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May 18, 2023

Most Common Symbols In Dreams

Dream analysis has always been used to sneak a peek into the unconscious mind. People have started practicing dream interpretations due to how powerful dreams can be.

Many believe dreams are meaningless visions in your sleep, while others believe certain dreams are guidance from a higher power. Many cultures believe dreams are advice or warning from the gods or deceased ancestors.

You can use your dreams for personal growth and self-discovery. However, the best part about interpreting your dreams is the insight it provides about your conscious and unconscious mind.

The next time you wake up remembering your dream, take the time to reflect on the symbols and interpret their possible message.

Why Do We See Symbols In Dreams?


We see symbols in dreams because our unconscious mind wants to send us an important message. You’re meant to interpret those symbols while you’re awake. Once you figure out the meaning of your dreams, you can use those messages to influence decision-making.

Do All Dreams Have A Meaning?


All dreams have a meaning; however, not all dreams are prophetic or come from spirits beyond the grave. A dream is never meaningless because it always has a symbol that relates to a metaphor.

The Frequent Dream Symbols And Their Meanings


An important thing to remember about dream symbols is that there’s more than one meaning for each symbol or image you see in a dream.

Here are ten of the most frequent dream symbols and their meanings.



Water is a large representation of our emotions, and when you see water in your dream, you need to look at the quality of water.

Water quality can relate to the water’s clearness, cloudiness, or darkness.

You can also find dream symbolism in the movement of the water. Calm and clear waters are dream meanings that can make you feel serene. Conversely, dark, choppy oceans symbolize that you’re fearful, overwhelmed, or anxious about something.

Water is everywhere around us. Whether it’s a small body of water, the ocean, or even the water that keeps you hydrated. On the surface, water can be clear and leave you feeling peaceful. However, there’s a lot of mystery your subconscious could fear going on below the surface.



Falling is known as the most common dream symbol that people talk about.

Typically, when you’re falling in a dream, it correlates to certain anxieties in your life. Dream symbols indicate a peaceful state of mind when you let go of things you can’t control.


Being Chased 

When you remember being chased by someone in a dream, you feel that anxiety and adrenaline so clearly, you may believe it’s happening.

The dream symbolism of being chased isn’t being chased by someone or something. However, you running away from something could mean that you’re afraid of chasing after your dreams. Also, you should interpret who is chasing you in the dream.



When you dream of your childhood self, it could mean that you’re stuck in the past and unwilling to move forward into your new role as an adult.

On the other hand, this dream could mean that you’re dreaming of innocence. The child-like wonder in your dreams allows you to hear the inner voice of your younger self.



Throughout history, people believed that dreams of death were messages from the gods. However, it’s not a psychic prediction of anyone’s upcoming death.

The death of a friend or loved one in a dream means a new beginning is coming your way. It’s the symbolic death of something in your life, and you’ll start a new chapter.


Hidden Rooms 

When you find a house with hidden rooms, you’re more likely to be surprised by this finding. However, if you find hidden rooms in a dream, you must remember that this is a positive surprise.

A hidden room in a dream means that there are new parts of your personality that you’ve yet to find in your life. These secret rooms can be unexplored potential that you should look into in your life.



It can be a car, airplane, train, ship, or bus. There are many vehicles that you can see if your dreams.

Is someone else driving the car? Is the vehicle you’re in out of control?

These questions can help you reflect on how much control you have over your life. Also, you can think about what direction your life is taking up until this point.

Vehicles have the power to take us from point A to point B, and this dream symbol helps you see the path ahead of you.

When you dream of vehicles, you envision yourself getting to a new destination. It can be getting to a new point in your life or getting to an unknown destination. If you’re interested in traveling, your mind can manifest that it’s time to get out of your comfort zone.



Animals are one of the broadest dream symbols because thousands of animals worldwide exist. So whether it’s predator or prey, you’re dream animal symbol can hold a lot of meanings.

Typically, you dream of animals if you’re connected to nature.

For example, dreaming of a snake has many representations that include new beginnings, transformation, and fertility. These interpretations come from Greek mythology and what snakes represent to the gods and goddesses.

In a broader sense, fighting or being cornered by an animal could mean that you fear something upcoming in your life. The animal is a metaphor for anything that could make you feel uneasy.

On the other hand, playing with an animal could mean you’ve finally conquered that fear and you’re ready to move forward.



If you dream of babies, it could mean that you truly want to have a baby of your own. However, this could be metaphoric about you wanting a fresh start. Babies are the definition of new life, and you could want to start something new.



Exams are known for being the easiest to understand dreams because, in real life, exams represent stress and evaluations.

The manifestation of stress in the form of an exam means your anticipating some judgment in your real life.

When you dream of an exam, your subconscious may be telling you to examine these aspects of your life and personality when you are awake.

How To Remember Dream Symbols?


Now that you know the frequent dream symbols and what they mean, here are the best ways to help you remember dream symbols:


Wake Up Slowly 

Waking up slowly could mean several things. First, if you keep your eyes closed for a few minutes after you first wake up, you’re letting your brain rest, and it’ll be easier to remember your dreams.


Write Down What You Remember 

You can remember dream symbols by writing down what you remember about your dream.

However, it would be best if you wrote it down as soon as you wake up because once you stimulate your brain with other things, you’ll begin to forget about your dream.


Try Lucid Dreaming 

The basic definition of lucid dreaming is that you’re aware that you’re dreaming. Lucid dreaming allows you to experience your dreams in a way you can’t when you normally sleep.



There you have the most common symbols in dreams and the meaning of those symbols. Many of these dream symbols can symbolize your personal beliefs in life.

If you dream about any of these common dream symbols, you need to look into their meanings and see how they correlate to your life.

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