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Hello! 😊 🌟 Please read full bio!! 🌟 I am not available as much to read on Purple Ocean, so please understand I offer readings on here in my free time. 🙏🏼 🌟 I offer psychic readings, energy readings, and life guidance or coaching. I specialize in love and relationships, Twin Flame/Soulmate readings. ✨ I am honest, genuine and offer a no-nonsense approach. I do not just tell you what you want to hear (or tell you things just to help my ratings). My goal is to guide you to healing, which means I need to be completely honest and open with you with what I pick up on. This may lead to a message you do not want to hear nor perhaps are ready to hear yet. Please understand that messages are given to me by Spirit/Source for you and you are meant to hear them to learn a lesson, to heal, and to move forward on your path in this life. ✨I want to help you have the kind of relationships, career, abundance and happiness in life that you deserve to have! I want to help you feel empowered to be able to take the necessary steps to heal every single area of your life! ✨We all have intuitive and psychic abilities and have the power to manifest our desires! We also can attract exactly what we focus on and think about regardless of if it's positive or negative, as is the Law of Attraction. With that said, please know I will NO LONGER give timeframes, as they can be held back due to continued focus on the lack of someone or something, negative thoughts you hold onto or any denial you may have. It is UP TO YOU to take the steps, actions or advice to help manifest those changes and outcomes! We are our own creators and manifestors in this life and I want to help show you that you do have the power to change your life! ❗️PLEASE NOTE: ✅ No general readings. ✅ I am not a fortune teller; please watch my video for explanation. ✅ I do not offer Mediumship readings (connect to a loved one who has passed away). 😇 ✅ I cannot diagnose any ailment- physical or mental. 💉 ✅ No pregnancy readings. 🍼 ✅ No readings regarding legal advice. ⚖️ It is my intention that you gain clarity, advice, insight and are given the tools to help change what no longer makes you happy and to come into your own healing and power! You are the creator of your life. I want to empower you to make your decisions and do the self healing work to feel better! ✨


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