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💖Relationship Expert💖 w/ over a decade of experience navigating clients through relationship challenges. Direct, Fast and honest. I work with a team of spirit guides along with channeled divine guidance. I've handled almost every situation and across cultures. In the past, Clients have mentioned that chatting with me is like chatting with a best friend. I consider this to be accurate. As your reader I'll be here to warn of trouble, but will be there to support you regardless of the outcome. I've been a full time psychic for over a decade. I've read on just about everything. My role is to help you make informed decisions, not to make decisions for you or judge you. I'm a expert in relationships and inner-personal connections, and have experience in reading in non traditional relationships and families. The only thing I ask for you is to be open hearted and open to whatever information comes through.


Oracle guidance, Relationship coaching, Psychic readings

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