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🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿 🌈🦄Hi! I am Sneha Trikha clairvoyant and intuitive, the founder and owner of -Tarot With Love -an intuitive business which was born out of passion and the urge to serve and love. With over 6 years of successful intuitive guidance across the globe, tarot with love has empowered and given a voice to many souls. With the vision to be the LIGHT and spread positivity. 😀 3 month and 6 month overview numerology and tarot reports are available on calls and video only. Should you need guidance for the same. We would shed light on how the upcoming months will serve you! I guide you with the help of ARCHANGEL MICHAEL and METATRON and my gaurdian angels along with earth based spirits the unicorns, mermaids and fairies 🧚🏿‍♀️ 👼 🌈I do not give advice on: 🧿 legal 🧿health 🧿pregnancy 🧿gambling or betting results 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋


Relationship coaching, Angel insights, Tarot readings

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