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Welcome to this Spiritual Service offered with Light Love & Healing ✨ in gratitude for You! 💙 “The purpose of prophesy/prediction is to show what might be changed to create a better future.” 3 minute video reading orders: PLEASE SHARE YOUR CLEAR VOICE with a VIDEO on the order form. (No readings of 3rd party intimacy, please.) 1 subject, 2 questions. Please see below for more details.* NO LIMITS ON 💎 LIVE READINGS! Live Readings can include: Answers to each question, as it arises in your heart and mind Meditations and Healing Energies shared Learn: What your Guides say is the meaning and lesson of your situation? How to bring to action the love you feel How to respond lovingly to interpersonal challenges How to choose love when stressed Two decades working on psychic telephone lines trained me to hear your voice as inspiration and energetic connection for your reading. Voice vibration is my favorite way to connect with Clear Seeing and share the Light of True Being, which IS Spiritual Healing. Your specific detailed questions are answered with a unique spread created ⚡️on the spot, in your sight, during your reading to show “the Heart of the Matter.” 💕 ✨ Your willingness to hear Spiritual Truth is 🗝 helpful. ✨ 💜 Truthful Readings Told Here. It may be uncomfortable at first, but if you listen with your Heart, it could set you FREE and HAPPY! DEEP ⚡️INSIGHT into the human heart and interpersonal dynamics, in all types of relationships including family, friendship, work - for UNDERSTANDING even to the SOUL LEVEL. 💎 💜 Human beings often have conflicting feelings. Your reading may show you his/hers/yours mixed feelings. Its not meant to be confusing - just ACCURATE to the human experience. 💜 Gain UNDERSTANDING of your loved one’s deepest feelings, desires and their likely free will CHOICES. SAMPLE QUESTIONS: ⚡️What did your Soul and your Spirit Guide originally plan for you or your POI in a specific situation? ⚡️What is the best he/she can be for your needs? ⚡️What might you do, energetically or in action which might assist to shift the situation? ⚡️What possibility or chance is there that “X” will happen? Can be answered in % percentage of possibility 🍒🍒🍒 (due to “Free Will” etc.) I will always say what is shown to me, in a gentle, compassionate tone, guiding you toward a path of Inner Happiness.💜 My work is more for deep understanding than for “prediction.” My insight ⚡️ shows MOST LIKELY EVENTS. Like everything on this planet - “subject to change.” The PATH OF WISDOM for an Intuitive Reading is to see what is likely to happen and to then offer NEW CHOICES which can lead to a more favored outcome. ____________________________________________ NO physical descriptions of unknown persons NO “What should I do” questions - Best is to tell me the outcome you are looking for and ask if your present actions, or a choice of actions might lead to that preferred outcome. NO Medical, Legal or Financial Guidance NO readings of other Psychics’ visions.
NO readings of 3rd party intimacy, please. I may read what is between you and your partner - but not about others. NO questions about missing items - I loose stuff too! 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 * 🔮 Are you looking for a Purple Ocean 3 minute video reading? * 🔮 VIDEO with VOICE of YOU & Clear Specific Question, Please. No background noise, please. * First names & ages of all concerned. * 1 Subject, Maximum 2 questions. * NO GENERAL READINGS. * NO TIMEFRAMES * * NO readings of 3rd party intimacy, please. I may read what is between you and your partner - but not about others. * Please do NOT tell me what other psychics said. * All my intuitive work is done during the reading session. Please ask all you wish to know in the question box, as I do not go back into my “reading space” in the messages section. * 👓 Please watch your reading twice before asking one clarification 🔍 question. (only available recorded Video Readings.). And please ask “soon” after, so I have a chance of remembering your reading ...


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