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May 18, 2023

What Are Spirit Guides And How They Can Help You in Everyday Life?

Everyone has spirit guides, but not everyone can understand their divine messages. That’s where angel readers come in. You may be wondering what spirit guides are and how they could help in everyday life. Don’t worry, we’ll get into all of that.

The most important thing to know is that we all have spirits watching over us who want to help us. They’re always there with wisdom, guidance, and a helping hand, even when you can’t hear them.

Luckily, some people can, like the advisors in our community that offer spirit guide and angel insights. These experts can connect you to your spirit guides so they can better help you in your everyday life.

What Spirit Guides Actually Represent?

Spirit guides represent hope, healing, and protection. Spirit guides come in many forms, but they’re all there to help guide us in one way or another. Guardian angels are there to keep us safe. Ascended masters offer us wisdom. Departed loved ones do their best to love us.

When we’re genuinely safe physically, mentally, and spiritually, we begin to grow and flourish. Spirit guides give us hope for a better future by providing those things for us.

The Main Roles Of Spirit Guides

We believe that the main role of spirit guides is to act as a go-between for the living and for God. Guides act as mediators, protectors, and intercessors. How this manifests varies from person to person and from spirit to spirit. Spirit guides want to help us above all.

Different Types Of Spirit Guides

So, what are spirit guides? Spirit guides can take many forms. Their unifying traits are simply that they’re nonphysical beings who have thoroughly mastered life’s lessons. Some spirit guides look like humans, while others are made of energy. Here are the most common types you’ll run into.



In various theistic religions, not only do angels exist, but they have a ranking system or hierarchy. Archangels are high-ranking angels with more power and authority than low-ranking ones. They work with countless humans simultaneously and have specialized gifts.

Many religions believe in archangels, though they often call them by different names, like the Amesh Spentas of Zoroastrianism. Archangels have a very powerful energy signature. So if you encounter one, you may feel the room’s energy shift.


Guardian Angels

Guardian angels protect you, guide you, and act as your intercessor. Many religions, including Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism, believe God assigns the angel to you.

The concept of spirit guides in the Bible is not explicitly mentioned, but the Bible does refer to spiritual beings, such as angels and demons, who can be seen as guides or influences in a person’s life. You don’t have to be an active member of these faiths to receive help, though.

Angels are nondenominational and will work with people of all spiritual beliefs. The angels are yours specifically and spend their lives devoted to helping you. So call on them! Also, some people are lucky enough to have more than one guardian angel.


Spirit Animals

In some Indigenous traditions and cultures, a spirit animal is a spirit or sacred animal that helps guide and protect a person on a journey. Sometimes their guidance comes in the form of teaching an important lesson.

The individual, their lineage, or their nation is also supposed to embody some of the animal’s qualities. Your spirit animal can appear to you in many ways: in a dream, in a book, in your yard, or even in an ad on the side of a bus.


Ascended Masters

Ascended masters are enlightened beings that used to be humans. Throughout their lives and many incarnations, they learned all of life’s lessons, and so they achieved spiritual evolution. According to Initiation, there are nine spiritual levels that humans progress through.

Some examples of ascended masters are Buddha, Jesus, and Jesus’s mother, Mary. These masters have become special leaders in the spirit world and a bridge between spirits and humans.


Departed Loved Ones

Those who we have loved and lost can choose to become one of our spirit guides. These can be family members, dear friends, or someone who feels connected to your spirit.

A great uncle may want to support you from the afterlife whether you knew him well or not. A painter you didn’t personally know may want to join your team if you’re also a painter. Many things connect our spirits to the spirits of others.


Helper Angels

Helper angels are lower-ranking than archangels but no less important. They don’t focus on one human, like guardian angels, but instead spend their time looking for anyone to aid. Helper angels can be experts in any field you can imagine.

You may ask a helper angel for guidance in anything from making friends to learning Japanese and finding a new house. So next time you’re in a sticky situation, try contacting a helper angel. You’ll be pleased with the results.

How To Communicate With Spirit Guides To Get Their Help?

After learning about spirit guides, you might wonder, “what are my spirit guides trying to tell me?” Learning what spirit guides are and what they do helps us identify them. But what’s the good of knowing you have a spirit guide if you can’t communicate with them?

Here are some great ways to aid in communicating with spirit guides so you can receive your spirit guides’ messages.


Give Names To Your Spirit Guides

Names are powerful. They’re essential to relationships because they create and convey meaning. To most people, names are the sweetest and most important sound of all. There’s no reason to think it’s not the same for your spirit guides.

Learning or giving a name to your spirit guide will help you grow closer. If you want to know your spirit guide’s name, just ask and be ready to listen. You should trust the first name that presents itself to you.

Alternatively, you can give your spirit guide a name. Choose a name you love already or draw inspiration from everyday life. What you choose isn’t as important as that you are choosing it.


Surrender Something To Your Guides

The thought of surrendering something may seem anxiety-inducing, but it’s quite freeing. Surrendering an issue, no matter what it is, will bring you respite. The rest may be short-lived, but it could also be more permanent.

Surrender is also a sign of trust. You’re putting trust in your spirit guides to take care of you. You’re giving them space to help you by doing what they do best. If it helps you, you can surrender your problem to them.


Improve Your Intuition

Your intuition can be compared to another sense: hearing. Most people can hear to some degree. You can probably hear normal speech just fine now. But with practice, you could start to tell the difference between something more fine-tuned, like music notes.

Everyone also has intuition. Some are naturally better than others, but everyone can improve with practice. Improving your intuition will help you communicate better with your spirit guide no matter how they communicate.


Develop Spiritual Practice

Another effective method of communication is developing a spiritual practice. You can develop a daily, weekly, or monthly practice, whatever best suits your lifestyle. The spiritual practice can be whatever helps you create intimacy with your spirit guides.

For some people, that’s yoga, but for others, that’s drawing an oracle card every morning. There’s no right or wrong way to practice spirituality. The important part is setting aside time to be intentional with yourself and your guides.


Use Divination Tools

Divination tools are effective communication receivers. They open a pathway for your spirit guides to send you messages more effortlessly. Humans have been using divination tools for thousands of years, and there hasn’t been much change. There hasn’t needed to be.

Some common divination tools are tarot cards, pendulums, crystals, animal messages, and opening a book at random. What works best will depend on your relationship with your spirit guide.


Send Them Messages From Your Thoughts

Sending a message from your thoughts is like saying a blessing or a prayer. Your spirit guide may already know the message, but it’s best to articulate what you need clearly. Trying to reach out to them helps you deepen your connection as well.

There’s no wrong way to send a message from your thoughts. You can write it down beforehand, say it aloud, or borrow someone else’s wording. What’s most important is your intention when you’re sending the message.

What To Do If You Feel Disconnected From Your Spirit Guides?

There could be any number of plausible reasons why you feel disconnected. It’s normal, so don’t worry. It could be problems on either end, too. Our most challenging times can disconnect us from our spirit guides, but that’s when we need them the most.

Our spirit guides want to help protect and nurture us. They want a relationship with us as much as we want one with them. The simple solution to your disconnection issue is practicing mindfulness in any form. It can help you reconnect by grounding you.

You can read a spiritual devotional, write in your journal, jam out to music, watch a movie with spiritual themes, or listen to a spiritual podcast. Just do what feels good to you.


Now that you know what spirit guides are, you understand how they can help you in everyday life. You’ve learned some effective ways to initiate communication with your spirit guides so you can better seek their help.

If you’re still having trouble, you can always reach out to an angel reader for assistance. Angel readers are gifted individuals who can more clearly deliver your spirit guide’s divine message.

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