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💠🖲LIVE READINGS🖲💠 CERTIFIED PSYCHIC Accuracy Rate: 89.7%! Serious Clients Only! 🌟Live Readings are preferred for optimal connection.✨💫 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙏🏼 Join me! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️Don't wait in a queue for your order to be completed Cut in front and enjoy your session. :) 🙋🙋‍♂️Live Readings are 1st priority over orders in queue. I specialize in Relationships and Financing but I can handle just about anything. Purple Ocean Orders: QUESTIONS: No more than 2-3 questions MAX please. Purple Oceans Orders is not meant for fully detailed long term readings and there is a very short time period to answer in orders. Thank you! If you need more detail or a longer session join me in a Live Video Call here. TIMEFRAMES: These are provided ONLY when given to me. If it was not given to me I will either not mention it or let you know there wasn't one. TimeFrames are given to me through Spirit. SERVICES PROVIDED: ⭐️*Live Readings: Dont want to wait? click the blue icon to chat with me live. NO WAITING TIME! :) Must have IOS IPHONE 📱 to do it. ☀️*Chakra Balancing: Feel like your energy is murky? I can help polish it for you and remove anything negative. (Offered on Bitwine only or Live Video. Live video minimum of 10 Mins for Healing) 🌞*Monthly Insights: If you want to see what the next month has in store for you then this service might be for you! 🌙*Yearly Insights: This is a projection of the whole year or what is left depending on what month your in. 🌠*Tarot Readings: I use tarot to get a hard copy of the energy so we are able to confirm occurrences or predictions. If you want an old fashion tarot reading where I only use the cards to tell you what is evolving than this may be the service for you. ‼️*Don't mistake my compassion in my readings for feeding you lies. I'm very compassionate but at best also VERY honest, realistic and authentic. Nothing more, nothing less! ‼️* Truthful and Honest. Very kind Reader, but blunt. I don’t indulge your fairy-tales and see through illusions. If you can’t handle the truth it’s fine, your not ready, but your also not ready to speak with me. ‼️Bad Reviews: Leave Constructive Reviews only please! ***Here’s a good example: “Advisor could be more direct, To much time talking on one thing, would recommend cutting down what you say” ***Heres a bad example: “Reader was nice but some other reader said what he said, he reads from a script” *DISClAIMER: Future predictions are subjected to change from time to time according to freewill and decisions that influence us, you and other people. I ask respectfully you do not take your projected outcome that was not desired on me. I am here to help and tend to every need. Don't like the projected outcome you were given? Change it! You are the co-creator of your own life. Only you can change what happens.. I just look to see what YOU have and are creating. Although somethings are just out of our hands. 🙂Negative FeedBack🙃 I welcome “Negative” FeedBack, without it I honestly and truly wouldn't know what it is my clients would like more of. I know I am a Psychic but NOT Professor Xavier. I do NOT welcome harsh feedback, nothing constructive nor good can come of it and it won't be tolerated! I dedicate my time and energy as well as my compassion and soul to my work. I respect and love all my clients. I expect at least respect back. So, if your going to leave a bad review, make it worth your time and MINE so I can take echoes from the GOOD and BAD to give my clients the best! After all it's about you 🙏🏻


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