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Dec 19, 2023

How To Recognize Signs That You Are Born With A Veil?

En caul births, or babies “born with a veil,” are rare occurrences, happening roughly 1 in 80,000 babies born. Many believe that being born with a veil is a mark of something special, though it can be startling for unsuspecting mothers.

In many cultures, the born with a veil meaning usually regards good fortune. It means that the baby born with a veil will experience good luck, possesses psychic availabilities, and may experience wealth and prosperity.

Your parents likely know if you were born with a veil or not, as it’s a distinctive-looking birth. Additionally, caul-birth children will likely experience life differently than others without a caul. It’s important to recognize this, as this birth can affect you throughout your life. If you’re unsure if this was the case for you, here are the signs you were born with a veil.

What Does It Actually Mean To Be Born With A Veil?

Being born with a veil means the newborn has a caul or a piece of the amniotic sac attached to their face or head. Although extremely rare, some newborns are born entirely inside the amniotic sac.

The amniotic sack looks like a filmy, thin membrane. It can be jarring for new expecting parents due to their unusual appearance. When the newborn has part or all of the amniotic sac surrounding them, it’ll give the appearance the baby was born in a bubble.

Thankfully, birth cauls aren’t typically harmful to the baby. In this case, the nurse or doctor will peel the caul off the baby’s head without issues. However, in rare instances, the caul adheres to the baby’s face or head, so they must be meticulous to avoid tearing the newborn’s skin.

How To Know If Someone Is Born With A Veil?

Appearance-wise, it’s straightforward to see if a baby is born with a veil. However, many believe that you’ll know someone was born with a veil if they possess psychic powers, seem to have good luck, or are natural healers.

Superstitions Behind A Child Born With A Veil

Rare occurrences often come with superstitions or beliefs throughout certain cultures. Children born with a veil are no different; many believe that en caul births are spiritual.

The superstition states that babies born en caul signify good luck for the child and the parents. In some cultures, midwives or parents dry and then save the caul as a good luck charm.


It’s a Prophetic Child

Children born with a veil are often prophetic and possess spiritual insight, allowing them to tap into the spiritual world. Some claim the child can see into the future or successfully predict events.

Although the baby will obtain these powers at birth and carry the connection to the spiritual world through childhood, they must continue practicing. Many believe children generally have a closer connection to spirituality than adults.

Like any other skill, the child must practice it to avoid losing it. However, children born with a veil are said to have a leg up compared to children not born en caul.


The Child Will Have Psychic Powers

Similarly to being prophetic, children born with a veil will have psychic powers. So, they will be more spiritually sensitive than most. Some cultures believe the amniotic sac that covers the baby’s face signifies spiritual sight.

Parents of caul birth children may notice strange things happening around their child. Psychic children may be clairvoyant, have telepathy, or have the ability to see spirits.

As your child grows older, you can encourage them to embrace their gifts. If you were born with any psychic abilities, you may have been born with a veil.


The Child Will be A Natural Healer

When you hear the word healer, you may think of a doctor or nurse. However, you don’t have to be in the medical profession to consider yourself one. Many people are natural-born healers that can make others feel better by their mere existence.

If you feel a pull toward a healing service, can shift energy for the collective’s greater good, or bring peace and comfort to those who are ill, you may be a healer.

Some other signs to look out to include introversion, feeling at home in nature, sensitivity to the five senses, or feeling called to ease the suffering of living beings.

Spiritual Messages Of Being Born With A Veil

Being born with a veil is rare and makes those born with it different than anyone else. Here are some spiritual messages about being born with a veil.


Sign Of Good Fortune

Being born with a veil signifies good luck, and you can expect beautiful things to happen as you go through life. People will also feel drawn to your energy and enjoy helping you or offering favors.

Not only will the child experience good fortune, but the parents of caul birth children will also. In the African tradition, being born with a veil refers to being a “good luck child.”

Those who follow the above beliefs believe that such children are the root cause of all the good that happens to the family.


Having Protection

Babies born with a veil are said to have spiritual fortification. Those who follow the belief say that the amniotic sac that covers the newborn’s face is a spiritual covering.

This protection symbol in the spirit world will allow caul birth children to face challenges that may come their way easily. However, some believe that you must be conscious of the veil in the spiritual realm to activate the powers.

Additionally, many say babies born with a veil repel negative energy. The spiritual atmosphere repels any dangerous or obstructive situations.


Getting Specific Powers

There are various powers a caul baby may possess. Some children born with a veil will have a deep connection to the other side and may be able to communicate with spirits.

Others may have supernatural powers like clairvoyance or telepathy. Regardless, many cultures believe that caul-birth babies are much more powerful than those not born with a veil.

If you or your baby were born with a caul, you might expect supernatural events to transpire in your home.


Wealth And Prosperity

Lastly, caul-born children will experience wealth and prosperity. No matter what this child decides to do in their lifetime, they will see massive success in their endeavors.

Many believe a spiritual atmosphere surrounds babies born with a veil, and such children will have the “golden touch.” Some even say that every successful person was born with a caul, but there isn’t statistical proof.

Signs you were born with a veil may include having a tenacious desire to succeed or having the inner strength to take risks and weather any storms.

Is Being Born With A Veil Always A Good Sign?

Being born with a veil is always a good sign and brings favorable luck, wealth, success, psychic abilities, and supernatural powers. Caul-birth babies have a spiritual shield around them that repels negative energy while attracting positive energy.

Some folk tales mention “the curse of the caul,” meaning there is a significant fallout for those who inflict negative actions against those born with a veil.


The born with a veil meaning encompasses the physical birth and the events that transpire thereafter. Babies born with a veil have a sheet of the amniotic sac adhered to their foreheads, representing a spiritual shield.

Signs you were born with a veil include being prophetic, having psychic powers, or being a natural healer. Additionally, you likely experience good luck, have protection against negative energy, and persistently chase success.

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