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May 18, 2023

What Are Akashic Records?

Have you heard about Akashic Records? It’s recently gained popularity, but many people still don’t know what it means. So, what are Akashic Records?

It’s a collective, universal knowledge concept dating back to ancient times. The term “Akasha” comes from Sanskrit and means “ether” or “space,” and it’s believed that this wisdom is stored in this space.

Understanding the Akashic Records can provide valuable insight into the mysteries of the universe and the nature of our existence. In this article, we’ll explore the concept of Akashic Records and how you can access them.

What Do Akashic Records Really Represent?

You can think of Akashic Records as a vast library that stores information about every human’s emotions and experiences. It’s said that the records are kept in a non-physical plane of existence and can be accessed through spiritual practices such as meditation or a trained practitioner’s guidance.

Accessing Akashic Records is believed to give you insight and guidance into your past, present, and future and information about your soul’s journey and purpose. It can be accomplished with practices like meditation or the help of a spiritual advisor.

Things You Can Expect to Experience While in the Akashic Records

Connecting to your Akashic Records can offer profound experiences. If you interpret these correctly, you can better understand your situation and what you should do in the future. When you start to open the path to your Akashic Records, you may experience the following:


Receiving Visuals

One of the most common effects of accessing your Akashic records is seeing things in your mind. You may picture scenes from earlier life, items that matter to you, or visions of the places you want to be.

The visuals you see are the things that are important to your subconscious mind. If you see your childhood home, you may have unresolved ties to your youth that prevent you from moving forward. If you see a grave, it could mean that you’re too focused on the future and forgetting to live in the present.


Hearing Sounds

Sounds often accompany visuals when you connect to the Akashic records. These can be loud or faint, but just as with images, they often represent something important to your soul. Understanding why sounds matter is more important than the noise itself.

Remember, the most important things are rarely the most obvious. You should think about the sounds you hear and write down any details you can connect them to before you figure out why they matter.


Feeling Goosebumps

Many people feel goosebumps when they connect to the Akashic records. Goosebumps are a common reaction to unfamiliar experiences and not something you should worry about. You can expect this sensation to stop as you access your Akashic records more often and get used to the feelings.


Getting Messages From the Other Side

Finally, in rare cases, people receive messages while connecting to their Akashic records. These messages are often important but can be difficult to distinguish from other sounds or visuals. Messages can take many forms, from specific words to feeling something is essential.

How Should You Prepare for Reading the Akashic Records?

Here are some things you can do to prepare yourself for reading your Akashic records.


Be Grounded

Try to stay grounded and focus on your immediate situation. If you try to access the Akashic records while stressed about work, children, or other elements of life, you may not be able to reach them.

Many people use routines, meditation, tea, or other strategies to ground themselves. There’s no single answer for what works because people are different, so try grounding options until you find one that feels right for you.

Do your best to avoid any external distractions while accessing your Akashic records. If possible, try to do this when you’re alone at home, with nothing likely to occupy your time for a few hours. Put your phone in another room, preferably on mute, and make sure any pets are asleep.


Find and Say the Opening Prayer Loud

Every action has a process, and that includes accessing your Akashic records. Once you’ve found the opening prayer, recite it loudly and firmly. Remain grounded as you do so, focusing on the prayer and your desire to access your records.

Confidence is key here. You’re shutting yourself off from your records if you whisper things or hide your desires. You’re requesting access to your records, not demanding that things obey you.

Nobody likes being ordered around on the job, and those who protect the Akashic records aren’t inclined to provide access to people acting so poorly.

It may take you several attempts to access your records. Don’t grow impatient or frustrated if it doesn’t work. The guardians may be testing you.


Clear Your Mind

Once you finish the opening prayer, it’s time to clear your mind of distractions. Clearing your mind is one of the reasons grounding yourself is so important. Your goal is to receive whatever knowledge is important to your needs. If you’re distracted by other considerations, that can muddy the message.

Think of it like this: the knowledge you seek is like a flower blooming in a garden. If the garden is clean and all the weeds are gone, it’s easy for that flower to grow and for you to see it. However, if your garden is overgrown, planting and watering the seed may not be enough to let that flower bloom.

In the same way, it can be hard to hear a specific person talk if dozens of other conversations are happening around you. When that happens, we ask someone to come with us somewhere a little quieter so we can hear them.

It’s the same in all parts of life. Too many distractions make hearing or seeing what we’re looking for impossible. The Akashic records are like everything else in this respect, so it’s no surprise they function this way.


Ask Questions

Once you clear your mind, ask specific questions to help you find the knowledge you seek. It’s better to be more specific instead of less. If you only ask for information that will help you, the response may be so broad or vague that it’s difficult to detect, much less act on.

Instead, ask about specific emotions, situations, or objectives and wait for a response. Most people have an emotional reaction before a visual or auditory one, which can clue you into the subject and prompt further questions.

Take care to avoid getting distracted or off-topic while you’re asking questions. You may need to clear your mind again. Either way, pay attention to any responses you get, as they will likely be important.


Close the Records

Finally, close your Akashic records when you’re done with them, intentionally disconnecting. Leaving a pathway open can be dangerous and lead to uncertainty about what’s a message and what isn’t.Think of this as returning a book to the library when you finish it. You can always check it out again if needed, and the library will get upset if you keep it without permission.

Is It Possible to Experience Negative Energies in the Akashic Records?

The Akashic records are fundamentally positive, so we can’t say that we’re experiencing negative energies through them.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s always comfortable to access them. For example, when you connect, you may see visions of abusive parents or childhood bullies, which can be unpleasant.

If you have an experience like that, it’s usually the records of your soul telling you that you have unresolved trauma or problems that you should focus on overcoming. Facing negative emotions and experiences can be difficult, but moving forward and reaching a better place is necessary.

Interference in the Akashic records is rare but not unknown. This usually occurs before you fully access your records, as it’s significantly easier to stop a connection from forming than to mess with it once it exists.

Can Akashic Records Help in Healing?

Yes, although not everyone will experience this.

Specifically, the akashic records are most effective for promoting mental healing and helping recover from traumas or other negative experiences. A typical process for reading the records is asking a question, receiving an answer that identifies something to do, and taking action in life to resolve that issue before consulting the records again.

Follow-through is key to a successful reading of your records. If you don’t apply the knowledge you gain to your life, it’s no different from not accessing your records. If you study cooking techniques and never use them, then it’s the same as not having the techniques.


So, what are Akashic records good for? The simple truth, insomuch as truth can ever be simple, is that your Akashic records are there to help you grow and improve yourself. Mindfulness of the information you receive and the willingness to act on it turns it from an interesting experience to a genuinely positive force in your life.

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