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I AM VERY OPEN MINDED AND NON JUDGMENTAL! 😊🙏 ▶️ My answers are very clear and always surronded by divine energy. Tired of waiting ? Tired of nonsense answers? Are you ready to hear the truth? Is your partner the right one? Are you waisting your time? Let me help you today to have a better tomorrow and you will get the real peace you been looking for. I am able to sense feelings , thoughts and intentions of others. I will help you to see what is driving the behavior of those around you. Every answer comes from the divine. ▶️ YES, I answer follow up question but I can promise only ONE after our reading becuse of the huge traffic.🙏 🚫 I have no experience in health, medical, legal questions, school exams and lost and found! 🚫 I do not see initials, or names, places. 🚫 I do not see exect time or date. I can not give exect time frame. (We are sensitive human beings and many things can have a big effect on us. (friends, karma, sickness,family, work, stress, fears, childhood traumas ...) Future is fluid and not even spirits follow our timeline. This is the reason Unfortunately I can not give prediction when exectly a person will call, text etc. - I do not play guessing games. If I do not see anything you are asking, I am honest about it. Love Elpida 🙏❤☯️


Relationship coaching, Psychic readings, Tarot readings

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