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The readings I do are not superficial, in the sense that what comes through is what a person needs to hear, verses what they would like to hear. Understanding that there are several probable futures a person is creating, through their will and free choice, and my intention is to attune to, and tune into the vibration that strongest resonates to the consciousness of the soul, for the purpose of their growth, for the purpose of their unfoldment, and for the purpose of their highest good. I PREFER not being asked if someone will go into remission! I have some background in nutrition, but medical advice or predictions around this is not in my wheelhouse. Please ask 2 - 3 questions for 24 hour orders and 1 hour rush orders, at the most! I spend between 15 to 20 minutes doing sometimes 2 - 3 card spreads for these orders and take notes that I refer to during the reading. I look for consistent information. There are times where information flows through and the cards aren't needed! Often, I'll check the cards, as well, to gather more knowledge. Please understand, that aside from your questions, the guides that come through may want to focus on other things that you may not feel is Important or pertinent, but, if the same messages keep coming, I need to share them. VERY IMPORTANT...Please understand, unless there is a reason to know the THOUGHTS of the POI it isn't something I am comfortable tuning into. As a child I was able to read minds, but at the age of around 8 or 9 years of age a spirit guide made me aware that it is a violation of a person's privacy to read their mind. I stopped from that day going foward. Unless there is a significant reason to know a person's thoughts, I don't. Getting feelings from someone is more in alignment with how I would read the POI. Lastly, ask your guides to help you through my guidance, before placing the order, it does make a difference in the reading. I appreciate you choosing me!


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