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Jan 14, 2021

DOES HE LIKE ME TAROT SPREAD ~ Find Out Quickly If He Really Likes You!

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Forget about quizzes and tests. And please leave daisies alone, because you don’t need to pluck them to know if he likes you or not.

With the Does He Like Me Tarot spread, you will get the answer you are looking for and more!

Because I know you, I designed this spread so that it answers the question of whether he likes you. PLUS what he thinks and feels about you. AND what you should do about it.

All the answers are in this easy and fast Tarot spread!

But… before you jump into a Tarot reading, consider carefully what your question will be. Because there may be other questions much better and more accurate for your situation than simply asking, “Does he like me?”

18 Questions Better Than “Does He Like Me?

If you have been practicing Tarot for many years, you probably already know. But if you are just starting, you need to know this.

The accuracy of the Tarot does not depend only on the tarot reader nor on the Tarot spread.

One of the most important factors when making an accurate Tarot reading is ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTION.

That is why the task of tarot readers is not only to interpret the cards. We also have to help our querent pose the right questions for an accurate Tarot reading.

If you want to get the best and most accurate result from the Does He Like Me Tarot Spread, make sure you ask the right question before you start.

Because besides asking, “Does he like me?” there are other more specific questions that can help you arrive at a more complete and accurate answer.

01. Does he like me back?

Instead of using the generic, “Does he like me?“, use this question when you’re sure he knows you like him.

02. Does he like me more than a friend?

This question is ideal when you are unsure of a friend’s intentions.

03. Does he have feelings for me?

This question focuses on the feelings of the guy you like, so you should pay special attention to this card in the spread.

04. Does he like me or is he just being nice?

If you don’t know him well but want to see if he likes you, this is the question to ask.

05. Does my guy friend like me?

Do you like a friend and you want to know if he likes you? Use this question when making the Tarot reading.

06. Does my guy best friend like me?

I always tell my clients: specific questions give specific answers. Vague questions give vague answers.

So if you are inquiring about your best friend, ask this question!

07. Is he using me or does he like me?

This is an excellent question that I wish more people asked.

It is ideal when you have already had some kind of interaction with the guy you like, but you are not clear about his intentions. And you also suspect that he might be using you! Get out of doubt with this question.

08. Does he secretly like me?

It has probably happened to you that you felt that someone secretly liked you, but he cannot tell you for some reason. If you feel that way right now, ask this question!

09. Does a shy guy like me?

Similar to the previous question, but by the time you know that the guy you like is shy.

10. Does he like me even though he has a girlfriend?

This is another situation that I have seen very often in my career as a tarot reader. The guy sends you signs that he likes you, but he has a girlfriend! By asking this question, you will know for sure.

11. Does he still like me after I rejected him?

Sometimes it can also happen that your love story begins with a disagreement.

If for some reason you have rejected him, and you regret it, with this question you can find out if he still likes you.

12. Does he like me or just want sex?

I don’t think I have to explain this question… And yet, I wish more women would ask this to avoid feeling used later!

13. Is he a player or really into me?

If it looks like a duck, he swims like a duck and quacks like a duck… You better ask this question to be sure if he is a player or is really into you.

14. Does my boyfriend like me?

You may have doubts because the relationship is just beginning. Or because you’ve been together for a long time and you think the attraction might be fading.

Whatever the reason, if you doubt your boyfriend’s feelings, this question is perfect for you.

15. Does my ex still like me?

If you are missing your ex and considering getting back with him, ask this question before making any move!

16. Does my male coworker like me?

Relationships at work can be complicated, so better ask this question before taking a chance.

17. Does he like me or is he just a flirt?

Men sometimes send confusing signals. Does he really like you, or is he just flirting? This question will help you to get out of doubt.

18. Does he still like me after we slept together?

Ah, the (in)famous morning after. Do you want to know what he is thinking and feeling? Ask this question, but only if you are ready to get the answer.

In addition to using these questions for doing a Tarot reading for yourself, you can also use them when consulting a professional tarot reader.

Does He Like Me Tarot Spread

The Does He Like Me Tarot spread is designed to give you a clear answer, not just of whether he likes you, but his feelings and intentions.

I designed this Tarot spread to answer my clients’ most frequently asked questions in a single spread. That is why I can guarantee its effectiveness and results.

The Does He Like Me Tarot spread answers the questions:

  • Does he like you?
  • How does he see you?
  • What are his feelings towards you?
  • What are his intentions toward you?
  • What is the best you can do in this situation?

The answers to these questions, combined with the grand overview of the spread, will give you the answer you are looking for.

How To Read The Does He Like Me Tarot Spread

  • Card position #1: Does he like me?
  • Card position #2: How does he see me?
  • Card position #3: What are his feelings towards me?
  • Card position #4: What are his intentions towards me?
  • Card position #5: What is the best I can do in this situation?

Card position #1: Does he like me?

This card occupies the central position because it is the most important of the spread. It is the one that answers the question, “Does he like me?

If you are using any of the other questions (for example, “Does he have feelings for me?” Or “Does my ex still like me?”), this card represents the most direct answer.

Card position #2: How does he see me?

Does he see you as a friend? As someone you would like to get to know better?

As someone you want to have a relationship with? Or maybe as someone with whom he just wants to have sex?

This card will reveal to you how he really sees you.

Card position #3: What are his feelings towards me?

This is another significant card because it reveals what his true feelings are for you.

Combined with the previous card and the next, they will give you a more in-depth insight into what this guy thinks, feels, and wants with you.

Card position #4: What are his intentions towards me?

Here is where the rubber meets the road. Because no matter how much he likes you or how beautiful his feelings are, intentions define actions.

Pay close attention to this card because it will reveal what his real intentions are towards you.

Card position #5: What is the best I can do in this situation?

Here you will receive advice and guidance from the Divinity / Higher Self / Universe / Spirit Guides / Angels / Ascended Masters.

Should you trust him and encourage him to express his feelings for you?

Or is it better to get away from him because his feelings and intentions are not what you expected?

This card will give you the all-important answer as to what is the best thing to do next.

By the way, if you are having a hard time reading the cards, the keywords in this list of Tarot cards with pictures and meanings will help you interpret their meaning.


Next time you meet a guy and want to know if he likes you or not, all you have to do is the Does He Like Me Tarot spread.

Not only will you get the answer to the question, but you will also receive more information that will help you make a wise decision about him.

You already tried doing the Does He Like Me Tarot Spread? If you liked it, share it on social media!

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