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About my servicesSpirit guides help me interpret guidance through tarot and oracle cards. Spirit animals guiding you at this time usually present themselves during the reading. Providing a good photo or video helps me to tap into your energy and the situation psychically. 🧡 LGTBQ+ welcome 🏳️‍🌈 💙 All relationship types welcome 🦄🐆+ 🔥yes/no questions can not be answered. I can do my best to get information for you. I gather information on events and situations, and sometimes that will lead to a yes/no or most likely, etc. Sometimes, you can reword your question to get your answers. For example, instead of asking, "Will me and my crush end up together," ask this instead, "What will happen if I tell my crush I like them?" 🔥time frames: I am only comfortable giving time frame in the matter of how the energy feels. Such as "soon" and "distant future" etc. No exact date will be given. 🙉 I relay information given to me from spirit and through tarot. I do not change the message. Sometimes the message isn't what you were hoping for. For example, a romantic interest not having the same feelings in return. If you get a reading from me, Please be open to hearing the message I receive for you. I can do all readings such as: > general guidance readings > love reading, > careeer readings >etc etc etc I also specialize in these unique readings: >> Spirit animal guidance (includes what spirit animal is guiding you at this time) >> Starseed Reading (what is your soul mission and how to find/stay on your souls mission path) >> What God or Goddess wants to guide you at this time and why/how. >> Past life readings. This brings forward an event that happened in a past life that would be helpful for you to learn about now. So you may heal and let go of that energy. >> Essential oil reading. This reading brings forward a current struggle you're in and which essential oil can help you. >> Entity attachment reading. If you're feeling like your energy has changed or feeling as though something is affecting your normal disposition. Spirit can show me if you have any entities attached to you. I can do long-distance healing along with guiding how to remove it. This reading also includes possibilities of how you got the attachment. If it's not an attachment, spirit will show me guidance for you to move out of the "funk" you're in.
About meI owned my first tarot deck at the age of 12. I've professionally read tarot since 2012. I have been mentoring and teaching intuitive tarot reading since 2020. I have also been a spiritual coach since 2020. I've opened up to seeing and speaking with spirits since 2019. Tarot cards aren't necessary for my readings, but they are my passion and purpose, so I use them. I love what I do, and I love helping people. I try my hardest to get you as much information and guidance as possible with each reading.
30 May 24
Really awesome and very detailed in her reading! Thank you so much
06 Dec 23
Did not connect well for me but thank you didn’t even finish listening to it because it was so off
27 Nov 23
She is simply lovely 🤍 beautiful energy. I believe her to be accurate in her connection and clear in her delivery. Definitely would reconnect.
09 Oct 23
I was happy that Sam picked up on my energy as well as she did. Over the years, due to certain situations I went through, I thought I had lost that part of myself. Of course I believe that it’s still there because no matter what happens or how you evolve, you will always be a little you fundamentally. That’s my biggest take away from this reading. Regarding the reading itself she was connected and was able to deliver an overall positive reading, which is something that’s always appreciated.
30 Sep 23
Picks up great on energy
26 Sep 23
I really like her readings she picks up on situation very quickly and is honest thank you 🌺🌺🌺
25 Sep 23
Thank you so much ☺️🙏🏻
21 Sep 23
Confirmed exactly what I was thinking. Love that she has always been able to tap into both energies and states exactly how the connection feels to myself every time- which tells me it must feel as she states it feels to the other person. Very talented.
10 Aug 23
Truly amazing !!
09 Aug 23
I could definetly feel the connection during that reading.. my mind has been eating away at me for a while now.. i have a lil bit more to go off of now..thank you so much💗.. I will definitely be back!!
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Raven Soul
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Raven Soul
Psychic Tarot Readings
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