Thus, the oblique fate line in palmistry may indicate an easy path to triumph for those who possess it.

Impact of Fate Line Location

Now that you understand the various fate line shapes, let’s look at the locations. Each of these locations holds a possible impact on your life.


Fate Line Starting From the Life Line

The life line reveals information about your love life. The line starts at your thumb and runs to your smallest finger across your palm.

In palmistry, a fate line starting from the life line indicates you’re highly energetic. This is because your energy and hard-working nature improve your social status.

Unfortunately, these fate lines in palms don’t involve high achievement. Nevertheless, many people enjoy a comfortable life under these conditions and by reading their palms.


Fate Line Starting From Head Line

The head line runs horizontally across your palm. It begins at your thumb and runs horizontally to the bottom of your pinky.

A fate line starting from the head line indicates high achievement after turning 35. It would be best not to feel disappointed in your lack of success before you turn 35. Many of your failures before your 35 relate to business and work.

As a result, you’ll receive more wisdom and experience than most people. Your wisdom leads you to your high achievements later in life. Also, you’ll be much happier knowing you waited for success to come to you.


Fate Line Starting From Heart Line

The heart line extends from the base of your palm to your index finger.

If you have a fate line starting from the heart line, you will experience success later in your life. Later in life refers to after 50 years of age.

Many young people don’t have enough stability in their life to become successful. Also, they don’t experience much career stability too.

Unfortunately, you must work hard in your old age if you have this fate line. But, unfortunately, many people like you don’t get to enjoy being older.


Fate Line Starting From Mount of Moon

A fate line starting from the Mount of Moon means you’ll receive help from women, sisters, mothers, wives, daughters, and foreigners.

People with a fate line starting from the Mount of Moon will do their best work in the service industry.

You have multiple interpersonal relationships, which contribute to your overwhelming success. In addition, you’re a person with incredible creative abilities. Those abilities will help guide you to success and being a leader.

Also, people with this fate line in palmistry have a helpful friend in their corner. Your helpful friend is faithful to you, and they will be by your side through it all.


Fate Line Ending at the Mount of Jupiter

The first thing you need to know is you can find the Mount of Jupiter below your forefinger.

You might be famous if you have this fate line on your palm. With fame, you’ll obtain power that you’ll use for good. For example, Batman uses his powers to protect people. You’ll have access to that same power.

Many people gain a good reputation over time with this power.


Fate Line Ending at Mount of Sun

The first thing you need to know about the Mount of Sun is that it’s below your ring finger. Your ring ringer is the primary location of the marriage line, which is perpendicular to the heart line.

If your fate line ends at the Mount of Sun, you hold more artistic talent than most people. Fortunately, your artistic talent is going to be the source of your wealth in the future.

Intersection of Fate Line With Other Lines in Palmistry

The intersection of the fate line with other lines in palmistry happens at specific ages.

  • The fate and heart line intersect at 53 years old.
  • The fate and head line intersect at 35 years old.
  • The fate and the area just below the head line intersect at 33 years old.
  • The fate and the area furthest away from the head line intersect at 28 years old on your fate line.

What if Fate Line Is Broken?

Five broken fate line occurrences can happen on your palm. If your fate line is broken in any way, it results in different outcomes for your fortune and career.


Broken Between Head Line and Heart Line

If you’re a female with a broken fate, like between the head and heart lines, you’re known for being a terrible housekeeper. But, unfortunately, a female with this break is known for losing their money.


Broken Between Base of the Palm

A broken fate line on the base of your palm indicates a rough childhood. So if you’re older and looking into palmistry, it’s crucial to think back on your early childhood.

Also, this breakage refers to academic hardships in your childhood.


Broken in the Middle of the Palm

A break in the middle of your palm shows you’ll have multiple setbacks in your career. Fortunately, it doesn’t mean you’ll be without money. Instead, you’ll see switching and rotating through jobs.

Also, your prosperity may dwindle after the prime of your life. Now, the prime of your life can be different for certain people. However, it’s something to look for because you’ll experience property loss.


A Line Parallel With the Broken Fate Line

A broken parallel line is like stopping at one road and beginning a new one. People with this broken fate change jobs and decide to start new careers.


Intermittent Breakage

You will most likely change jobs if you have intermittent breakage in your fate line. Each gap in your fate line could be a job change over the years.


Fate line palmistry comes with multiple interpretations due to factors, including the shape of your palms, the lines on your palms, and the condition of your fingers. However, everyone’s hands differ, meaning your fate line speaks directly to who you are and can’t be compared to others.

This ancient practice can give you an insight into what the future holds for you. Start by understanding the different markings on your palm and how they interact.

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