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May 18, 2023

The Meaning Of A Dream About Your Crush

Dreams can be weird, but even the strangest dreams can be meaningful. If you look beyond the random places, bizarre situations, and unexpected people, you might discover what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

Here at Purple Garden, we’ve got a network of experts equipped with the background knowledge necessary to help you understand your dreams. A dream analysis can interpret your wildest dreams, including dreams about your crush.

Dreaming about someone you’ve got feelings for is common, but the interpretation lies in the details. So, what does it mean when you dream about your crush? Let’s get into it to help you better understand.

Is Dreaming About Your Crush a Good or Bad Thing?

Dreaming about your crush is a natural and common occurrence, particularly during adolescence and early adulthood. It can reflect your subconscious thoughts and desires or simply result from your brain processing your experiences and emotions during the day.

Many people find themselves in situations where they have vivid and intense dreams about their crush, which can leave them feeling confused, excited, or even frustrated. However, it’s important to remember that dreams are not always literal representations of reality and should be interpreted cautiously.

It’s crucial to consider the context of your dream, the emotions it evokes, and any other relevant factors in your waking life. For example, if you are feeling particularly stressed or anxious, your dream may more likely reflect those feelings rather than a true expression of your romantic desires.

Why Do You Dream About Your Crush?

We dream about crushes because we think about them a lot. We think about them so much that they make their way into our dreams during our brain’s natural process of sorting information from the day.

But there are a few more specific reasons beyond not getting them off your mind that will result in them staring into your dreams.


You Didn’t Express Your Feelings in Real Life

This can be a tough pill to swallow as one of the trickiest and most painful parts of having a crush is deciding to tell them your feelings. You’ll never know if they reciprocate them unless you tell them, and the fear of rejection can be intimidating.

You can have dreams about your crush that result from your stress in deciding whether or not to tell them about your feelings. Scary, huh?

Depending on what happens in the dream, it can show you what could be or what your mind hopes could be if you decide to speak up about your feelings.


You Have Hidden Emotions

Like hiding your feelings, you may be at the point where you haven’t even considered telling them! Or maybe you’re beginning to accept these feelings yourself; is this a new crush?

Coming to terms with these feelings may allow your special someone to crop up; you could still be processing the feelings yourself and maybe haven’t even concluded that you like them.


You Still Feel Emotions for Your Old Crush

Ah, the old crush! The one you expressed your feelings for and ended up rejecting you? It’s painful to relive, isn’t it? That’s why it can be confusing.

As annoying as it can be, this is a sign that you still have lingering feelings for them. You may have convinced yourself that you’re detached from them, but that might not be completely true.

What Do the Most Common Crush Dreams Mean?

So, you had a dream about that special someone and are wondering what it means. Aside from knowing the obvious (you think about them all the time!), here is what common dreams starring your crush mean and what you can do.


If You Kiss Your Crush?

What does it mean when you dream about your crush kissing you? Dreaming about kissing your crush just confirms your feelings and your heart’s desire; you would like to be physically close to them, which includes kissing them.

Depending on who initiates the kiss can also make an impact; if your crush makes the first move, it’s your brain telling you about the potential of what could happen if you decide to speak up on your feelings if you haven’t.

And if you make the first move, it can represent you being gutsy and daring in the dream. If you haven’t shared your feelings in real life, this dream shows you being confident and just going for it, which you can consider doing in real life.

If you’re also wondering what it means when you dream about your crush hugging you, you can also apply the above interpretations to hugging.


If You Are Dating Your Crush?

Dreaming about dating your crush is your brain’s way of fantasizing about your feelings finally being reciprocated. It depends on what has happened in real life, though.

Dating your crush in your dreams can be your mind’s attempt to erase rejection if they didn’t reciprocate your feelings.

If you’re at the stage where you haven’t told your crush about your feelings, or if you have clues that your crush could feel the same way about you, this is your brain’s way of showing you your desired outcome!

You want your crush to like you back, and dreaming about dating that special someone shows you what you want and what could be.


If You Are Arguing With Your Crush?

Dreams about arguing with your crush won’t be ones you enjoy; they’ll make you feel anxious and unsettled about your relationship with them. What the pair of you are arguing about also has some weight to the interpretation.

Evaluate your relationship with them in real life, as it could be a sign that you and your crush aren’t compatible. Dreaming about arguing with your crush could foreshadow some arguments and friction in real life; it makes you reconsider your compatibility with them and if you’d really get along.


If Your Crush Is Rejecting You?

A dream about your crush rejecting you can stem from a few things. If you haven’t shared your feelings yet, this simply reminds you that you’re nervous about sharing your feelings for them.

And if you have told your crush your feelings and are awaiting a response, or they rejected you in real life, you are reliving that pain in your sleep.

It can be a painful dream if you’re trying to get over your crush, but it reminds you that healing will take time.


If Your Crush Has Died?

This is a dream involving your crush that you won’t be excited to have. Dreaming about the death of anybody can be very scary and can leave you worried upon waking, but don’t fret.

Usually, when we dream about someone dying, it can reflect a part of us dying or represent someone or something in our life-changing. For instance, graduating high school marks the end of one life stage and the start of another.

So if you have a dream about your crush dying following a remarkable life change, there is no reason to be afraid, as it’s just your mind preparing you for your next stage of life.

It also will represent your feelings shifting; if you and your crush were friends first, your crush dying could mean the friendship dying as you hopefully trade it for a romantic relationship instead.


If Your Crush Is Dating Someone Else?

Dreaming about your crush dating someone else can be heartbreaking because it highlights your fears and jealousy of your crush having other relationships.

If your crush is already dating someone in real life, this is just a reflection, rendering you helpless because your crush is already in a relationship with someone else.

But if your crush is happily single in real life, this dream could be your subconscious telling you to share your feelings before you lose the opportunity to. This dream showcases your jealousy and, in most cases, tells you to make a move if your crush is still single.

Does Dreaming About Someone Mean They Are Thinking About You?

If you’re constantly dreaming about your crush, you might wonder, “what does it mean when you dream about your crush more than once? Is it a sign they are thinking about me too?”

Unfortunately, no. Dreaming about someone says more about you and your feelings for them rather than their feelings for you.

While there’s a chance your crush could be thinking about you, you shouldn’t assume based on the dreams you have.

Your crush probably does think about you because if you are close friends who spend a lot of time with you, they will think of you. But that doesn’t mean they have thought about you romantically.

It’s better to rely on real-life interactions and signs between you and your crush rather than to dwell on your dreams. So go out there and harness your dreams because you may be surprised by what happens!


Your crush dreams can certainly feel confusing. What does it mean? Do they like me back? Do they think about me? What if they die in my dream? What if they’re dating someone else?

In the end, dreaming about your crush confirms what you knew all along; you have strong feelings for them that you hope to one day see play out in real life. Dreams can be fun to discuss and dissect and sometimes show everything you want, even if you didn’t realize it before.

Life is short, but telling someone how you feel leaves you with few consequences; the worst thing that happens is rejection, which is better than never knowing. They could also even like you back! The closure will bring peace to your dreams and mind.

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