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Sending love and light to all beautiful souls and I hope everyone is staying safe with this pandemic situation ✅✅✅✅ Important note before ordering reading- I won’t be reading about this pandemic situation as this is the act of universe and every hour the situation is changing in the world so I won’t be able predict how and what impact it will bring to your life and I don’t want to mislead you. It’s gonna take while to settle down that’s the msg I receive from my angels Hi I am happy to help you regarding your love , relationship , coaching mentoring and guiding you regarding your life journey. please read carefully my profile before ordering a reading from me or doing chat with me to avoid any confusion about the same 😘😘 If you don’t connect with my reading or your gut is telling you otherwise please don’t send of numbers of readings and if am not accurate in your reading ..I would not read for you as ultimately the connection and trust between reader and client is important. Don’t do multiple readings on the same topic again and again and then feel that your money got wasted because that choice u are making it yourself and I always prefer you give time to manifest things rather then coming for multiple readings If you want to do live video reading with me I am available. Come in the chat ask quickly and I will come online for you ✅ please introduce yourself and name and details and details of your current situation because that help in connecting with your situation better. ✅I answer clarifying questions but only related to reading. Don’t explain your situation after reading. Do it while ordering the reading because it helps in understanding your situation and give you more clarity. Upto Two clarifying comments I will answer. ✅I appreciate you mentioning all the details in the reading rather then explaining to me after my reading is given ✅I can answer upto four questions in one reading please don’t send me list of questions because it’s difficult to fit in 3 mins of reading. ✅if there is third party involved do mention in the reading because I can only deliver truthful reading only if you are truthful about your situation. ✅ if you don’t feel connected with me. Don’t order the reading. ✅Tarot , Angel Cards and spirit cards readings only If you do want me to suggest you any remedies and manifestation tool you can ask for the same in your reading. Some of the questions that you can ask me ✡️Will I find my true love ? ✡️What are his feelings for me ? ✡️Do we have future together ? ✡️Am I with the right person ? ✡️When he or she will contact me ? ✡️where is my career headed on ? ✡️should I stay in this job or change? ✡️how is finance will be ? ✡️what is that universe want me to know right now ? ✡️Am I on right path spiritually ? I specialise in 💕Love 💕Relationship 💕True love 💕Soulmate 💕Twin flames 💕Love rituals 💕Marriage ✅Money ✅Career reading ✅Finances reading ✅Job reading 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦Friends reading 😇Angel reading 💏Personal counselling ✡️spiritual counselling ❌❌ No medical and law suit related questions and no pregnancy related questions please because prediction can change with lot of different energies involved. ❌❌❌ if you feel that your gut is guiding you otherwise then reading please follow your gut and don’t ask me to choose because in life lots of choices you make yourself and every moment of life is not predefined and can not be predicted use the prediction as guidance ❌❌❌ I don’t label myself as psychic as my journey started with my tarot cards and they are very sacred to me so for psychic reading there lot of amazing psychic on this site and you can connect with them. You will hear from me honest reading and probably not what you want to hear but what you need to hear but in very compassionate way. I am able to tap into past present and future with the help of my cards and give you accurate and honest predictions. 👉I guide with meditation and spiritual tool to manifest your desires and wishes. I mentor and guide with my knowledge ✅✅I always reply in msg after reading but I will appreciate if it's only one question or clarification regarding the same reading. Not followed by list of questions and I am human and sometime I can really miss on replying on the questions because of having multiple readings and I appreciate you being understanding of the same ✅✅I do pick up on timelines but they can change with your own free will so sometime the events can happen sooner or bit later as cards picks up your energies when you are asking the questions. When you come for same questions again in reading it means you are manifesting your own fears and there is very strong possibility of your fear manifesting into reality. So please try not to manifest anxiety and fears. Don't ask same questions again and again because you are yourself playing with your own energies and free will. ❎don’t ask me which one is better. I can tell how both the options looks like and how your journey will be but I will not make that choice for you Because everyone’s journey is unique and I am happy to guide but not decide on your behalf. ❎ I don’t do general reading as for me to pick up your energies through cards I need your details and specific questions to give you accurate and clear readings


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