Helena Tarot

Clairsentient Psychic Coach
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About my services

Your future is not set in stone; with my cards I can help you see where your path is likely to go and how to change your course, if you so choose. I answer any questions but specialize in finding you a way forward in your life, empowered.  ⭐ My cards don't predict death or deliver bad news, and according to Purple Ocean policies they do not answer medical, legal or pregnancy related questions. ⭐ My cards do not give guarantees, they only show alternatives you yourself can choose from. You have the power to shape your life yourself! ⭐ My cards do not give exact times, places or amounts. I'm happy to answer one clarifying question regarding your reading. If you have more questions in mind, I’ll be happy to do a new reading for you! 👉 Please keep in mind our time is limited and there is room for one question only. Do make it count! 👈 ❤ For longer sessions please do consider choosing one of the live options in Purple Garden ❤


Relationship coaching, Psychic readings, Tarot readings

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