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Jul 13, 2023

Driving Forward in Love: Interpreting The Chariot Tarot Card

Hold onto your tarot cards! We’re about to embark on a thrilling journey into the magnetic realm of The Chariot tarot card. This isn’t just any card—it’s a dynamic symbol of vitality, action, and tenacity wrapped up in an intriguing enigma.

Standing tall as one of the most pivotal cards in the deck, The Chariot beams its transformative light on the multifaceted facets of our existence—career, spirituality, self-evolution, and, of course, the enthralling world of love.

In pursuit of answers about your love life? Welcome The Chariot into your heart! Acting as a trustworthy compass, this card will guide you through the intricate maze of romance, unearthing hidden truths and lighting the way to deeper, more fulfilling relationships. But don’t get it twisted—The Chariot isn’t about predicting your love’s future but empowering you with heightened awareness to make smarter decisions in your journey of love.

Within the mesmerizing imagery of this card lies a vast cosmos of wisdom waiting to be discovered. Pulling back its mystical veil could be your key to a richer understanding of your love life and relationships. So, let’s buckle up, prepare for an enlightening adventure, and delve into the exciting secrets of The Chariot tarot card!

The Description of Chariot Tarot Card

Look closely at The Chariot; you’ll see a man sitting inside a vehicle, signifying journey, control, and progress. He is both the charioteer and the vehicle, illustrating the unity of spirit and matter, intent, and action. Holding a wand, the man is a powerful symbol of willpower, self-confidence, and assertiveness.

Two sphinxes, one black and one white, pull the Chariot, symbolizing the dichotomies of life. This represents the need to harmonize opposing forces in your life. It’s an evocative tableau of balance, power, and motion—a fitting metaphor for the journey of love.

What Does it Mean for Love if Chariot Tarot Card is Upright?

When The Chariot appears upright in a love reading, it signals a period of forward movement and progress. If you’re single, it implies you have the self-confidence and determination to find the right partner. The Chariot charges forward, encouraging you to take the reins of your love life and make the first move.

The Chariot represents shared goals, harmony, and mutual effort in a relationship. It suggests your relationship is evolving, and you’re working together to achieve a common goal. It also reassures you that, despite any difficulties, your combined willpower can conquer all challenges.

What Does it Mean for Love if Chariot Tarot Card is Reversed?

The Chariot reversed in a love reading may signal conflicts and a lack of direction. For singles, it might indicate rushing into a relationship without enough understanding or careful thought. Alternatively, it can mean the opposite—hesitation and lack of movement due to fear or uncertainty.

In an existing relationship, The Chariot reversed suggests disharmony or imbalance. You may feel like you need to progress or that your desires and partners are pulling in different directions. It prompts reassessing your relationship, reflecting on your desires, and finding common ground.

The Meaning of Chariot Card in One Card Pull

The Chariot signifies determination, control, and the will to succeed in a one-card pull. For your love life, it’s a clarion call to assert yourself, embrace confidence, and take control of your destiny. It’s about knowing your worth, asserting your needs, and being unafraid to pursue the love you deserve.

Significant Chariot Tarot Card Combinations

Now that we’ve unraveled the meanings of The Chariot in isolation, let’s delve into how its energy intertwines with other tarot cards. After all, cards in a reading often relate to each other, painting a holistic picture of your love life. The following are some significant Chariot combinations that can offer a more nuanced understanding.


The Chariot and the Tower

When combined with The Tower, The Chariot signifies a powerful upheaval. Your relationship may face a sudden, significant change, potentially disruptive but necessary for growth. This combo encourages you to hold your reins tightly and keep control amid the chaos.


The Chariot and the Magician

The combination of The Chariot and The Magician is a dynamic duo of willpower and manifestation. It suggests you have the drive, confidence, and magic touch to create your desired love life. Be bold, make your intentions clear, and watch the magic happen!


The Chariot and Six of Wands

The Chariot and Six of Wands together signify victory and success. You’re on the path to triumph in your love life. Whether it’s overcoming a relationship hurdle or winning the heart of someone special, victory is in sight.

Chariot Tarot Card in Numerology

The Chariot is card number 7 in the tarot deck. Seven is a mystical number associated with introspection and inner wisdom. It encourages you to look inwards and understand your deepest needs and desires in love. It’s a reminder that a fulfilling relationship starts with understanding and loving yourself.


The Chariot is a powerful signifier in love tarot readings. Its bold energy inspires you to take control, assert your needs, and face challenges with determination. Whether upright or reversed, it offers invaluable insights into your love life, steering you towards a fulfilling romantic journey.

Remember, The Chariot doesn’t predict your romantic fate—it empowers you to shape it. Use the insights from this card as a guide to traverse the terrain of love. Be brave, stay balanced, and let your love life be a victorious chariot ride!

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