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Mar 31, 2023

The Meaning Of Emperor Card In Tarot

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Are you seeking power and confidence? Then, look for the Emperor card in your next tarot reading.

You don’t have to be an expert, but familiarity with the traditional Rider-Waite deck can help you gain a deeper insight into every card spread and how it relates to your life. This knowledge can also help you choose the right tarot card reader.

Have you ever wondered what the Emperor means in tarot cards? We’re doing a deep dive into this essential part of the Major Arcana so you can discover everything you need to know about it.

The Description of Emperor Tarot Card

The Emperor Card is associated with power, authority, structure, and discipline. It typically features a male figure seated on a throne, wearing armor or regal clothing, with his hand on a scepter or a globe. The figure is often represented as stern and decisive, commanding respect from those around them.

The Emperor’s throne has four rams heads, symbolizing the connection to the Aries zodiac sign and the planet mars.

The orb or scepter he carries in his left hand signifies the world or kingdom he rules, and in his right hand, he has the Egyptian symbol of life and power.

The Emperor’s red robe symbolizes passion, power, and energy. Meanwhile, the armor demonstrates that he is protected from threats and danger.

The Emperor is traditionally an older man with a white beard. His age and beard signify the wisdom and experience it takes to establish and maintain the rule of law.

Finally, the background of the card is also significant. Behind the throne is a mountain range indicating his strong foundations and backing. However, it can also signify how stubborn and unwilling he is to change.

There is also a river at the mountain’s base, symbolizing the hope and emotion the Emperor keeps away from most people.

The Most Significant Emperor Card Upright Meanings

When the card is drawn upright, the Emperor tarot can mean many things. It can mean you feel powerful and confident in achieving what you want. It is associated with authority, structure, and a father figure.

Overall, this card can also indicate that you are taking on a new fatherly role for your family or children by providing safety and stability.


Love – Resilience and Power

One of the most significant meanings of Emperor Card involves romantic love. When drawn upright, it can symbolize resilience and power in a relationship. It can mean you are devoted to your partner and that what you both have is worth fighting for.

If you draw the Emperor card and are in a long-term relationship, you may be with the right person and about to embark on a long-term relationship. It can also indicate that you are in a stable relationship.


Finance – Tendency for Control

The Emperor card also has significant meaning when it comes to finances. When drawn upright, it can mean you tend to control and have the ability to stay on track with your finances. It symbolizes the need to remain disciplined and focused on making decisions in your best financial interest.

The tendency for control also symbolizes that you have natural leadership qualities and can handle the burden of authority and rule with a steady hand.


Health – Self-care

Due to the sheer power of this card, all of its good associations are essential, like health and self-care. Your body may need structure and control. Make sure to prioritize your health and always give yourself the space and time to rest and recover.


Career – Discipline

The final common association of the upright Emperor Card involves your career. It can symbolize your tendency for discipline and structure. It can also mean you need to find the best way to use what you have without relying on the guidance of others to maximize your potential in your career.

It can also mean that you are about to reach a new level of mastery or experience or receive a promotion due to your hard work and discipline.

It is important to remember that with all of these meanings, you must pursue your goals as the Emperor would. Using logic, strategy, and perseverance will help you attain your goals and objectives.

The Most Significant Emperor Card Reversed Meanings

When drawn in reverse in tarot cards, the Emperor meaning can be various things. It can mean you are feeling overwhelmed and need help managing what you have. It can also signify a lack of discipline and structure, which may lead to failure in what you are trying to accomplish.

Overall, it tends to symbolize the presence of an authoritative figure in your life that you must struggle against to achieve autonomy and reach your goals.


Love – Difficult Situation

An upside Emperor card can have the opposite meaning regarding romance. It can mean you are facing a difficult situation with no clear solution. It can also tell you that your life is too hard to manage and that you need help dealing with a crisis.

Your romantic partner may be an authoritarian figure trying to control you instead of letting you live your life. As a result, you may feel powerless.


Finance – Need of Help

Regarding finances, an upside-down Emperor card can signify you need help managing what you have. It may mean that your finances are too overwhelming to deal with, and you need some guidance or assistance from someone else.


Health – Carelessness

The reversed Emperor card can also have a more significant meaning regarding health. It can mean you are careless and need to prioritize what is most vital to you. It can also tell you may feel overwhelmed with what is happening and need to step back and refocus on what is most important to you.


Career – Bad Performances

Finally, the upside-down Emperor card can have some meaning related to your career. It can mean that you are performing poorly and need to reassess what you are doing to change your current situation. It can also signify a lack of discipline and structure, which may lead to failure in what you are trying to accomplish.

If you are not experiencing the success you desire, get organized, create a plan, and work hard. Embody the positive characteristics of the Emperor.

The Common Emperor Tarot Cards Combinations

The Emperor card can have different meanings when it appears with other tarot cards. The combination of cards can significantly alter the importance of the Emperor card.


The Emperor and the Devil

When the Emperor card and the Devil tarot card appear together, you may feel trapped in what you are doing. It can also signify that your actions have become too restrictive and must be changed.


The Emperor and the Star

Combining the Emperor card and the star tarot card can indicate it is time to focus on what is most important. It can also signify that you can create a better outcome for yourself.


The Emperor and the Six of Pentacles

The combination of the Emperor card and the Six of Pentacles tarot card can mean that you need to give what you have to those in need. It can also signify that what you have is for the benefit of others.


The Emperor and Justice

When the Emperor and Justice tarot cards appear together, you must take responsibility for what is happening and accept what is due to you. It can also signify that what is done is fair and just for all parties involved.


The Emperor and Five of Wands

When the Emperor card and the Five of Wands tarot card appear together, you compete with yourself against your self-interest. It can also signify that what you are doing is weighing you down and creating a stalemate in what you are hoping to achieve.

The Connection Between Emperor Tarot Card and Numerology

There is a strong connection between the Emperor tarot card and numerology. Numerology is the study of the symbolism and meaning behind numbers.

The Emperor tarot card is associated with the number 4, which relates to structure, discipline, and stability. You can interpret this as embodying structure, discipline, and strength or needing these characteristics to succeed.


So, what does the Emperor mean in tarot cards? The Emperor tarot card is a powerful and influential symbol that can have many meanings depending on what other tarot cards the Emperor combines with. It can also mean different things when drawn in an upright or reversed position.

When upright, it can mean stability, power, and control. However, the reversed Emperor tarot card has a more negative meaning related to lack of discipline, carelessness, and needing assistance.

It also has strong ties with numerology, connecting to the number four, which is about structure and stability. Understanding what the Emperor tarot card means can help you in your readings and what it means when combined with other tarot cards.

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