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Dec 19, 2023

GUARDIAN ANGEL TAROT SPREAD ~ How To Communicate With Your Guardian Angel

We had all heard or read some amazing story of someone who was saved by a mysterious person who later disappeared, or who was called or pushed to save his life even when no one was around him.

And maybe even you have lived this experience yourself!

With so many cases on record, it’s hard not to believe in guardian angels. But who are these mysterious beings that accompany you and help you in your time of greatest need? And can this Guardian Angel Tarot spread help you to communicate with them?

What Do Guardian Angels Do?

According to Wikipedia, “A guardian angel is a type of angel that is assigned to protect and guide a particular person, group or nation. […] guardian angels serve to protect whichever person God assigns them to, and present prayer to God on that person’s behalf.”

Note that the first words to define a guardian angel is that they are assigned to protect and guide people. The question is, how do they do it? How do they give you guidance and advice?

How To Communicate With Your Guardian Angel

Communication is a two-way street. Sometimes your guardian angel wants to communicate with you, and other times you feel the need to communicate with your guardian angel.

In the second case, when you want to communicate with your guardian angel, you can do it through:

  • Prayers
  • Meditation
  • Writing a letter/poem/song to your guardian angel

These activities put us in the active role of communication. But what do you do when you play a more passive role, in which you want to receive their message? To do this, you need to know how guardian angels communicate with us.

How Do Guardian Angels Communicate With Us?

Have you ever wondered how do guardian angels communicate with us? Because since angels belong to a different dimension than ours, we cannot regularly see or hear them. But that does not mean they do not contact us.

What happens is that their influence is usually much more subtle. Although there are cases where people have been pushed, caught, or physically saved by guardian angels, they do most of their work in subtle ways.

What are these subtle ways that guardian angels use to communicate with us?

5 Signs Your Guardian Angel Is Trying To Contact You

Since guardian angels often use subtle communication techniques, it is important that you know what the main ways they use to communicate with you.


Sudden and unexpected ideas

Have you ever had ideas that seem outlandish or crazy pop into your mind and that seems to come from somewhere else?

For example, let’s say that you have been looking for a job without much luck, and suddenly it occurs to you to pay a visit to a former university professor. In a conversation with him, he recommends you to apply to a particular company and, bingo! You get the job.

Guess what? Yep, that was your guardian angel!



Many say that coincidences do not exist but are synchronicities. Synchronicities are coincidences that seem to have a greater purpose as if “someone” had arranged everything for that to happen.

And many of the synchronicities in your life may have been orchestrated by your guardian angel!


Signs and Omens

Beautiful feathers that magically appear in front of you. The strange behavior of animals around you. A stranger who tells you something important at a party. The lyrics of a song that you can’t get out of your head. These are all signs that your guardian angel has a message for you.


Hearing a voice

Of course, we are not referring to mental problems like schizophrenia, but to that voice that sometimes you hear in your head and does not sound like your own voice. In general, the voice transmits words of guidance, support, and encouragement, giving you some vital advice, or alerting you about essential situations in our life.


Reading this post

If you are here reading this post, rest assured that your guardian angel wants to communicate with you. And it is probably a vital message!

Because unlike the subtle signals that usually send you in other ways, by doing the Guardian Angel Tarot spread, you will receive a direct and clear message from your Guardian Angel.

Guardian Angel Tarot Spread

The Guardian angel Tarot spread is one of the best tarot spread for guidance. The idea that led me to create this Tarot spread is to give you the possibility that you can ask your guardian angel for advice.

It is possible that before finding this post, you have received some signs, and yet you are still wondering: What is my guardian angel trying to tell me?

With the Guardian Angel Tarot spread, you no longer have to guess; you will directly receive the message from your guardian angel.

Your Guardian Angel Message

I designed the Guardian angel Tarot spread in the shape of an arrow pointing downwards because it symbolizes the information coming from above, from the higher plane where your guardian angel dwells, towards you.

You can use this spread to ask about a specific area or situation in your life, such as:

  • your relationship
  • your partner
  • your job or career
  • someone you just met and who you are dating
  • your family
  • your home
  • etc.

Or you can also do this spread in a completely open way and let your guardian angel give you his advice on what he considers is the most urgent thing to attend to in your life.

How To Read The Guardian Angel Tarot Spread

The spread is made up of three sections:

  • Card positions #1 to #3: The Warning
  • Card positions #4 and #5: The Advice
  • Card position #6: The Message

Card positions #1 to #3: The Warning

These three cards show you what your guardian angel wants to warn you about. Whether you have asked about a specific area of your life, or if you have left the intention open, it will show you what needs special attention at this moment is.

Card positions #4 and #5: The Advice

These two cards give you guidance and advice from your Guardian Angel regarding the situation posed in The Warning (cards #1 to #3).

Card position #6: The Message

This card is a “summary,” the message that your Guardian Angel wants you to keep in mind about the situation.

This spread is very simple and can be done even by beginners. If you have trouble interpreting the message, use the keywords in this list of Tarot cards with pictures and meanings.


The Guardian Angel Tarot Spread is a powerful Tarot spread that allows you to communicate directly with your guardian angel for advice and guidance.

My advice is that you use it:

  • when you find it in this post for the first time (believe me, your guardian angel guided you here to find it and use it);
  • whenever you feel the urge to do it (your Guardian Angel may be inspiring you to do it);
  • every time you receive a signal or omen, to decipher the message more quickly and clearly.

The idea is that you trust that your guardian angel will communicate with you when he deems it necessary, without abusing his goodwill and consulting him at all times. After all, your guardian angel wants you to use your wisdom and free will!

Tell me in the comments, what results did you get with the Guardian Angel Tarot Spread? And if you liked it, share it on social media!

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