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May 18, 2023

Why Do You Keep Seeing Angel Numbers?

Are you looking for messages from a higher power? Keep your eyes peeled for angel numbers. These sequences have a lot to say.

Guardian angels are all around you, steering you away from danger and toward peace. They can’t always communicate directly, so they use numbers instead. Angel numbers are those symbols of protection, reminding us that angels are closer than we think.

Is it 11:11 every time you look at the clock? Does it keep appearing in house numbers, phone numbers, and other random places? Chances are your guardian angel has a message for you.

No matter where you see angel numbers, it helps to know what to look out for and what they could mean for you.

Why Angels Communicate Through Numbers

According to numerology, every number draws energy from the universe. Angels are part of that energy, which allows them to manipulate numbers as a form of communication. They can send messages about your past, present, future, career, and more without interfering in your life directly.

It works well because numbers are everywhere, and people notice them. Whether it’s an address, a payment, or a time, you’re surrounded by enough numbers for an angel to send you all kinds of messages.

Reasons for Seeing Angel Numbers Often

So, you’re wondering, “Why do I keep seeing angel numbers?” Let’s dig into the possible reasons.


You’re Getting Important Messages

Every number has a unique meaning and indicates a different message. The best way to find out exactly what an angel wants to tell you is to talk to an advisor who can access angel insights.


You’re Receiving a Spiritual Boost

Angel numbers are often a reminder to focus on your spiritual side. Maybe you’ve been a workaholic lately or wrapped up in a romance. Schedule 1-on-1 time with yourself.


You’re Going To Find Your Soulmate

Angel numbers may be an indication that you’ll find your soulmate soon. The best sequence to see is the angel number 666. These numbers are a hopeful sign someone special is coming into your life.

If you see these numbers multiple times, it’s a message that love is close by. Keep your eyes open to find the love your angel is referring to.


You’re About to Experience Big Change

An angel number may come your way when experiencing a rough time. For instance, you may feel uninspired to work or unhappy with the life around you.

This makes you more likely to see angel numbers in your life. Do you see angel numbers daily? Your angel is trying to warn you that a significant change is coming your way, but you have the power to deal with it. It may also mean you need to initiate change.

What To Do When You See Angel Numbers?

Now you know why you see angel numbers daily, but what happens next? You can embrace the energy of those numbers in a few ways.


Reflect on Your Life

One of the biggest reasons to reflect on your life is to recognize warning signs from angels. If an angel sends you a warning, you must reflect on what they’re trying to inspire in you.


Learn To Be Grateful

You should learn to be grateful when you start seeing angel numbers because these beings’ main goal is to comfort and guide you. They want you to know that you’re not alone in life, and it’s your job to appreciate them.

As a result, your angel will love you unconditionally. If you’re grateful for the things you do for them, then your angel will always be by your side.


Be Proactive

You must always be proactive when you see angel numbers. Your angels are sending you those numbers for a specific reason.

For example, if the numbers represent change, you should charge toward those changes with your head held high.

The promises brought to you in number form will always come for you if you take the first step and act on the messages. Your angel is always watching, and they want the best for you.


Write a Journal

Writing down the signs from your guardian angel is an excellent way of keeping your spiritual connection close to you throughout the day. Sometimes people forget the small details of angels, but when you write them down, you’ll remember the importance of your angels.


Say a Prayer

One of the simplest things to do after seeing an angel number is to pray. Prayer is the best form of communication with your angel.

For instance, prayer opens yourself to the spirit realm and invites your angel’s guidance.

Decode the Meaning of Angel Numbers With Intuition

Now that you know the reason for seeing angel numbers and what to do when you see them. It’s time to learn about decoding the meaning of angel numbers. The best way to interpret their meanings is with your intuition.


Pay Attention When You’re Seeing Angel Numbers

The most important part of decoding the meaning of angel numbers is determining when they appear to you. The timing of these numbers is never a coincidence because your angel is always nearby, watching over you.

Take a moment to think about what you were doing when you saw your angel numbers. If you take notice of the details before and after seeing your angel numbers, you will understand their meaning.


Focus On Your Feelings When You’re Seeing Angel Numbers

We need you to look past your emotions when we talk about feelings. So instead, take a moment to see how you’re feeling in your body. Your body will never lie to you, and your body reacts to things differently.

Understanding your body increases your intuition, and you’ll deeply understand the meaning of your angel number when this happens.


Think if Angel Numbers You’re Seeing Mean Something

As you know, angels are constantly by your side. They’ve been there your entire life and will be there for you no matter what happens.

You don’t need to be mathematically inclined to determine the meaning when thinking about your angel numbers.

How To Find Your Angel Number?

Now that you better understand angel numbers and why they appear, it’s time to find your angel number. There are multiple methods for finding your angel number.


Use Numerology To Calculate Your Angel Number

The simplest method for finding your angel number is to use an angel number calculator. These calculators aren’t foolproof, but they take your information and quickly calculate them.

These calculators take the time to calculate details about your life, including your name, birthday, time of birth, and astrology sign.


Use Your Name and Birthday To Find Your Angel Number

Using your name and birthday to find your angel number is similar to finding your life path number. These two methods are nearly identical, except your life path number doesn’t require your name.

Each letter of the alphabet corresponds to a number.

Take each letter of your first and last name. In addition, you can use your middle name if you have one.

Then add together all the numbers. Once you have your final number, reduce it to a single number.

For example, if your final number is 48. Separate the 4 and 8, then add them together to get 12. Finally, separate the 1 and 2, then add them to get 3.


Use Your Intuition To Find Your Angel Numbers

If you’re looking for easy, the best way to find your angel number is by allowing your intuition to do the work for you. Your intuition connects you to your guardian angels and places the number in your life.

Your angel knows you better than anyone, so they’ll deeply understand your needs.

If you keep your eyes open and look for repeating numbers, your angel number will stand out. Usually, your angel will send your number during a time of need. However, keeping your eyes open will help you see your number quickly.


Now that you have all this information about guardian angels, opening your heart and mind to ensure they help you is important. We’ve given you a few ways to connect with your number, but the best trick is to keep your eyes open.

“Why do I keep seeing angel numbers?” may be a question on your mind, but the answer always results in a message being sent to you. The messages may differ, but it’s up to you to interpret.

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