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This week all my readings are discounted from its normal prices$ PLEASE READ FOR A COMPLETE UNDERSTANDING OF HOW MY GIFTS WORK Welcome to purple ocean 🙏 I Have Proudly serving Canada since over 25 years 🇨🇦. I have taken part of numerous supernatural and psychic phenomena studies with the college of spirituality and psychics and Anpra and writer of The voice with in novel have been featured on 98.5 FM,National post,Fairchild Tv and more. Iam a licenced and certified life coach with a spiritual wellness business Bayview Spiritual Solutions Centre for 20 years in Canada. I am an 8 Th generation psychic empath with clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities which are designed to help people like yourself. I will explain how my abilities work I have 4 amazing capabilities that Iam very thankful for . Upon seeing you or hearing you or your name and date of birth or photo of some one Iam able to feel positive or negitive vibrations which tell you yes or no to your questions.I recieve senses which gives me a understanding and a knowledge with in me relating to something that occurred or is currently going on or something that will happen it’s like a vision that you feel and not see and also I recieve insight,so actual visions that I see on your behalf in my mind eye,so that pretty straight forward and last I also am able to listen using my spiritual ear to things like messages from above or important statements that may have been said or will be said and environmental sounds example arguments,coworkers,music,airports,celebration,crying or laughter ,children etc.All 4 of these abilities work best when I can see you or hear you.I find with name and date of birth and a description of your situation usually ignites only 1-2 of my capabilities Doing this from the age of 8 I have experience with my ability and do understand how and what each of my gifts are revealing and then put it together for you in a reading. I am a strong believer all things happen for a purpose so even you taking the time to view my capabilities tell me I have a message for you I say with great confidence I have helped many and it is not just my profession nor is the reward only for financial it is something I’m passionate about and it’s rewarding and very fulfilling to know you had a hand in helping someone like really helping someone. We are only allowed a 1 min introduction in the video thank you for taking time to read all this I really feel it’s important you understand all that is behind a psychics ability. •ANY QUESTIONS CAN BE ASKED😊•I will tell you dates and time frames. •Names and initials. •Descriptions and details. •FIND OUT THE TRUTH ABOUT THE ONE YOU LOVE ❤️ •You can ask me about pregnancy,court,exams,jobs,loved ones who have passed on or any question you have •I do not have a limit to the questions that you need at ask I will answer them all (may take a bit of time to respond) •Tells past,present and future. •Gives insightful directions to help with future plans and choices. •Specialize in relationship matters either to save relationships or to find new love. •The reading will tell you what is going to happen exactly! •The readings are whatever it’s shows good or bad! •I ask please no bad reviews based on not hearing what you were hoping to🙏 Your having a reading because you don’t know the outcome of a certain situation in the future so please no bad reviews because a vision I predict don’t seem likely.You have to give the vision a chance to be true I’m not judgemental so I ask my client to also not be judgemental 🙏 •Help and advice in all life matters. •Reading types are; •PALM •TAROT •SOULMATE•SOULPURPOSE•PASTLIFE•PSYCHIC•CHAKRA• CRYSTAL BALL •AURA PHOTO


Relationship coaching, Tarot readings, Psychic readings

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