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May 18, 2023

How To Open a Third Eye Chakra?

Aligning the chakras can ensure the body and soul work together in harmony, helping you become the best version of yourself. There are seven main chakras:

  • The root chakra
  • The sacral chakra
  • The solar plexus chakra
  • The heart chakra
  • The throat chakra
  • The third eye chakra
  • The crown chakra

Think of the chakras as pieces in a puzzle. Each one shows a different part of a beautiful picture, and it is up to you to put them together to become your highest self. The throat chakra controls self-expression and communication, while the heart chakra rules over love and compassion.

The third eye chakra, located in the center of the eyebrows, is particularly crucial to reach enlightenment. Opening it can help you tap into your highest capacity for intuition and wisdom. Intuition is spiritual wisdom that allows you to navigate situations with instinct and soul guidance.

Read on to learn more about how to open your third eye chakra fast.

Can Third Eye Chakra Opening Lead You To Spiritual World?

Opening every chakra will lead to the spiritual world, but the third eye chakra meaning strongly connects with enlightenment.

Opening the third eye chakra can lead to spiritual enlightenment by honing in on your intuition, a widely-accepted spiritual experience. It can help you connect with your soul guide, making sure you make the decisions that will lead you down the path to your highest potential.

Those with an open third eye chakra are one step closer to the spiritual world. They immerse themselves in the feminine energy of the sixth chakra, leading them to experience divine feminine grace.

A common symbol for the sixth chakra is a lotus flower, which alludes to purity and rebirth. The lotus flower brings spiritual peace to the subject, and the same is true for those with an aligned third eye chakra.

The Main Benefits of an Open Third Eye Chakra

An open third eye chakra has many spiritual and mental health benefits that apply to everyday life. The sixth chakra can be handy even when the other chakras are out of alignment, or the body does not feel well. Below, find a few advantages of opening the third eye.


Improved Concentration

The third eye chakra, also known as “the ajna chakra,”  targets intellect and awareness. Opening it may help you concentrate while doing work, making art, and engaging with the world in your favorite ways.

It exercises your perception, ensuring that no detail goes unnoticed. You will follow through with every pursuit using 100% of your mind.


Strengthened Intuition

A stronger intuition is a centerpiece for the third eye chakra. No one can predict every situation’s outcome without fail, but those with an open third eye will have an acute sense of consciousness that allows them to tune into the universe. When the universe speaks to them, they will know the direction a situation must go.

Think of intuition as your “gut instinct.” When someone with an open third eye has a feeling in their gut, that feeling is right more often than not. This feeling is a powerful tool to navigate new, precarious circumstances and to take the right path to become your best self.



In a competitive society, we tend to hold onto self-doubt. It can be a struggle to make decisions with the conviction they deserve. An open third eye chakra will allow you to capitalize on your intuition and know the best decision, but it will also build your confidence and trust in yourself.

An open sixth chakra creates an unparalleled sense of decisiveness that can benefit career, hobbies, romance, social life, and family matters.


Having Mental Clarity

A clear mind is nothing to take for granted. It can be hard to focus or relax while juggling the nuances of our everyday lives. Some people never stop worrying about the past, present, or future and find too much on their minds to have a quiet moment alone.

An open third eye chakra will bring mental clarity by providing wisdom and insight, freeing your mind from the burden of “what to do next.” It will also allow you to slip into deeper and more meditative states, providing much-needed time to relax and focus on the present moment.

Tips for Opening a Third Eye Chakra

Now comes the question, “how do I open the third eye chakra?” There is an abundance of methods to tap into the third eye. It is necessary to remember that aligning chakras is a personal journey, and something that works for one person may not work for another.

However, there are a few staple actions to benefit the anja chakra. Below, find the best steps to take to open the third eye.


Pay Attention To Your Dreams

Never write off a dream as “silly” or “unimportant.” Even the whackiest nightmares may be communication from the universe or spirit guides. The sooner you understand, the closer you are to realizing the wonderful ways the universe works through you, empowering you with the wisdom that a third eye imparts.


Practice Breathwork

Breathwork is a form of meditation that improves mentality, physicality, and spirituality. Practicing breathwork can align the soul, body, and greater purpose. It eases the mind and creates mental clarity, a crucial component of the opening and experiencing of the third eye chakra.

Some breathwork techniques even include “breathing through” the third eye and focusing the breath between the eyebrows to tap into the sixth chakra.


Do Kundalini Yoga

Yoga is a spiritual practice that increases your awareness of the body and mind. The third eye chakra rules over self-awareness, so yoga is a great exercise to open it.

Kundalini is a type of yoga that increases psychic power and harnesses internal energy into physical movement. Practitioners use mudras and mantras with poses to awaken their inner force. It is a great way to open the third eye and become your best self.

It also keeps the body in shape, and to fully connect with the world, you must take care of the vessel that allows you to engage with it.


Try Chanting

Mantras, or chants, are an effective method to connect with the divine. Chanting takes practitioners out of their minds and into a higher level of consciousness, which is necessary for opening the third eye chakra.

In addition to the spiritual benefits, they can develop mental strength and self-confidence. Authority over your mind is the first step to having a healthy amount of control over all aspects of your life.


Eat a Nutritious Diet

High-vibrational foods are a must for those eager to open their third eye. These foods are full of life force, like fresh, brightly colored produce rather than highly processed fast foods. Plus, fruits and vegetables do wonders for the human body, from reducing heart disease and stroke to preventing some cancers and keeping all the senses working.


Meditate With Crystals

Crystals come from the earth, so naturally, they hold the universe’s divine energy. Incorporating crystals into a daily meditation as a focal point can do wonders for every chakra, including the sixth.

Each crystal serves a different purpose. Below, find some crystals that are useful for opening the third eye: Labradorite, Obsidian, Fluorite, Citrine, Clear Quartz, Sodalite, and Azurite.

Some practitioners choose to wear crystals as jewelry. They look beautiful and keep the spirit at its best all day long.


Do Grounding Exercices

A major component of an open third eye is self-awareness and being in the present moment. Grounding exercises do just that. They draw attention to the senses and the state of their environment, connecting a person with their own body and circumstances.

These exercises train the brain for the highest form of self-awareness that comes with an open third eye. The more you become used to the feeling of groundedness, the more willing your body becomes to tune into that sixth chakra.

How Long It Takes To Open Third Eye Chakra?

You may wonder how to know if your third eye chakra is open. Well, every spiritual journey is different.

Some people can open their third eye in a couple of days, but others may take months or years of consistent practice. Since there is no set time to open the sixth chakra, do not give up if the third eye is not open after a few weeks of trying. Trust in divine timing and devote time every day.

Taking notes to mark your progress may boost your morale. Journal about the times when your intuition feels particularly strong or your concentration and awareness has improved. Looking back on all the advancements will give you the strength to keep going.

What Is Happening When Third Eye Chakra Is Closed?

Not everyone opens their third eye chakra, and that is fine. However, there are significant differences between when someone’s third eye is closed versus when it is open.

A closed third eye means the chakras are not in alignment. The person might experience anxiety or a general sense of unease, cynicism, nihilism, some forms of mental illness, and paranoia. They may struggle to have an open mind and embrace the world around them.

Remember that if you or a loved one experiences symptoms of mental illness, seek professional help from a medical doctor before depending on chakra alignment.


The benefits of opening the third eye are legion. It may not be the most simple spiritual journey, but the outcome is a new approach to this life that will set you up for success. Practice mindfulness and take note of the tips above to start your chakra alignment journey.

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