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ℹ️ Update #1 ❗️ no longer delivering readings for career. Until spirit allows. Will update when changes. 🌎 I’m central time zone 🌸Hard to catch me online? BOOK IT! How ? Very simple .... 🌸I Offer my services on BITWINE.COM search for - MissMeadow, then message me through bitwine (any time) for a appointment or further info, I get the alert instantly. 🌸We can set up an APPOINTMENT for a *bitwine session, or Whichever platform you feel comfortable. Also for any spiritual work SERVICES that I offer as well. 🌸 💻 📝 🌸 BITWINE is the best way of reaching me when I’m not online! To communicate for bookings/readings 🌸👀READ FULL PROFILE, guidelines. All for your best interest. My clients who follow my profile, feel satisfied and fulfilled. Please send a video in. Your 👀s are the window to your soul. Helps connecting. 🌸🎥VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS 🎥 🌸🎥 # 1️⃣state NAMES and DOBs as always with questions in detail. Please don’t forget. If you do, I’ll ask for you to provide it in the comments section. Which delays your reading. If not received your order will be DECLINED. I won’t read you without your name and DOB. Thanks. 🌸🎥 # 2️⃣ State if you have had any previous readings with me. Or if you are a first time client with me. if you are a previous client of mines please REFRESH my memory briefly of our history (you/me). I see and read MANY people all the time. so That I don't mixed your energies with anyone else's. Thank you 🌸🎥 # 3️⃣ DO NOT abuse the time, Be realistic guys, it's ONLY 3 minutes. (((2-3 questions is all I will address.))) 🌸🎥# 4️⃣ Don’t ask me to make your decisions. As in - Do I leave my husband? Do I stay or walk away? Do I move on or continue to wait? Etc. I NEVER tell my client what to do, rather I advice/suggest and lay the map out for you But I won’t make your ultimate decision. No advisor should. You should not want anyone too. Especially since I noticed many having addiction issues and can’t decide anything in their lives without the advisor. ( not healthy guys ) 💜 🌸⚠️NO legal issues, health, pregnancy, career Lost objects, Lottery/gambling. Or general readings. 🌸Note 📝 No multiple people of interest for a love. during one reading Pick the person you are most interested in so that I can focus on one during session. 🌸Vague & broad, non specific general questions may lead to vague answers or NO read at all and you order may be declined. 🌸NOTE: COMMENT section is for clarity ONLY if needed. Thanks I ALWAYS CHECK MY MESSAGES! Unless I literally cannot due to a life issue! So please don’t leave a negative review minutes or hours after the reading- ASSUMING that I left you hanging like that. that is UNFAIR given that we have 48 hrs to reply. We work, pray and have families/children/husbands/wives to attend as well. 🌸NOTE: DO NOT TEST ME-I WONT DELIVER This will only hinder your reading. 🌸Do not withhold vital details. Married, separated, together currently working, laid off, searching, ect. You want me to tap into the correct energies that you seek answers too. 🌸🛑I AM HONEST in a compassionate and loving way. I have built a massive reputation from my clients. people actually fear hearing what I see in the Reading. I will speak truth, even if it OPPOSITE of what many other psychics have told you And have sprinkled fairy dust on your reading, in fear of negative reviews. You get TRUTH with me. I don’t do fairy dust. (((Please choose another advisor if you like the glitter dust.🛑))) My clients say that my one reading versus their many others, passes into existence. Finally Set free from False hope!


Relationship coaching, Palm readings, Psychic readings

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