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Aug 9, 2023

How to Get the Best Psychic Reading?

Everyone wants the best psychic reading on Purple Garden. Here’s a handy guide to help you have the most satisfying experience possible.

Come With an Open Mind (but not so wide open that you have no idea what you want from your reading)

It’s natural to have specific questions on your mind when you connect with a psychic on Purple Garden and to hope for certain outcomes. You may really, really, really want your ex back or to get that new job. It’s important to let your psychic know your concerns so she can focus the reading on your most pressing matters. It’s much better to say, “Will my ex come back,” if that is your concern, rather than “Tell me about my love life,” and hope that your psychic will answer your question about your ex.

A few incredibly gifted advisors can give you an accurate psychic reading without you providing any info, but they are unicorns. Most psychics appreciate you letting them know what’s at the forefront of your mind, especially if the reading is for a limited time so that they can use the time to focus on what you’d most like to know.

That said, if you have absolutely no idea what you want from your reading, it’s unlikely that your psychic will either. Calling up the minute after you’ve had a blowout with your partner and you are highly agitated or with zero ideas of what you want to ask and saying, “Tell me about my life,” is unlikely to yield satisfying results.

It’s much better to sit back and consider what you would like more information about or to decompress if you are super duper emotional so that you can engage fully with your psychic during your reading.

Keep an Open Mind During the Reading…and Use Your Superpowers Of Discernment

Your psychic may tell you exactly what you want to hear: “Yes, she does want to marry you,” “Yes, your boss loved your presentation,” “You were right, your friend is being dishonest,” and, well, sometimes she won’t.

Sometimes she’ll tell you that your partner wants to leave the relationship, your presentation wasn’t all that to your persnickety boss, and your suspicions about your friend don’t seem to be what your psychic is picking up. Or there may be more information coming in about the situation, which can add layers of complexity and allow for personal choice to determine the outcome of the situation rather than an outcome being fated to happen.

Part of a reading is getting confirmation of what you already know or suspect, and part of a reading is also being open to new information, which the psychic may be able to provide. This info could change your understanding or interpretation of the situation. So being open to information that confirms your intuition and information that has the potential to change your perspective is a good idea.

With that in mind, also bring in your own inner BS (i.e., “hogwash”) detector. Don’t be afraid to say if you think your psychic has it wrong, is telling you outlandish porky pies, or is simply misunderstanding the parameters of the situation. But do it nicely. Your advisor wants you to have the best psychic reading too.

Treat Your Psychic Like Your Grandma or a Good Friend

Connecting with a psychic 24/7 is easy – when you are feeling happy, sad, or just “meh.” And it’s great to bear in mind that getting a psychic reading is a social situation in which there are social conventions, just like meeting someone at a party or making a business call.

When you connect, it’s great to say, “Hello, my name is X, and I’d like to know about Y.”

You can even say, “How are you,” if you feel like it.

It’s not so great to start a chat with something like “Susie Q, 10/12/93, Brad 4/25/90, when are we getting married,” or “Tell me my future”.

Your psychic is a person with their own human experience. People respond better if you take the time to open the chat with a greeting and state who you are rather than spit out a question. You wouldn’t call up your grandma, your favorite aunt, or your friend and do that. You shouldn’t do that with your psychic, either.

Your psychic is not a dancing mechanical chicken in a funfair where you just drop a coin in the slot and watch the show till the money runs out. Be kind, be engaging, ask questions and observe social conventions during your reading. You are almost guaranteed a better experience than if you don’t.

Think About the Information You Want…and What You Could Live Without

Do you want specifics about whether a certain situation is likely to happen or whether a certain path might be fruitful to take? Do you want time frames? Are you open to anything which comes through, or are there certain things you might not want to know or be ready to hear?

Giving a bit of thought to these questions can help you and your reader get the information you want and stay away from the information you don’t want. It’s great to tell your advisor about any of this at the start of the reading.

Have an Idea of the Type of Advisor You Want…and Read Your Advisor’s Profile

Let’s go back to the party analogy for a moment. Meeting your reader is going to be like meeting anyone you might meet at a party – sometimes you will feel a deep connection, often you will have a lovely chat, and sometimes (but hopefully rarely) you will feel the connection was not that great.

You may think about what type of reader you want – do you want a psychic who doesn’t use any tools except natural ability? Do you want someone who reads tarot or oracle cards? Do you want to speak with a medium (a psychic specializing in connecting with those who have passed on), a pet psychic, a reader with a psychological approach, or a reader who exclusively offers romance and twin flame readings? Do you want someone who’s an expert in astrology? Do you just want the first psychic you see or any kind of psychic you feel an intuitive draw towards?

Reading the profile and watching the short video of the Purple Garden psychic you are interested in will give you an idea of their area of expertise, how they might work during your reading, and a bit about their approach and personality. While it’s not foolproof, doing this increases your chances of connecting with a suitable reader and having a great reading.

Leave a Great Review If You Have a Great Reading…and “Don’t Shoot The Psychic” if it’s Not a Fairytale

Your advisors love to be loved (just like you). If you have a great experience with your reader, kindly leave a great review. If your experience wasn’t so fabulous, your review can reflect why this was so.

Good or bad, keep your review fair. You wouldn’t trash talk Grandma if she told you that she didn’t think things with your new BF would likely work out. Don’t do it to your reader in a review, even if she gives you information contrary to your fairytale ending.

Your advisor’s job is to convey information compassionately and to the best of her ability. Sometimes she’ll give you the answer you really, really, really want. Sometimes she will see that things aren’t likely to work out that way and will say so. Don’t leave a nasty review just because she didn’t tell you Prince Charming would show up at your door while you were watching Netflix. Don’t lie in your review because it’s mean and your advisor will know (after all, you’re talking to a psychic).

Manage Your Expectations…and View Your Reading as a Beginning

Advisors love to help clients like you feel wiser, clearer, and more empowered. But most psychics are more “godmother” than “fairy godmother”. They have skills to help but don’t have a magic wand that can fix all your existential life problems in a three-minute chat.

If you want the best psychic reading, it helps to view it as a beginning, not an ending. See it as a way to clarify where you are and what you need or want to do next, rather than a way to fix or finalize everything. Your reading is a pit stop in your life’s journey – and while it may be a really important pit stop, it’s not the sum of the whole journey.

About the Author 

Lara 11 is a tarot reader who uses the cards to tap into her psychic abilities. For more than a decade, she’s been helping people all over the world, combining training in psychology with her spiritual approach.

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