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Jun 27, 2023

The Power of Archangel Uriel Number in Angelic Communications

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Have you ever felt a shiver down your spine, seen a number frequently, or dreamt of a radiant figure and wondered if there’s more to it than meets the eye? You may be close! As surprising as it might sound, these experiences might be your ticket to a spiritual encounter with Archangel Uriel.

Uriel, known as the Angel of Light or Truth, expresses his guidance through numbers. When you’re at a crossroads or navigating life’s challenges, Archangel Uriel may drop numeric breadcrumbs to guide your path. This article helps you grasp the significance of Uriel’s number and how to understand this unique form of angelic communication.

Why is Archangel Uriel called the Angel of Truth?

Uriel’s name means “God is my Light,” which perfectly encapsulates his divine illuminator role. He helps us shine a light on truth and wisdom, guiding us toward righteousness and clarity. But there’s more to Uriel than just the beacon of truth. He’s also recognized as an archangel of salvation, offering help during natural calamities or personal crises. Uriel’s messages are of great significance to anyone seeking to navigate the turbulent waters of life with wisdom and serenity.

As an embodiment of divine truth and wisdom, Uriel encourages us to seek our own realities. He urges us to delve deep, ask hard questions, and be honest with ourselves. His guidance teaches us the importance of authenticity and courage to stand in our truth. His messages guide us to seek knowledge, understanding, and enlightenment. By doing so, we realize the crucial role of honesty and authenticity in our journey toward spiritual growth.

How to Recognize Archangel Uriel is Trying to Connect With You?

Uriel’s attempts to connect can manifest in various forms. The key to recognizing these signs is heightened awareness and embracing a receptive mindset.


You See Him in Your Dreams

Dreams can be a common medium for spiritual communication. If you dream of a radiant, warm figure, it might be Uriel reaching out. These dreams often carry a profound sense of peace and offer solutions to your lingering concerns.


You Feel Sparks

When Uriel is near, you may feel a spark, a sudden surge of energy or warmth, particularly around your solar plexus. It’s a sensation of being gently nudged or guided in a specific direction.


You Often See Angel Number 111

The number 111 is often associated with Uriel, symbolizing spiritual awakening and enlightenment. If you find this number repeatedly catching your eye, Uriel might be trying to tell you something important.

How is Archangel Uriel Trying to Communicate Through Numbers?

The realm of angels is mystical, and their communication is profound, often transcending the common ways we comprehend. Uriel, the Angel of Light, uses the symbolic language of numbers to guide and enlighten us. Each number vibrates with its unique spiritual energy, each a key to unlocking wisdom from the divine. For instance, Uriel’s number, 111, carries messages of spiritual awakening, enlightenment, and the realization of dreams.

However, Uriel’s communication is more expansive than this number alone. He can employ other sequences to deliver essential guidance. For example, sequence 1234 symbolizes progress, indicating it might be time for forward movement in your life. Grasping these numeric signs is like learning a new language of divine guidance. As you become more fluent, the divine messages in Uriel’s numbers become increasingly clear, offering a beacon of wisdom when you need it most.

Ways to Connect with Archangel Uriel

If you feel Uriel’s presence around you, it’s time to strengthen the connection. Here are a few ways to engage more deeply:


Think About This Connection

Contemplating your experiences and recognizing them as signs of Uriel’s attempts to connect is the first step. Acknowledge his presence and be open to receiving his messages.


Write Questions for Archangel Uriel on Paper

Sometimes, writing can be a powerful tool to connect with your spiritual self. Write down questions you want to ask Uriel. This act organizes your thoughts and channels your intent to communicate directly with him.


Visualize Archangel Ariel

Visualization exercises can help solidify your connection with Uriel. Picture him in your mind’s eye, bathed in warm, bright light and ready to offer wisdom and guidance.

What Should You Do Before You Connect with Archangel Uriel?

Before establishing contact, you need to create a conducive environment. Here are some steps to help:


Create a Sacred Place

A quiet, peaceful spot where you can concentrate without interruptions is ideal for connecting with Uriel. It could be a corner in your room, a garden, or anywhere you feel comfortable and relaxed.


Get Rid of Negative Energy

Negative energy can cloud spiritual communication. Light some sage or incense to cleanse your space and yourself, promoting positive vibes.


Set Intentions

Be clear about what you seek from Uriel. Setting clear intentions helps focus your energy and strengthens your connection, whether it’s guidance, wisdom, or peace.



Meditation calms your mind and opens the door to spiritual realms. As you quiet your thoughts, you become more receptive to Uriel’s messages.

What if You See Archangel Uriel’s Number Recurringly?

If Uriel’s number – 111 – appears frequently in your life, consider it a strong sign that Uriel is trying to communicate. It could be a call for spiritual awakening, comfort during turbulent times, or Uriel urging you to follow your intuition. Embrace this recurring sign, pay attention to your dreams and intuition, and let the path unfold before you.


Encountering Archangel Uriel through numbers is a profoundly personal and spiritual experience. His divine communications serve as guiding lights, leading you toward wisdom and truth. Understanding Uriel’s number, acknowledging his signs, and preparing yourself to receive his messages will pave the way for spiritual growth. So the next time you see a 111, remember it might be Uriel, offering guidance to light up your path.

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