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I LOVE YOU ALL! 🥰 Don’t be afraid, be open, the most honest answer will be received to you! 👌🏾 I HAVE YOUR BEST INTEREST IN HEART, MIND, BODY, & SOUL! 😉 ***Alright, Okay, 👉🏾 Please stop lying underneath my profile page, you see me pull the cards and read exactly what’s on the card, behind the scene you say “I love it! And it resonated!” Then a week or two weeks later.. “She just assuming and using her opinion!” ****And then half of these same people return and request another order/reading.. lol but wait “I was assuming and judgmental?” 🤨🧐 “Okay? Welcome Back! AGAIN!“ “She assumed I can rent a house for $300, where I live?” Please use common sense people, how the heck can I assume this?? You asked the card for advice, it’s only two things you can do with a house? Rent/Sell ✍🏾 Don’t be hoodwinks or so easily manipulated by the confused persons with confused emotions, I don’t know you, correct, so, I cannot judge you or your situation. So stop laughing with me and smiling with me behind-the-scenes.. then reappear with lies days and weeks later. Thank you to the honest ones, Good & Bad! At least you were honest! I respect these persons more! 🌟🌟 👉🏾👉🏾 ☺️ if you know, you may be a very highly sensitive person, please allow yourself to find another wonderful reader/psychic here on P.O. 💜 I am not yelling at anyone, calling anyone bad names nor words, and I am especially not judging anyone here. We are all are human with individual’s problems and issues, and we all are growing and learning from them, each and everyday. I am an intuitive reader, tarot cards are not 1 Dimensional use only, they have multiple interpretations, which are here to help lead and guide us all. And lastly, always, use your better discernment and intuition to help lead you and your life in right direction. This is your life, and your path to walk. Much Respect to you all! THX! Love you all! 😘 Accurate, Trustworthy, Honest Readings. Will specializing in Twin Flames/Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine Readings, if requested. If you have any worries, anxiety about your spiritual path, relationships, new or past love, career, and financial questions. No More Worrying! I got'cha! Hey! We've all been there, I'm here to help! Will provide up to 90% accuracy of your reading, and/or questioning. Please keep in mind we all are free spirit, with free will. Anything can change, at any time. But in the mean time, I am here to help.


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