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May 18, 2023

What Is The Best Tarot Spread For Breakup?

For every situation, there’s a tarot spread to turn to. After a breakup, the right arrangement helps you understand your painful emotions.

A tarot spread is the placement of cards when they’re laid out on a table. The reader interprets the cards in the spread based on the layout. The best tarot spread for breakups depends on the questions you want to ask.

When you get a tarot reading, tell the advisor what you’re going through and what you want to know. They’ll decide on the best spread to answer your breakup questions.

Before you start, let’s find out what the tarot can tell you about breakups and which spreads your advisor will likely use.

What Can Tarot Say About Breakups?

Tarot can give you insight into why your relationship has ended. In addition, a breakup tarot can advise you on moving forward and seeing a brighter romantic future.

The pain of a breakup doesn’t go away instantaneously, but a breakup tarot spread gives you a glimpse into your future possibilities.

Tarot can give you the spiritual growth, wisdom, and transformation you seek after a breakup.

Tarot can say whether or not this was the appropriate time for your breakup. If you’re holding onto hope of reconciliation, tarot can help you find the answers you seek. The cards have multiple interpretations to help you indicate their meanings.

Can Tarot Cards Help Overcome the Breakup?

Tarot cards can help you overcome a breakup because the spirit guides are helping you move onto a different path.

For example, you could be going through a breakup to grow and find your twin flame. The connection between twin flames exists across all dimensions and lasts multiple lifetimes.

Some astrological signs with a twin flame include Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Pisces.

The Best Tarot Spreads for Breakup

Understanding your love life can be difficult, especially if things haven’t worked out for you. The same is true for breakups. Everyone has questions during these troubling times, so it’s natural to want an answer.

We have four of the best breakup tarot spreads to help you get your desired answers.


The Path Through Adversity Tarot Spread

The path through the adversity tarot spread contains cards configured in a “stepped” layout. They’re three cards in a diagonal pattern.

The first card on the bottom of the spread represents your goals. Your goals can be conscious or subconscious, but it’s represented through this card.

The second card in the middle indicates the obstacles standing in your way. For a breakup, this tarot spread helps you recognize what needs to be done before continuing down the path.

The third card gives you the strength to overcome the obstacles in your path.


Does My Ex Miss Me Tarot Spread

The “Does my ex miss me tarot spread” is the best for a breakup because it helps you with specific questions you may want to know.

However, the first card lets you see what your ex thought of you. These answers may be concerning but they will help you overcome your breakup.

Also, the second card indicates the romantic thoughts you had about yourself. The second card gives you an insight into those feelings and how you can improve them in the future.

The third card indicates your time together. Again, you may have questions about the turning point, but it offers an overall assessment of your relationship.

The fourth card asks, “Do we have a future?” You may wonder if there’s a chance to renew the same spark. You can use this card to interpret the likelihood of entering into a relationship with the same person.


The Soulmates Tarot Spread

The soulmate tarot spread is the best to use after a breakup because it follows your entire relationship journey.

The series of cards in the Soulmates tarot spread are in a specific pattern. Each of the seven cards in the pattern represents a specific aspect of your relationship.

The first card is interpreted as your state of mind during the relationship. The second, third, and fourth cards represent your relationships’ past, present, and future.

The fifth card in the spread is the soulmate card because the reader interprets the qualities you’re looking for in a soulmate.

The sixth and seventh cards represent the future of your life. You can use the sixth card to manifest what you want in life, and the seventh card gives you a glimpse into the outcome of finding a soulmate.


Will My Ex Come Back Tarot Spread

The “Will my ex come back tarot spread” focuses on the possibility of reconciliation. Three cards are in this spread, including the reason, your feelings, and what you’re looking forward to.

The first card represents the reason your breakup occurred. Overall, it’s the most important card because you need to understand why the split happened to have a positive reconciliation when the opportunity arrives.

How To Prepare for Breakup Tarot Spread?

The preparation stage can be more important than the tarot spread. Without preparing, you won’t have a successful session regarding your breakup.

We have a few tips to prepare yourself for a breakup tarot spread.


Find Inner Silence

The best way to find inner silence is by staying focused on the reading. You can do breathing exercises or meditation before beginning your session to open your mind and heart to all the answers.

Looking for silence before starting your spread is crucial because the outer noise will distract you.

The best way to find inner silence is to surround yourself with relics that guide you to remove bad energy from your home. Your home should be your sanctuary; if you’re doing your session in your home, you deserve to feel safe and secure.


Avoid Negative Energy

You want to surround yourself with positive influences and objects to escape negative energy. But, unfortunately, negative energy affects your mindset and requires a lot of patience to extinguish it from your body.

Take a few minutes to center yourself and remain positive. As a result, you won’t be surrounded by negative energy, and that energy won’t affect the cards in your session.


Prepare Questions

One way to be prepared for your tarot is to prepare your questions in advance. Being prepared is the best way to ensure your session runs smoothly.

It helps you remember specific questions you want to ask. As a result, you and your reader will be on the same page throughout the session.

Which Questions To Avoid During Breakup Tarot Spread?

It’s important to know that tarot cards can’t specifically answer your questions about the future. Also, certain questions don’t allow you to move on after the breakup. These types of questions cause you to be stuck in limbo.


Will My Ex Get Back to Me?

It would be best to avoid this question during a breakup tarot spread because a deck of tarot cards isn’t fortune tellers.

Questions that directly correlate to the future indicate that there’s only one path. However, every twist and turn proves that the future is always changing.


Does My Ex Still Love Me?

Yes or no questions are less helpful during a breakup tarot reading. These questions don’t allow the cards or the reader to interpret responses. Also, a yes or no question has only one answer, and you need to think through the meaning of the cards.


Does My Ex Have a New Partner?

Your questions must focus on how you could’ve stayed out of a karmic relationship.

However, asking about other people doesn’t come from a place of love. You’re asking, “Does my ex have a new partner?” to gain an advantage over their life. That’s not acceptable in tarot.


What To Do To Make My Ex Love Me Again?

It would be best if you avoided this question because it sounds like it already has an answer or it’s a question you aren’t prepared to have answered.

Your intuition is always going to be your most vital asset. However, when you ask this question, you may doubt your inner voice if you don’t like the answer.

In addition, if you don’t like the answer, you can assume you don’t want the question answered. There are some answers you may not be ready to face.

That’s okay.

You don’t need to face those answers if you don’t ask this type of question during your breakup tarot.


A tarot deck is a powerful tool to connect you spiritually to your higher self and offer guidance. For example, the breakup tarot spread gives you an insight into your past relationships. There are several spreads to help you change behavior and eventually find your soulmate.

Always trust your tuition and let the tarot cards steer you toward the future.

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