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PLEASE READ all to make sure I am the appropriate person. Angel Messages directly from the Angels; based on questions provided with minimal amount of story behind the questions. For relationship questions, include time frames on how long together and/or apart Time Line Numerology shares Angel Messages about what is going on in the current year based on Month and day of birthday. Live chat, phone or video is best for general readings, longer time line numerology and and continuous questions I specialize in relationships career, spirituality. Most effective with those who have a positive loving persona. I do not work with drug and alcohol addictions, money problems, criminal cases or heavy drama & negativity I channel the Angels while doing the paid reading. I am always happy to provide clarification if need be RIGHT after the reading yet know as time goes on I won’t remember what they said. Any new questions will require a new paid reading Also on Bitwine `


Relationship coaching, Psychic readings, Angel insights

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