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May 18, 2023

10 Best Crystals for Grief and How To Use Them

When overcoming grief and loss, it’s essential to surround yourself with people and objects that promote healing. Using crystals for grief can also help ease the pain when you know which ones to choose.

People have used crystals for centuries to improve all aspects of their life. Many believe these beautiful stones have energies that can enhance or change our own. Crystals for grief require a specific vibration that affects the Root and Heart Chakras.

For each stage of grief, there is a crystal that can offer comfort and bring light to your life again.

The Main Stages of Grief

Everyone experiences grief in their way. There’s no correct way to go through the grieving process, nor a particular timetable to follow. However, most people can relate to the five stages of grief:



Denial is considered the first stage of grief because it feels impossible to come to terms with the death of a loved one. It’s a psychological defense mechanism. Many people deny that they’ve lost someone for a long time to hold onto the hope they may return.



Many people feel immense anger when a loved one dies. It’s unfair and painful. Anger is often turned outward at those closest to you.



The third stage of grief shows how hard and troubling the grieving process can be. If you’ve ever lost a loved one, you may have experienced an overwhelming urge to have them back. People in the bargaining stage hope, beg and pray for a chance to see them again.



Depression is one of the harsher and more dangerous stages of grief. You may experience sadness to the point where you don’t know how to continue to live. This often calls for medical attention. Take care of yourself.



The final stage of the grieving process is acceptance. The grief never goes away, but you learn to live with it. You understand that life goes on, and you carry the memory of your loved one in your heart.

Which Chakras Are Involved With Grief?

There are seven energy centers throughout the human body known as chakras. Each energy center corresponds to people’s physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

Here are the seven main chakras from top to bottom:

  • Sahastrara Chakra (Crown Chakra)
  • Ajna Chakra (Third Eye Chakra)
  • Vishuddha Chakra (Throat Chakra)
  • Anahata Chakra (Heart Chakra)
  • Manipura Chakra (Solar Plexus Chakra)
  • Svadhishthana Chakra (Sacral Chakra)
  • Muladhara Chakra (Root Chakra)

The Root chakra relates to grief, especially when this chakra is blocked.

The Root chakra requires flowing energy to bring positive emotional and spiritual feelings to your life. Unfortunately, when you experience grief, there’s a blockage to the Root chakra, prohibiting the positive energy from flowing.

Another chakra involving grief and loss is the Heart chakra.

You can feel love and emotional healing when the Heart chakra perfectly balances. However, the experience of grief blocks the Heart chakra’s ability to love. Therefore, you feel the grief within your heart and the loss that occurs.

Best Crystals for Grief and Loss

Crystals are minerals that sit for millions of years, forming within the earth. The healing properties of crystals are due to their formation and where on earth you can find them.

Many people use crystals for protection, to attract money, or for luck in job interviews.

We’ve compiled 10 of the best crystals for grief and loss. Each of these crystals serves a different purpose to your mind and body. These crystals primarily promote protection while bringing good energy to your inner circle.


Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is the best crystal for grief because it assists in overcoming the depression stage.

Clear Quartz connects to the Crown chakra, which allows you to connect to the divine. Using this white-clear crystal for grief helps you overcome the sadness of losing a loved one and enter the acceptance stage.

Also, Clear Quartz is a cleansing crystal to help you remove bad energy.


Pink Opal

Pink Opal brings love and warmth to your aura while dealing with emotional wounds. Generally, Pink Opal helps you move from denial to the next stage. Its calming factors create a stress-free path to help you stop denying a loss.

Many people who deny a loss have a terrifying fear of the unknown. Pink Opal keeps you calm as you shift toward your next grief stage.


Black Onyx

Black Onyx is a protecting crystal meant to distribute emotional balance. It’s one of the best crystals for grief because it showers a person with energy and enthusiasm. The energy pushes you forward instead of focusing on the past.

As you near the final stages of grief, Black Onyx creates positive energy to guide you into the acceptance stage.



Malachite is one of the most interesting crystals for grief due to its magical properties. Also, it’s primarily used during the anger stage to balance your body.

Malachite can absorb negative energies coursing through your body. It’s different from blocking these emotions because their absorption results in the negative feelings drawing away from your body.

You connect Malachite to the Heart Chakra to allow positive energy into your bloodstream.


Moonstone has many healing components, including: Aiding in meditating, Boosting energy levels, Clarifying thoughts, Concentration, Improving mood, and Increasing self-confidence.

Moonstone is a crystal for grief because the white-colored crystal calms your mind and clears you of negative thoughts. When grieving a loved one, Moonstone helps stabilize all your conflicting emotions.

You can use Moonstone to concentrate on what it means to move forward with your life after losing a loved one.



Grief comes with varying emotions ranging from anxiety and stress to anger and sadness. Amethyst is a healing crystal that counteracts these emotions to calm you.

Amethyst can help you understand your grief while allowing you to enter the acceptance stage.



Citrine provides you with the confidence you need to heal. But, on the other hand, citrine gives you stamina and energy. These might sound strange regarding grief, but emotional healing requires more energy than most things.

If you can heal your inner self, you can gain the confidence to advance through the stages of grief.



Selenite is the best crystal for grief because it’s the most effective cleanser.

Selenite is similar to Pink Opal because it brings warmth and love to your heart. In addition, you may feel various emotions during the stages of grief, and Selenite allows you to overcome those negative feelings.


Apache Tears

Apache Tears are a form of Obsidian stone known for its beautiful black color. It’s the best crystal for grief because it’s filled with empathy that gets transferred to and from you.

Empathy is an important emotion to feel during the grieving process. It’s an emotion that persuades you to forgive yourself and those around you. You release your darkest emotions and fears into the gem, and it takes the emotion from you.



Aquamarine focuses on the Heart and Throat chakras. With no blockage, these two chakras release energy and emotion. As a result, Aquamarine provides your mind and body with peace and comfort.

On the other hand, Aquamarine brings a certain clarity to your emotions. You need that clarity to make peace with your loss and continue the grief cycle.

How To Use Crystals for Overcoming Grief?

After choosing the best crystals for grief, according to your stage of grief, it’s time to use these crystals for grief correctly.


Carry Crystals In The Pocket

Carrying crystals in your pockets is the easiest way to keep them close. Your clothing ensures the crystals remain within your aura. In addition, the benefits of certain crystals should remain on your person at all times.


Wear Crystal Jewelry

Wearing your crystals as jewelry is a simple way of ensuring you overcome your grief.

Here are pieces of jewelry you could wear with crystals: Anklet, Bracelet, Necklace, Ring.

Wearing the best crystals for grief as jewelry allows you to keep those crystals close at all times.


Put Crystals Under The Pillow

Placing crystals under your pillow creates an energy field around your bed. It creates a peaceful aura around you while providing safety while you sleep.


With each of these ten best crystals for grief, it’s important to remember that each has unique properties. Each of those properties contributes to helping you manage the stages of grief until you reach acceptance.

Using crystals in your everyday life will help you manifest your powers and their magical healing properties. Also, these crystals will help you overcome the stages of grief.

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