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I am a natural born Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Claircognizant Intuitive Empath, love expert and Medium who has mastered the art of Tarot and channels Angels, Spirit Guides and Source Energy to heal and help you to stay on your highest path. I use my channeling abilities to see what the present and future holds for your relationship, love life, career, and financial success or any other query you may have. I am able to obtain accurate timelines and see into why your POI is behaving a certain way and how they feel. I am also a high level Seer and Shaman who uses Crystal Healing, Quantum Energy Healing and Energy Transmuting to guide you to step into your most authentic self. I specialize in: 💎POI’s feelings and future 💎up-coming life events & opportunities 💎life path & soul purpose 💎seeing past lives 💎twin flame & soul mate connections 💎blocked energy NEW 🌈 Chakra alignments✨ energy cleansing to raise your vibration and get you in alignment with what you want! Can do this over text or live call💯 ✨✨searching for clarity in your relationship or life path, you are in the right place! I do this work with a pure heart and with the intention of love only✨🙏 🌈 LGTBQ friendly 🍵I genuinely care about my clients and my goal is to tap in and connect as quickly as possible to retrieve and communication as much information as I can to you in a short period of time for maximum clarity and accuracy guaranteed ✨


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