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Hi, my name is Kryon. I am an energy reader, spiritual advisor and tarot card reader. ‼️PLEASE READ BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER! ❗The more details are shared about the situation, the higher the chance is to give you a precise insight. Specific details help me to refer clearly to YOUR situation, if there's no start point, I may not giving the answers you truly seek or misinterpret the energies on your situation. ✔️Will help you with different issues of your life. As in: ⏺️ love, relationships ⏺️ career, finances ⏺️ dream analysis ⏺️ relocation ⏺️ energy work ⏺️ pets ⏺️ making decisions etc. ❌ Can't help you with: ⏺️ medical, health issues ⏺️ breaking curses ⏺️ lost and found ‼️I can't change your life - YOU CAN! If you truly want to learn how, open up your mind and let me guide you! Trust me, I want the best for you! If you are tired, frustrated, or overwhelmed - before the reading - it is important to calm down a bit, otherwise your negative feelings will hinder you to see the real point of my reading. Come and learn more about yourself! Will reveal the unknown blocks in your vibration. Will guide you toward the next logical step. Will help you to understand the basis of the Universal laws and forces. Will help you to understand your own personal power. There's no off-limits, basically you can ask about anything that is your heart's desire. 🚫NO TIME FRAMES - More things need to be aligned before something can show up in your experience. I will always tell you if I see any time frames, and what you need to do to earn the best results. Please also keep in mind, if you don't follow my advice, the object of your desire can be delayed, as it is depending on the vibration (emotion) you choose. 🤸No matter who you are, how different or lost you feel, because LOVE will always be the answer! Just feel good and be the person you want to be!


Tarot readings, Relationship coaching, Psychic readings

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