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Soul Connection Expert currently in Twin Flame Union! 🔥🔥 (See section on twins below before asking a question) I am am a natural born clairsentiant (ie I feel ahead instead of see ahead - I pick up emotions rather than visualizations) psychic and empath who specializes in love and relationships. I DO NOT do general readings. 🙅‍♂️🙅 I'm a firm believer that focusing on the label of a soul connection sets back your growth. A soulmate is ANYONE who has a significant karmic impact on your life, you have many! The label is not important and the nature of the connection reveals itself as you grow. Therefore, I will not label a connection. I love to focus on HOW you can grow and give you practical tools. 🛠 When I read, I strive to give in depth, practical, all-encompassing readings. I will tell you what I see, honestly, and give advice about how to move forward. I don't sugar coat, so while I deliver information as compassionately as possible - if you are having trouble seeing a lesson I will tell you point blank. 🔥🔥 Twin Flames - If you are asking "When will I meet my twin flame?" or "When will I be with my twin flame?" you have a fundamental misunderstanding of the dynamic. This answer is not based on a linear timeline. That's not how soul connections work. Soul connections grow based on a series of karmic lessons/steps that you grow through. It's not fixed or finite, but instead based on your ability to identify and move through the growth. It's about aligning with your soul and manifesting your soul connections into a physical one. Happy to discuss that more in depth in a reading...but asking for a linear timeline for a soul connection is a waste of your time! (And not spiritually I make a point to be in all of my readings) 🔥🔥 I DO NOT PROVIDE TIMEFRAME READINGS


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