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Dec 19, 2023

How To Recognize Warning Signs From Angels?

Believe it or not, everyone has guardian angels watching over them. Although angels do not interfere with our lives, they do send signals to help direct us on the right path.

Whether your angels are alerting you about the dangers ahead or nudging you in a particular direction, warning signs can come in many forms. It is crucial to recognize these signs because angels only want the best for you and offer divine intervention in the hope of living a more fulfilling life.

In this article, discover how to spot a message from your angels, the usual warning signs from angels, and what happens if you decide to ignore these warning signs.

Can Your Guardian Angels Warn You About Something?

Often unbeknownst, angels send messages to comfort and gently guide us in times of need. Several religions have taught us that guardian angels serve and protect us in the form of spirit guides.

Spirit guides can warn us about dangers or life-threatening events that can alter the course of our lives if left unattended. Your guardian angels will send warning signs to help direct you from taking the wrong path in life.

When your angels send you warning signs, it is always for your divine good, and you should never ignore these messages.

The Usual Warning Signs From Angels

Here is a list of the eight most common warning signs from your angels who are trying to attract your attention:


You Face Unexplainable Technical Failures

Have you ever been watching TV when the screen starts to flicker during a commercial about winter tires or the safest cars on the road?

Perhaps your alarm clock fails to go off in the morning, even though you know you set it the night before.

Your angels may even try to call you on your cell phone to send important messages, and you notice the caller i.d. displays the name of a dearly departed.

These mechanical failures are all signs from your guardian angels in an attempt to alter your path and steer you away from danger.


You Have Uncomfortable Feelings

Guardian angels may also reach out by sending warning signs through your thoughts. For example, have you ever got a bad feeling in the pit of your stomach warning you against going somewhere or doing something, and you have no idea why?

This unusual occurrence might be a warning sign from your angels letting you know you should probably listen to your instincts and stay home.


You Have Bad Dreams and Nightmares

Guardian angels are clever. If they can not reach you during the day, they will come to you in your dreams to relay important messages.

It is easier for angels to contact you during sleep because your body is at rest, and your subconscious mind is open to receiving messages.


You Are Losing Things

Have you ever wondered why you continuously lose things? It could be another way for guardian angels to send you warning signs.

For example, you were sure you left your car keys on the hallway stand. But when you’re hurrying to get the kids to school, the keys are gone.

After searching the entire house for your keys with no luck, you find them miraculously sitting in the same place you left them on the hallway stand.

Later, you learn that there was a fatal car crash on your road at the same time you would have been driving your kids to school. You can thank your guardian angels for conveniently misplacing your car keys and saving your lives.


You Are Constantly Late

Have you ever wondered why you are constantly late? Perhaps you are late for a reason. Your guardian angels know more about the future than you do.

When you are late because your car would not start, your alarm clock did not go off, or you forgot to put your work clothes in the dryer, it might just be your guardian angels keeping you away from danger about to happen.


You Get Warnings Through Other People

Have you ever had strangers warn you about being careful? Ironically, this could be a message from your guardian angels to help keep you out of danger.

For example, the lady in the lineup in front of you turns around and tells you the snow has started to come down heavily and to be careful on your drive home.

When strangers relay messages to you, heed their warnings knowing they are probably a message from your guardian angels.


You Hear Strange Voices

Sometimes your guardian angels will send warnings through strange voices inside your head.

These strange voices may sometimes be called your conscience or that little voice inside your head saying are you sure you should be doing that?

When you hear these voices in the back of your mind, you should pay closer attention to them because they are most likely your guardian angels warning you from doing something you will regret later.

Ways in Which Angels Are Trying To Contact You

Did you know an angel is a Greek word that means messenger in Hebrew? Angels deliver messages to us in several ways, such as through our thoughts, electrical currents, auras, glowing lights, or human form.

Angels offer wisdom, inspiration, and guidance during difficult times to help us make better choices. Angels warn us against danger by sending subtle hints, nudges, or gut feelings.

Although angels offer guidance and have the best intentions in mind, you ultimately have free will to accept their help or not. Here is a list of ways your angels may try to contact you:


In Your Dreams

One of the best ways for angels to contact you is when you are asleep. During sleep, our bodies are relaxed, and our subconscious mind is more open to receiving messages from our angels without resistance.

If you have a vivid dream warning you about something, take heed because it could be a message from your angels who are simply trying to steer you away from tragedy.


Through Mental Visions

Angels can appear to us through mental visions, such as a helpful stranger offering advice, a memory of a deceased loved one offering words of wisdom, unexplained flashes of light, orbs, colors, or a sequence of numbers you keep seeing over and over again.


Through Signs And Symbols

Angels often appear when experiencing a spiritual awakening or struggles in life requiring divine guidance.

Your angels may appear through signs and symbols, such as seeing rainbows, cardinals, butterflies, ladybugs, or dragonflies repeatedly, hearing a meaningful song that reminds you of a loved one or portrays a strong message, or seeing a sequence of numbers repeatedly.

Other ways your angels can reach you through signs and symbols include the following methods:

  • Feelings of an unexplained presence, such as the smell of perfume or tobacco
  • Getting the chills, warmth, or goosebumps like someone is touching you
  • Hearing a ringing in your ears
  • Finding dimes, coins, or feathers

Through Animal Helpers

Animals are like children and have pure hearts. Because animals are so innocent, they are terrific at receiving angelic messages and are quicker than humans at picking up on the messages sent to them.

If your pet seems hesitant about going into a room for no apparent reason, they have most likely received a visit from their angels telling them to avoid that room for the good of their health.

Animals are clairvoyant and can sense auras, energy, or sparkles of light that we often overlook.

What Happens If You Ignore Angel Warnings?

When you acknowledge angel messages, your angels will continue to send you more signs to help guide you toward your life purpose. As mentioned above, there are several ways your angels send messages. Some signals warn you of danger, while others are for guidance.

If you ignore the signs and messages your angels send you, they are relentless and will continue to send new messages. Your angel’s ultimate goal is to help you attain peace and happiness in everything you do.

When your angels send a message you do not understand, they will continue to send messages that are easier to read. Angel signs are nothing to fear. They are an angel’s way of keeping you safe and headed in the right direction.


We all have guardian angels who look over us and guide us in the right direction. There are several ways angels communicate with us. In this article, we discovered how to recognize warning signs from angels.

All you have to do is open up your mind to receiving signs from above and tap into your sixth sense to see just how easy it is to receive messages from your guardian angels. Once you start acknowledging signs from your angels, you can even ask questions and wait for answers.

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