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Please put date of births the English way as I am in uk. I can’t understand them backwards. So please write the date of births out fully like 7th December 1969 as An example thanks! Please read my bio before purchasing. For people requesting a reading straight after you having a reading, can you stop. This will ruin any predictions I have previously given you. I don’t want to keep repeating myself. But there is no need for you to get repeated readings each day or each week! Allow the month to pass, thank you for understanding!!! NO GENERAL READINGS!! IMPORTANT!!! (For recent bad reviews) - I am upset about the recent ones, I help with the best of my ability. So wishful thinking is not the answer, I am your advisor, and I will help you on the right pathway direction. I DO NOT HARASS CLIENTS IN ANY ASPECT! You must be able to handle the truth before proceeding to request a reading with me! I am not rude to my customers, so please don't try to feed my other customers a bad light just because your not willing to see the truth and the light yourself. Please don't come back to me if you leave a bad review when you find out I am right in the future. Can people also please allow a timeline to pass before saying things like 'it's over' or 'we are not speaking' you will find these things are usually temporary. I will tell you what I pick up. I am very in tune, and I won't feed you a lie. You will expect the truth, no sugar coating. I'm very easy going and bubbly and been through situations myself, I feel, see, and hear, I use tarot cards, my intuition and my arch and guardian angels to help you. If you purchase a 24hour reading whilst I am in rush mode, you will receive possibly the next day. Just because I am in rush doesn't mean your order will be fulfilled if a 24 hour reading. If you want your order fast you will have to purchase a rush mode reading. ATTENTION CLIENTS Come & find me on bit-wine from Monday -Fridays. I don't plan on coming on here as often as I use too. From now on I will not be giving time frames for break ups. The reason why is because you focus to much on the energy and it pro longs it from happening. I will only give you a time line if I pick it up. If I don't get one please don't be mad, timing is an estimation. If I tell you opposite from others; take it with grace to start your new journey, because believe me I can assure you people have came back to me saying I'm one of the only psychics that said different and that is was true and the others wasn't. I am not gonna give you that fairy tale, but the straight up truth. If your looking for a lie I'm not the right advisor for you. 100% truth & clarity in my readings! NO FALSE HOPE. Please note I am VERY busy advisor; if I don't respond in the comment section it's because I've had so many customers and can't always answer. I off course will try to respond as much as I can. But please don't be upset if I don't get back to you, you can order a follow up for $5 if needs be! Thank you for understanding! if you want me to answer comments section, you will have to pay through a bonus pay that’s what that option is there for. I cannot answer questions in box due to having to reconnect with energy which is draining! Nothing is set in stone. We all have free will. Yes we are all destined on a specific path way but we can always choose to alter our destination. I also add my predictions always happen. There is a difference between a timeline and a prediction. How you deal with situations can prolong timeframes the same as psychic binging. DONT GET ADDICTED. so please think about your own actions before leaving me the bad review. If you understand the spirit world you'll understand me, predictions always pass even if it gets worse before it gets better, please don't be so negative! I am not god. -------------------------------------------------------- Please be specific in what questions you ask me in order to get the right answer! I will tell you what you NEED to hear, not WANT. Please don't tell me if I'm right or wrong in my work. I've told you if you don't like the truth- do not get a reading with me. I cannot be any more specific then that. I will not give you FALSE HOPE. I actually care for people and their situations. Based on my experience I am and have been accurate with most things. ANY REAL advisor WILL TELL YOU THEY ARE NOT 100% ACCURATE. My accuracy is solid so far. But Please remember you are the creator of your life. Positive thinking = positive outcomes Thank you for reading ❤️


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