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( updated 3 • 28 • 2020 ) ✨ AVAILABLE FOR LIVE READINGS ON THE PURPLE GARDEN APP ✨ ✨ FOR RUSH & 24 HR READINGS, PLEASE STICK TO 2 QUESTIONS. ORDER MULTIPLE READINGS IF YOU HAVE MORE Qs. ✨ —————————— H E L L O ♥️ L O V E I’m here to help. My specialties are recognizing imbalances in your energy body & providing psychic readings. I use tarot, oracle or direct spiritual downloads to receive higher level messages for your inquiry. Ask me about love, marriage, friendships, career, financial success or tough decisions that need spiritual guidance. I provide intuitive insight on most matters, excluding court & medical outcomes. You may also ask for a chakra report if you have a clear profile photo or send me a video of your energy. I can let you know which chakras are out of balance and offer guidance & suggestions to begin healing and balancing the energy. ✨✨✨ Full REIKI healing, AURA cleanse & CHAKRA balance can be done via 30 min Video Chat 🎥 ✨✨✨ I resonate & connect best with those seeking guidance in facing personal, professional and creative challenges & desires with confidence and intuitive strength. I connect with Spirit to bring you messages of divine support, healing & clarity regarding CHANGE & TRANSFORMATION in your life. Learn to transmute “negative” energies based in fear into positive energies based in love. My readings connect you with your own intuitive ability to guide yourself to a joyful & abundant life of ease. Start making decisions based on your inner guidance system and you will find the life, career and love you truly deserve and desire. E X A M P L E S ♥️ Can you provide messages from Spirit to help me decide between these two options in my career or love life? ♥️ What does Spirit want me to know about my career right now? ♥️ What do I need to do or know in order to allow more money to flow to me regularly? ♥️ How can I improve my relationship with my romantic partner? How can we rediscover passion? What advice does Spirit have for my thoughts about divorce? T I M E L I N E S Please be aware that timelines may shift based on energetic shifts. Someone may decide on their own free will whether or not to express feelings, take action, hire you for a job, etc. Be open about timeline interpretations. Questions such as: ♥️ Is there a time frame for when I will get a new job once I’ve started applying? ♥️ Can you see if there’s a timeline for me hearing from this person? ♥️ What do I need to know about the next 3 months in my career? ♥️ How does this year look in love for me? Thanks for reading this thoroughly! I look forward to being a light along your journey ☀️✌🏾


Psychic readings, Oracle guidance, Tarot readings

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