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VIDEO of YOU & Clear Question 📌Required for Purple Ocean readings. Your specific questions are answered with a unique spread created ⚡️on the spot to show “the Heart of the Matter.” 💕 ✨ Willingness to hear Spiritual Truth is 🗝 necessary. ✨ DEEP ⚡️INSIGHT into the human heart and interpersonal dynamics, in all types of relationships including family, friendship, work - even to the SOUL LEVEL. Gain UNDERSTANDING of your loved one’s deepest feelings, desires and their free will CHOICES. SAMPLE QUESTIONS: ⚡️What does your soul and your Spirit Guide plan for you, or your POI? ⚡️What is the best he/she can be for your needs? I will always say what is shown to me, in a gentle, compassionate tone.💜 _____________________________ Please do not ask about missing items - I loose stuff too! Sorry, NO Medical, Legal or Financial Guidance or readings of other Psychic’s visions.


Oracle guidance, Tarot readings, Relationship coaching

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